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7R community survey

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7R community survey

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7R community survey

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  1. 7R community survey

  2. Martinswork Thisgraph shows thenumber of studentsthat chat in class

  3. fightingwithyourfriendsisverybadbecausemaybewe can gettoserious injuries problems.alsoisreallybadbecauseweneedto be consentrating in classinstead of fighting. Mariana

  4. I thinkthatmanypeople are sensibly ok and cares aboutothers, so isnot a badqualityforourclass. Butforthepeoplewho do laughshouldmake a change so thatwe can improve, frorourbenefit! Daniel Borrero

  5. shoutout in classisbadbecausseitdesconcentratespeople, thoughthisisnt a majorproblem in class as thisisnt so frequently. David castrillon

  6. there are veryresponsiblepeople in theclassthatnevercopyotherpoepole´swork. copyingtheworkisverybadbecauseyoudontlearn, thatiswhyyoushouldnever do it. SantiagoRebolledo

  7. i thinkthatthestudentsfrom 7r are lyingbecausethintheclass i hearalot of sillynoisesallthe time. Juan Manuel Oliveros

  8. Camila Pardo

  9. gustavo in thisgraphyou can seethe · of kidsthatcomplaiin in class

  10. Sofiagiraldo theproblem of interuptingpeople in theclassisnotthatgoodbecusemost of thepeople do itbutsometimes. ifsgoodthatveryoftenjustonepeople do itbecausethatis a improvementbutisnotthatgoodthatjustthreepeopleout of 22 never do it. Thisissomethingthattheclassneedtoimpoveon

  11. Maria Paula Rojas Work Thisis a problemthatisnt so bigbecauseonlyfourpersons hit otherpeople and therest of theclassnever do that. I thinkpeople hit otherpersonsbecausetheyfeelbetteror "cooler" bydoingthiskind of things. Butthisisone of themostseriousproblemsbecauseitgoesagaintthehealth and it can cause terrible damages.

  12. I BotherorarguEwith theteacherduringclass in 7r We can seethatmostpeople in 7R respecttheteacherduringclassexplanations and discusions and onlyfewarguewithher in themiddle of anexplenationwhichisreallygoodbecauseitmeansthatwe show respecttowardsourmayors.

  13. i think most of the class is good because they normally ask silly questions but we need to improve because some people ask silly question often and more than the 25% ask it sometimes so ideally is that no body ask them. sincerely I think the people didn't say the truth because more than 7% of the class ask silly noises during the class Santiago Salazar 7R

  14. I'mselfish and don'tchange ideas and materials Acordingtothegraph, people in 7r are noteven a littleselfishwiththeirclassmates. Thisisverygoodbecausethis shows wehave a verycolaborative and unitedclass. ISABELLA OTERO 7R

  15. This is a very bad problem that happens in mostly all 7th grade classes because people try to be funny by doing some stupid things that distract others and dont let them learn in a good and conftable way, also sometimes poeple thing they are being funny by bothering others which isnt a good way of doing it, this makes the other person feel bad because he is getting rediculous in front of others and this also can make that the person that is trying to be funny have serious problems. Andrea Gaez

  16. I think doing work in calss is a bad thing becuase people are being inresponsabelae and not learning to make the homework in the house. also if they make it in the class zill distract other people and he or she wouldnt pay attention to class . if the person thta is making the homework in class is a very good student people can go out of their sit and said if he can gave him copy and thta is bad. Isabella Rivera

  17. a lot of people is swearing in class, this is not a big problem because for us telling rude words is normal. JUAN MANUEL MONTERO 7R

  18. since a long time ago, in 7R they had been a lot of times that this problem had occur, this should be resolved and a lot of people on this class is liyng, telling they never do it but many people now they do. this is a problem that make girls feel bad and unconfortable. ANDREA MENDOZA

  19. I think that 8 persons of our class that say they never lie, they are lying, i think the only one in this chart thats telling the true is the one who says very often. LAURA GIRALDO

  20. What we can conclude about this survey made to a CCB class (7R) is that the most of the students don't do sexual noises but really are they being honest well really we don't know but he hopes so . By: Ana Catalina Cardozo

  21. In conclusion many people don’t like attracting others attention by laughing very loud. By: Natalia Daza

  22. Ithinkthatlots of people do this in theclassbecausetheycantbeindependant and havetoasktootherpeople. Whenyou are completelyconcentrated and thenpoeople come toaskyouthings, yougetcompletelydisconnectedfromyourwork. Juan Francisco Vallejo

  23. Yes I think is a very often problem because people copy to each other in big works. I don’t copy but I many times I ask for help when I don’t understand something. Thank you DANIEL RIVERA GUZMAN 7R