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Title VI-A: What’s Left. Lisa Hollander and Lisa Spaulding Co-Directors. What we’re going to cover. 1) Where we have come from 2) Why this is important 3) What we have done so far 4) What we are doing now (Y3) 5) What’s Next. The Web Site. www.jeffco.edu. History. The last Title VI-A.

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Title vi a what s left

Title VI-A:What’s Left

Lisa Hollander and Lisa Spaulding


What we re going to cover
What we’re going to cover

  • 1) Where we have come from

  • 2) Why this is important

  • 3) What we have done so far

  • 4) What we are doing now (Y3)

  • 5) What’s Next

The web site
The Web Site

  • www.jeffco.edu



The last Title VI-A

Title vi a 2002 05
Title VI-A: 2002-05

  • Focused on China (Y1) and Mexico/the Caribbean (Y2)

  • Expanded offerings of French and Chinese via ITV

  • Created the Global Education Certificate

This was a starter grant
This was a starter grant

  • No one expected it to succeed

  • But Ethel Sawyer, Janice Meyer, Dr. Kellerman, Dr. Farnsworth and all the participating faculty made it work!

Why this grant is a big deal
Why this grant is a big deal . . .

Change in the competition
Change in the Competition

  • More 4-Year Colleges can compete

    • Private 4-years, e.g. Harvard

    • Research I Institutions

Change in the competition1
Change in the Competition

  • Few readers are 2-year college instructors

  • Few Consortiums

2007 title vi a grants
2007 Title VI-A Grants

  • 28 were awarded

  • 2 were community colleges

2007 title vi a grants1
2007 Title VI-A Grants

  • MCGE is the only consortium

2008 title vi a grants
2008 Title VI-A Grants

  • NO Community Colleges were awarded a UiSFL grant

Why else this is important
Why else this is important

Have you listened to Dr. Farnsworth Lately????

Why this is important
Why this is important

  • The world up and changed on us

Why this is important1
Why this is important

  • If our students are not prepared for a global economy, soon they will become part of a global underclass

Why this is important2
Why this is important

  • Because we need to embody the change we would like to see in our students

Follow up grant
Follow-up Grant

  • To Strengthen the Global Ed. Activities of the consortium colleges

Follow up grant1
Follow-up Grant

  • Higher standards

  • Greater expectations

The grant goals
The Grant: Goals

  • Infuse 72 courses with African content (includes 2 new courses per year)

The grant infusion
The Grant: Infusion

  • West Africa

    • Senegal

  • North Africa

    • Morocco

  • Y3—Any Africa

The grant goals1
The Grant: Goals

  • Offer 10 of the newly created/altered courses/year online

  • We don’t need to do this as you-all do a great job training faculty in online pedagogy

The grant goals2
The Grant: Goals

  • Expand Foreign Language offerings

    • Second year French (sort of worked)

    • First year Arabic (worked)

The grant goals3
The Grant: Goals

  • Expand Quality of Support for students taking Distance Ed. foreign language courses

What we are doing now
What we are doing now

  • Offer a state-wide conference on Africa

  • This will be the first of its kind

Africa in missouri
Africa in Missouri

  • February 25-27th at

  • The Lodge of the Four Seasons

Africa in missouri1
Africa in Missouri

  • Focused on Africans in Missouri

    • We have lots of Africans here

    • Community and College resources

Africa in missouri goals
Africa in Missouri: Goals

  • Showcase resources available locally

  • Increase awareness of Africa

Africa in missouri goals1
Africa in Missouri: Goals

  • Provide opportunities for student activities directors to see/experience potential African speakers/performers

Africa in missouri goals2
Africa in Missouri: Goals

  • Provide opportunities for faculty to see successful examples of globalization and talk about what they are doing

Africa in missouri goals3
Africa in Missouri: Goals

  • Provide training in how to globalize courses for both college and high school faculty

What is next recommendations
What is next: Recommendations

  • The grant ends this year

  • Campuses will need to determine if global education is important or not

What is next recommendations1
What is next: Recommendations

  • Another Title VI-A grant (no one has taken this up yet)

  • Decide where foreign languages are going

    • Continue momentum

    • Technological decisions

    • Keeping adjuncts/hiring full-timers

What is next recommendations2
What is next: Recommendations

  • This is the moment where officers have to make conscious choices

    • Critical mass of faculty

    • Global Education Certificate becoming commonly available

    • A more immediately tangible need

The grant1
The Grant

  • Make the Lisas rich and famous!