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Ancient Greece- Religious Beliefs

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Ancient Greece- Religious Beliefs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ancient Greece- Religious Beliefs. The Gods of Olympus. The Ancient Greeks beliefs. Existence of many divine things Gods believed to be like humans How the world began? : Gaea ( Mother Earth) & Uranus ( Sky): 14 Titans. The Olympian Gods. The God’s & Goddess strength.

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the ancient greeks beliefs
The Ancient Greeks beliefs
  • Existence of many divine things
  • Gods believed to be like humans
  • How the world began? :
  • Gaea ( Mother Earth) & Uranus ( Sky): 14 Titans
the olympian god s home
The Olympian God’s home
  • At the center of Greek mythology is the group of Gods and Goddess who were said to live on Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece. From Olympus, these Gods ruled every aspect of human life. Olympian gods and goddesses looked like men and women, although they could change form to animals.
  • .
  • photo of a statue of Poseidon from:
  • Ruler of the Gods
  • Married to his sister Hera
  • Frequently unfaithfully
  • Symbols of Zeus
  • The symbols of Zeus were the scepter, the throne and the thunderbolt, which was as a gift from the Cyclopes because he liberated them. Zeus' tree was the oak tree and his sacred animal was the eagle.
  • The Roman name of Zeus is "Jupiter"
athena the goddess of wisdom
Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom

Daughter of Zeus

Came out of Zeus head

Goddess of wisdom

Patron of Athena

Her temple: Parthenon

The Myth of Athena’s birth*A Myth is a Traditional story, insome cultures, a legend that explainsPeople’s beliefs.
  • According to the legend, Athena was born in the ancient city of Alipheira in southern Greece.
  • When Zeus married his first wife, the Oceanid Metis, Metis soon became pregnant. According to a prophecy at that time, Metis would bear a son who would pose a severe threat to Zeus. So, right after Metis revealed her pregnancy, Zeus swallowed his child fearfully in order to protect his kingdom.
  • The Birth of Athena

Nine months passed by and then suddenly Zeus started feeling a strong pain in his head and asked the Gods' smith Hephaestus to comfort him. Hephaestus obeyed and opened Zeus' head with an ax without hurting him. All of a sudden, goddess Athena sprang out of Zeus' head. She was already an adult, wearing armor with a shield in her hands and uttering warlike cries!

  • From the first moment goddess Athena came into the world, she won the heart of Zeus and became his favorite child. However, she never received a mother's care. That's why she inevitably possessed more masculine than feminine attributes.
temples worship festivals
Temples, worship & festivals
  • Gods needs somewhere to live on Earth
  • Dark Ages: Cellas
  • Classical Period: The Parthenon
  • The altar
  • Festivals: Many- Purpose: to please Gods
  • Not only religious ceremony, also sports, theater-
  • The Great Panathenaea
  • Worship: Private
  • Oracles : places where special priest or priestess could speak on behave of a God-
  • Most Famous Oracle: Delphi
death and the underworld
Death and the Underworld
  • After death: Underworld
  • Underworld: “Hade” ruled by “God Pluto”
  • Many caves considered “entrance to underworld”
  • Funerals: to ensure that souls would go to the underworld
individual work task 4b
Individual Work –Task 4B
  • 1. You will : get together in your groups and assign a God to each member-
  • A. Each student will prepare a summary –One Paragraph – that describe the God’s assigned to you in your group- Include a picture- and answer the following question: - Which God of the Olympian Gods you admire the most and why?
  • B. Investigate and Choose a “myth” of Ancient Greece related to your God- & tell the story in your own words, either in a comic book, in an oral presentation, or in a movie-
  • C. Your Presentation has to be no more than 8-10 minutes-
  • D: For comics you could try :

  • E. Submit in a word document your paragraph -description of your God ( weebly)
  • F. Submit a copy of your presentation –movie- or comic book-
  • G. Present to your work in class
sites to find information
Sites to find information