Kent school district ses provider meeting september 24 2010
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Kent School District SES Provider Meeting September 24, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kent School District SES Provider Meeting September 24, 2010. Israel Vela Executive Director of Student and Family Engagement. Agenda . Introductions KSD and SES Provider Responsibilities Enrollment Window(s) Eligibility District Policies and Procedures

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Kent school district ses provider meeting september 24 2010

Kent School District SES Provider Meeting September 24, 2010

Israel Vela

Executive Director of Student and Family Engagement


  • Introductions

  • KSD and SES Provider Responsibilities

  • Enrollment Window(s)

  • Eligibility

  • District Policies and Procedures

  • KSD Contractual Service Agreement

  • Provider Obligations

  • Student Information and Progress Monitoring

  • Use of School Facilities

  • Questions

Kent school district
Kent School District

  • Information

    • PowerPoint SES Presentation

    • Information on the KSD website

  • Enrollment Windows and Allocation

    • 1st Window September 24th – October 15th

    • 2nd Window (if needed) Nov. 12th – Dec. 3rd

    • KSD SES per student allocation is $ 1450 per student.

Eligibility supplemental educational resources non regulator guidance
Eligibility(Supplemental Educational Resources Non-Regulator Guidance)

  • Schools required to offer SES

    • Cedar Valley Elementary  Daniel Elementary  East Hill Elementary  Jenkins Creek Elementary  Millennium Elementary  Meadow Ridge Elementary  Neely-O’Brien Elementary  Panther Lake Elementary Park Orchard Elementary  Scenic Hill Elementary  Springbrook Elementary.

  • Low income

    • Based on free/reduced lunch status

  • 20% of our Title I budget is set-aside for School Choice and SES

    • If funding is insufficient for all requests,

      enrollment will be limited to lowest achieving students


  • Student sign up form (see KSD Form)

    • We request the use of our KSD form

  • The Contractual Service Agreement

    • Make sure you respond to KSD’s request for ALL documentation including the signed Contractual Service Agreement.

  • Student names and contact information

    • We will release student names and contact information when we have all required Contractual Service Agreement documents. (Due within 2 weeks of notification of student choice by KSD.)

District policies
District Policies

  • Building Use Form

    • All requests for building use go through the building principal

  • Distribution of Materials

    • All requests for distribution of materials goes through Student Services, SES Liaison

    • Do not leave print materials at the schools

Before the contract can be finalized we will need
Before the contract can be finalized we will need:

1. Certificate of insurance policy (additional coverage required for 2010-11.)

2. W-9 form

3. List of tutor names submitted to OSPI

4. Fingerprint receipts for all tutors

5. Local Authorization Form

6. Two original signed contracts

(DUE within 2 weeks from KSD notification of student selection)

Provider obligations cont
Provider obligations cont.


Provider will keep all student records in a secure location and will not share them with anyone other than the parent/guardian and the district.


Provider will allow the district access to their facilities for periodic monitoring.


Providers shall provide access to all records and reports to the district. Provider shall maintain fiscal records for 5 years and keep them available for audit.


Provider and its employees shall report suspected abuse to the proper authorities within 48 hours

Kent school district ses provider meeting september 24 2010
Abbreviated highlights from provider obligations section on the required KSD Contractual Service Agreement


Provider will comply with all laws, statutes, ordinances, rules & regulations including permits and licenses


Provider will ensure that all SES meets above requirements


Providers are required to background check all their employees and volunteers. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate termination of the contract


Provider agrees that its programs, equipment, facilities, computers and related equipment, website, online access, etc shall be in full compliance with the above acts

Serving ksd students
Serving KSD students the required

  • Once the contract is signed

    • Contact and meet with the family to determine subject area for service and assess the student to develop achievement goals that align with state standards and KSD reading and math curriculum (SES Non-Reg A, B)

    • Develop a Student Learning Plan that includes achievement goals, a timeline for serving them, and a method of measuring progress. (Provider SLP’s MUSTbe delivered to KSD for up-loading through the use of KSD provided flash-drives.)

    • The learning plan will be signed by the SES provider, and submitted to the Kent School District within 30 calendar days of the Contractual Service Agreement date (SES Non-Reg A, B)

    • If the student learning plan is not received by the Kent School District within 30 calendar days of contracting with the Provider the student will be reassigned (SES Non-Reg B)

Goals should not be general or undefined
Goals should the required not be general or undefined

  • Non examples:

    • The student will focus on the areas of homework and math.

    • The student will work on math and sample MSP problems

    • The student will be working on improving his math skills – multiplication tables, computation and fractions

Goals should be
Goals should be: the required

  • Specific, measurable, achievable, and reasonable


    • Upon completion of 19 sessions the student will improve their reading score .4 grade levels as measured by CAT5 assessment from 3.0 to 3.4.

    • Upon completion of the program, the student will increase .25 grade level in reading according to GRADE assessment.

  • Tied to GLEs and Performance Expectations

    • 2.1 – Demonstrate evidence of reading comprehension by

      • GLE 2.1.3 – Apply comprehension monitoring strategies to identify theme and main idea; 2.1.5 – Predict and infer during reading; 2.1.6 – summarize grade level informational and literary/narrative text

      • Benchmark 1.3 – Understand and apply concepts and procedures from geometric sense

Providing ses in ksd
Providing SES in KSD the required

  • Serve students (SES Non-Reg A)

    • No more than 90 minutes per day

    • No more than 3 days per week

    • SES tutoring sessions to be completed during the school year in order that all final paperwork is turned in to KSD no later than June 10, 2010

  • SES should be instruction in reading and math. This time is not for homework assistance. (SES Non-Reg D)

  • Complete and provide monthlyKSD progress report andKSD SES attendance recordwith the invoice to KSD and parent(s)/guardian(s) original signature that includes:

    • Content/skills worked on (aligned to GLEs and PEs)

    • An explanation of data based on progress made in language parents can understand (SES Non-Reg C, E)

    • Copy of Provider Assessment

Progress reports
Progress Reports the required

  • Should include content worked on and progress made. Mention of materials used is also appropriate. Examples:

    • The student worked on reading fluency. After the first session the student reads with 56% accuracy.

    • The student read 2.8 grade level texts, working on identifying main idea in a story and locating comprehension questions in passages. He has increased his accuracy from 60% to 70%, and we are working on raising his reading materials to a 3rd grade level.

  • Should not be general, with little or no specifics mentioned of what is worked on or progress made. Non Examples:

    • “This month we will continue to focus on helping your student with homework as well as WASL prep reading and writing, these will be sample tests provided by OSPI. We will focus on required areas which include writing in several paragraphs, sentence structure, and correct pronunciation.”

    • “Student has significantly increased his reading accuracy (+22%) since the first tutoring session. Shows progress with fluency. The next tutoring session will focus on further advancement in reading.”

    • “5th grade mathematics per WA’s EALRs, Adding and subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers and multiplication. She completed her math work well.” She is a hard worker and nice student.

Invoicing the ksd
Invoicing the KSD the required

SES Provider Responsibilities:

  • Invoice the Kent School District on a monthly basis with the first Invoice due no later than 60 days from Pre-test date, and every month thereafter.

  • Provider created INVOICE:

    • Refer to Attachment IV of the Contractual Service Agreement

  • All information must be present for invoices to be paid. PLEASE be sure your hourly calculations are correct to the nearest 15 minutes.

Communication w ksd
Communication w/KSD the required

  • Provider Communication

  • Provider Invoice Processing

  • Contracts and Addendums

  • SES Contact - Pam Duke 253-373-7982

Student Support Services