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Important Factors to Look Into Arthroscopic Surgery PowerPoint Presentation
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Important Factors to Look Into Arthroscopic Surgery

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Important Factors to Look Into Arthroscopic Surgery
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Important Factors to Look Into Arthroscopic Surgery

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  1. Arthroscopic Surgery Ganesh Ortho Medical & Trauma Center

  2. What are the most important factors to look into arthroscopic surgery? Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used for operating on a joint like knee, hip and shoulder. The advancement in medical technology has made it possible to perform surgery on joints without fully opening the joints. Arthroscopy is mostly performed on knee joints and there are many surgeons that perform arthroscopic surgery in delhi.

  3. Advantage of this surgical procedure • It is minimal invasive hence less painful and has little scarring. Also, there is little risk that is associated with other surgical processes. • Patients take time in recuperating. Their hospital stay is limited to 2-3 days and reduced hospital stay reduces their medical expenditure. • Arthroscopy allows accessing the inaccessible areas within a joint. A small endoscope is inserted into the joint for examination and the surgery performed according to the findings.

  4. Arthroscopy is helpful in treating • Knee problems like meniscus injury and torn ligaments of the joint • Hip problems like foreign body removal and hip washout • Shoulder problems like rotator cuff tears and • frozen shoulder

  5. Find a Experience Arthroscopic Surgeon & Hospital For arthroscopic surgery, you can find an experienced surgeon with many years of experience in performing arthroscopy. Presence of many seasoned surgeons is an opportunity to shop around and find the most reliable doctor. But there are some factors you need considering before making an opinion on a surgeon. Important factors: • Services available at the hospital where the surgery would be performed • Availability of health insurance for surgery • Complete expense of the surgery. It should include clinical tests, doctor fee, medicines and hospital stay • Reputation of the hospital and your surgeon

  6. Choose the hospital according to your need There are many hospitals that perform arthroscopic surgery Delhi but you should choose a facility only after keeping your needs in mind. If you have health insurance, you should get an opportunity to cover the surgery in your health policy. Similarly, the hospital should be able to manage emergency conditions. Hospital Reputation

  7. Ganesh Ortho Trauma & Medical Centre F-15/7, HansrajMarg, Near BSES Office, Krishna Nagar, Delhi-110051 011 43146100 Source: