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“ Professional thinking only through education ” PowerPoint Presentation
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“ Professional thinking only through education ”

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“ Professional thinking only through education ”

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  1. “Professional thinking only through education” can be created academic

  2. EXECUTIVE MBA Executive MBA program is designed for senior business professionals who wish to develop their careers further by gathering leading edge skills and knowledge from industry experts, world class academicians and their peers in challenging, high technology-enabled environment DURATION: 12 months LANGUAGE: Russian/English ABROAD COURSE: Summer course in Europe / South Korea / USA


  4. EXECUTIVE MBA Program curriculum covers Foundation Management Management Core Concepts Leadership and Development Decision Making Globalization Perspectives Integrative Concepts

  5. EXECUTIVE MBA Admission Requirements • A bachelor degree from a recognized Higher Education Institute • A minimum of 5 years in a supervisory/leadership position with business or government • User of IT software and programs • Stated commitment to the program *To apply: complete an application, provide KIMEP University with your college diploma, professional experience and career interest. JOIN US!!!!

  6. Leadership Development Program Was established in 2010, as a part of an innovative curriculum redesign, putting a greater emphasis on personal leadership awareness and skills development In this program you will:

  7. leadership potential analytical skills, process orientation ACTIVATE YOUR LEADERSHIP NOW facilitation and coaching skills LDP enhances: result oriented and proactive perspectives collaboration skills and many others!

  8. Leadership Development Program Chang Young Bang, President, KIMEP Serikbai Bisekeyev, President Arman Engineering System Janat Berdalina, Managing Partner, KPMG Alexei Reshtenko, General Director, Microsoft Kazakhstan Joe Ghayad, General Manager, Ritz-Carlton Kenes Rakishev, Chairman, SAT & Company Timur Sabitov, President, Kazakhstan Federation of Marketing PR and Advertising Magzhan Auezov, Managing director, Kaz Kom KIMEP LEADERS FORUM Erlan Stambekov, Director, Chamber of Enterpreneurs Almaty Zhomart Yertayev, President, Eurasian Center of Financial Consulting Moscow Prasad Abraham, CEO, Al Hilal Bank Mark Pothast, General Director, Nestle Eurasia

  9. Professional Certificate In Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Program Content Organizational Design Corporate Law

  10. Professional Certificate in Corporate Governance With the support of International Finance Corporation, KIMEP Executive Education Center in cooperation with the Governance Consulting and Sayat Zholshy & Partners are presenting Professional Certificate Program in Corporate Governance for mid & high level managers. This program is for those, who want to know the best international practice of Corporate Governance and to become the member of Board of Directors in the future. • Advantages of the program: • Increase your competitiveness in the job market • Knowledge and skills needed to improve corporate effectiveness and sustainability • Networking

  11. KIMEP HR CLUB • KIMEP HR Club was launched in March 18, 2009 • The club became an independent platform for professional integration, networking, and knowledge sharing • KIMEP HR Club keeps abreast of the latest ideas and the best practices in human resource management by attracting leading HR specialists from Kazakhstani business • Club meetings are scheduled once in two months

  12. USKO International Optimum Consulting Services Ernst & Young PriceWaterhouseCoopers HSBC Bank ICC Business Advisors Kazakhstan Association of Independent Directors BISAM Central Asia KazPetrol Group ATF Bank Eurasian Bank Shagala Group Visor Holding DASM Group Intercomp Global Services and many others KIMEP HR CLUB Speakers and members of HR Club KIMEP:

  13. KIMEP MARLETING CLUB The mission if the KIMEP Marketing Club is to build a platform for working professionals to enhance their knowledge and understanding of modern marketing practices and other essential professional skills. Club meetings are scheduled once in two month • Nurken Khalykbergen, PR Manager, Tele 2; • Erik Ashikenov, Director, INTERCOMP Global Services; • Samira Karabayeva, MegaMotors; • Leonid Gurevich, President, BISAM Central Asia; • Andrey Syedin, Managing Partner, Dream About; • Kaspars Kukelis, Marketing Department Director, GSM Kazakhstan; • Sayora Ayupova, Marketing Director, Procter & Gamble Kazakhstan KIMEP Marketing Club Speakers:

  14. Professional Development and Certificate Program Areas of Specification Delivery Language The Professional Development and Certificate Programs provide learning and networking opportunities for working professionals. In operation since 1998 it services both individuals and organizations alike. Kazakh English Russian

  15. Professional Development and Certificate Program Levels of Certification: Certificate of Completion Certificate of Specialization This is a certificate confirming participation in a specific course Trainees may earn a certificate of specialization by completing 4 courses within the defined area of specialization

  16. Professional Development and Certificate Program Program Offering

  17. Mini MBA Mini MBA specializations in: General Mini MBA Finance & Accounting Marketing & Sales Management HR Management Mini MBA – is a comprehensive professional development program providing with practical knowledge and skills needed for everyday use. Participants earn Diploma in Professional Development Mini MBA program upon successful competition of a selected series of course

  18. Mini MBA Duration: from 6 to 10 months* Venue: KIMEP, Abay Ave. 2, Almaty Modules to graduate: 12 One module: 24 academic hrs One module price: 79800 KZT *courses previously taken at PDCP can be counted towards Mini MBA Models of study: intensive full day on weekdays full day sessions on Saturdays online – under supervision of instructor


  20. LCCI International Qualification in English for Business EEC became a Registered Training and Examination Center for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Get qualifications in Business English Level 2 Business English Level 3

  21. KIMEP Certificate in Taxation Program Series of 3 courses provided in executive format, which are aimed as preparatory courses for theADIT (Advanced Diploma in International Taxation) administered by the UK based Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT): International Tax Law (1st ADIT Paper) Tax Law in Kazakhstan (2nd ADIT Paper – in form of dissertation/paper) Taxation of Multinational Enterprises (3rd ADIT Paper – Transfer Pricing)

  22. CFA Level I Exam Topics: Ethical and Professional Standards Quantitative Analysis Portfolio Management Financial Reporting and Analysis Fixed income Derivatives Corporate Finance Equity Investments Alternate Investments Economics The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Preparatory Course

  23. The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Preparatory Course Duration: 3 months* Venue: KIMEP, Abay Ave. 2, Almaty Number of Sessions: 10 Saturdays Time: 1 p.m. – 6 p.m. One session: 5 academic hrs Instructors: KIMEP University Faculty members and CFA holders * starting from early February

  24. Contact information KIMEP Executive Education Center, 050010 Kazakhstan, Almaty, Abay Ave. 2 • +7 (727) 237 47 84 | +7 (727) 237 47 92 | eec-asst@kimep.kz Meruyert Duisengaliyeva, Executive MBA Director • Room #105 | +7 (727) 300 57 77 | +7 (701) 321 15 75 | bcbpmext@kimep.kz Elena Moisseyeva, Project Manager • Room #109 | +7 (727) 237 47 87 | elena@kimep.kz Alexander Bogdanov, Professional Development Program Manager • Room #101 | +7 (727) 270 43 01 | +7 (777) 270 75 04 | abgd@kimep.kz Zukhra Asanova, Project Manager • Room #106 | +7 (727) 234 47 83 | zukhra@kimep.kz