10 reasons why to visit this spain n.
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10 reasons why to visit this Spain PowerPoint Presentation
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10 reasons why to visit this Spain

10 reasons why to visit this Spain

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10 reasons why to visit this Spain

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  1. 10 reasons why to visit this Spain Deivi Koppel, Keili Aigro, Viivian Veski, Astrid Ziugmann

  2. 1. Spain enjoys of an enticing weather with a lot of sun.... all year long! • There are millions of sun-lovers in the whole world.Andwhat's cool is its winters are just moderate and perfect for extra adventures.

  3. 2. Spain is already the third favorite destination in the world! • You can choose from the busy shores and beaches of Mallorca to the tranquil but adventure-filled mountains and waves of Cadiz .

  4. 3.Spain has one of the richest cultural heritages of Europe. • Spain has preserved its rich historical and cultural past .Spain is a perfect haven for art lovers and collectors as they scour its cities, towns and provinces for precious artworks.

  5. 4.Spain is worldly famous for its traditional festivities. • As a predominantly Catholic country, it has a bountiful list of religious festivities celebrated with much singing and dancing that visitors can enjoy and participate in. Its festivities display its colorful culture and diverse traditions.

  6. 5. Known for its beautiful,never-ending beaches,Spain is a summer paradise. • No matter how far Spain could be, no one can stop the flood of tourists on its beaches who are enchanted with its magnificent cool, blue waters, white and golden sand and an always present sun!

  7. 6. You have to eat the "paella" .... • Let's concentrate on the famous paella though: It is a rice dish originally from Valencia , Spain . If you are so curious, "paella" has three main ingredients which include rice, olive oil and saffron and garnished with seafood, vegetables and meat.

  8. 7.Get sporty in Spain. • You can get totally tough while bungee jumping, wind surfing, sky diving and sailing amid high waves and also get relaxed playing golf or go biking in the countryside to witness the blossoming of flowers in the spring.

  9. 8.Get awed with the spectacular Spanish music. • Undeniably, Spain is famous for its music styles particularly the Flamenco. Move your body with grace to the tune of a Spanish music. It delights the heart and frees the mind with troubles as you express yourself on the dance floor.

  10. 9.Spain can be Las Vegas , too. • Las Vegas is popular for its casinos, restaurants and night clubs. In Spain, places like Ibiza and Mallorca offer the best parties and games of Europe.

  11. 10. Exciting bullfighting and bull runs. • Despite animal rights activists, bullfighting continues to amaze spectators from all over the world that go to see how the brave "torero" faces the bull. Every year thousands of runners from all around the world gather in Pamplona and have the most exciting time of their lives!