newton s first law and physical therapy l.
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Newton’s First Law and Physical Therapy PowerPoint Presentation
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Newton’s First Law and Physical Therapy

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Newton’s First Law and Physical Therapy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Newton’s First Law and Physical Therapy. Pinched Nerves.

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Newton’s First Law and Physical Therapy

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pinched nerves
Pinched Nerves

The neck is a complex place when it comes to nerves, and neck pain can stem from all manner of things, including a pinched nerve in the shoulder. Nerves can become trapped in the shoulder itself, due to the cramped conditions in an area called the brachial plexus. The brachial plexus has a number of cervical nerves travelling through it to the upper limbs.

Note: Pinched shoulder nerves prevent people from lifting their arm.

  • Ice – This will reduce inflammation.

What if ice does not work?

  • Physical Therapy Routine - TRACTION
cervical traction
Cervical Traction

One technique used by physical therapist and chiropractors to provide pain relief and improve motion is cervical traction. Traction gently extends the neck opening the spaces between the cervical vertebrae and temporarily alleviating pressure on the affected discs. Neck traction can either be done continuously or intermittently, alternating between short periods of pulling and resting.

It’s also possible to do cervical traction at home such as the device shown here. There are pulley systems that you can hook up to a doorway, or devices that will enable you to perform cervical traction while lying down.

physics application
Physics Application

Cervical traction works based on the idea of EQUILIBRIUM .





your hw
Your HW

Find a MEDICAL PHYSICS application on the internet in the form of a BLOG, VIDEO, or ARTICLE. Post this information on the OHS Physics Facebook Page and BRIEFLY summarize the physics in a comment as a ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY. NO REPEAT POSTS! Yes, you have to join first! A vote for the most interesting post will commence after the submission deadline.

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one sentence summary
One Sentence Summary

___________ began with _______________( covering, discussing, presenting, developing the idea that), then discussed___________________________

and (or then) ended with ( or when ) __________________________.

Here is your model: