Collaborations around the planet
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Collaborations Around the Planet. Janine Lim Berrien RESA [email protected] Blog: Student Project Centrally managed & coordinated Information about how to participate is provided, dates and times are set Monster Match Read Around the Planet

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Collaborations around the planet

Collaborations Around the Planet

Janine Lim

Berrien RESA

[email protected]



Student Project

Centrally managed & coordinated

Information about how to participate is provided, dates and times are set

Monster Match

Read Around the Planet

Texas History Mystery



Begins with an idea from a teacher

Requires finding your own partner

Most classroom collaborations are point-to-point

The teacher describes what they want their partner class to do


  • Glaser, R. (February 1, 2008). Videoconference Glossary.

Tech coordinator
Tech Coordinator

“We bought VC. How do we get teachers to use it?”

  • FREE

  • Most closely matches curriculum

  • Can be most powerful VCs


“What’s the value to my students?” Owston 2007

  • multicultural understanding and greater positive self-concept Cifuentes & Murphy 2000

  • greater understanding of time, distance, and understanding other children Yost 2001

  • learn from other viewpoints Martinez & MacMillan, 1998

Curriculum director
Curriculum Director

“How does VC meet state curriculum standards?”

  • tailored to curriculum goals

  • adapted to curriculum goals

  • created from/within curriculum goals


“Did anyone think about the learning theory?”

  • social constructivism - we learn by talking to othersVygotsky

  • constructivism - use of VC has a positive relationship with teachers’ preference for constructivismSweeney 2007

  • authentic audience Warschauer 1997

Exchange format
Exchange Format

  • Project: Read Around the Planet

  • Project: Michigan Exchange

  • Collaborations

    • Pakistan

    • Earthworms

    • ESL

    • Robots

Multipoint formats
Multipoint Formats

  • MysteryQuest World Geography

  • International MysteryQuest

  • MysteryQuest USA

  • Texas History Mystery

  • Invasive Species

  • Poetry Cafe

What is twice
What is TWICE?


  • K12 videoconferencing organization

  • Volunteer board members, mostly from educational service agencies

  • Read Around the Planet

  • ASK Programs and Michigan Week

  • Discounts with providers

Read around the planet
Read Around the Planet

  • Verification Registration Opens Nov. 1

  • Teacher Registration Opens Dec. 1

  • Teacher Registration Closes (mid Jan)

  • Matches Announced (end of Jan)

  • English & World Languages

    February 23 - March 6, 2009

Designing projects
Designing Projects

  • What is my required curriculum?

  • What can my students learn from connecting to another class?

  • How does it add value to the lesson?

  • What benefit is gained in greater curriculum understanding because the students collaborated with another class?

Designing projects1
Designing Projects

  • ISTE NETS Standards

  • Technology communications tools

    • Students use telecommunications to collaborate, publish, and interact with peers, experts, and other audiences.

    • Students use a variety of media and formats to communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences.

Collaborative vcs wiki
Collaborative VCs Wiki


  • Hosted by Berrien RESA

  • Available for anyone to add to it

  • Growing collection of written ideas for collaborative VC projects

Other collaboration tools
Other Collaboration Tools

  • CILC Collaboration

  • Global Leap,

  • Internet2 K20

  • Janet Collaborate,

  • K12 Videoconferencing in

  • VC

Planning interactive curriculum connections
Planning Interactive Curriculum Connections


  • Cost: $150 (bulk discounts available)

  • 1 graduate semester credit

  • 1 week intro to VC; 1 week on content providers; 1 week on preparation; 1 week on projects

  • "As a media specialist, I think this course would be extremely useful for my teachers and staff."

Kid2kid videoconference connections
Kid2Kid Videoconference Connections


  • Cost: $200 (bulk discounts available)

  • 2 graduate semester credits

  • Collaborative community online

  • Week 1: Developing a project idea

  • Week 2: Planning and advertising

  • Week 3&4: Preparing for a project

  • Week 5: Participating in a project

  • Week 6: Evaluating projects



Janine Lim, [email protected]






Online Classes: Planning Interactive Curriculum Connections Kid2Kid Videoconference Connections


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  • Owston, R. (2007). Contextual factors that sustain innovative pedagogical practice using technology: an international study. Journal of Educational Change, 8(1), 61-77.

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