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Stallion Station. Spring Hill High School’s Store. Overview. So far, we have: - Assigned committees - Toured the space - Gathered out ideas - Contacted people We are in the process of: - Deciding on a theme - Developing inventory - Promoting the store - Designing the store

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Stallion station

Stallion Station

Spring Hill High School’s Store


So far, we have:

- Assigned committees

- Toured the space

- Gathered out ideas

- Contacted people

We are in the process of:

- Deciding on a theme

- Developing inventory

- Promoting the store

- Designing the store

- Finding employees

- Deicing on an opening date

Some Ideas we have had:

- An old time-y store theme

- A banner to go across the breezeway

- A red and khaki store theme

- Choosing a charity every month

- Holiday specials and themes

- Rivalry sports wear for big games

- Using IPhones and iPads to allows charges on

debit/credit cards

- Grand opening party

- Branding using the school TV’s

- Glass display cases

- Walk in rug

- Christmas charity project

- Playing music during appropriate hours

Our staff
Our Staff

Alex Harper

Project Management

Norma Brown

Entrepreneurship Teacher

Chandler Sizer

Project Management

Shannon Connolly

Project Management

Melissa Nesbit


Cassidy Mattingly

Public Relations

Xavier Williams

Public Relations

Sophie Carlick

Public Relations

Mia Alario

Public Relations

Hannah Nolff

Public Relations

Charles Beiber


Joanna Haines


Darienne Jackson


Tyler Williams

Product Inventory

John Fisher

Project Inventory

Cameron Ward

Product Inventory

Tanna Holt

Social Media

Mary Kathryn Dickson

Socail Media

Morgan Hinton

Social Media

Olivia Jeanot

Social Media

Chloe Tate


Josh Lowry

Product Inventory

Project management
Project Management

key chain and other

merchandise displays

stools for staff

54” D 30” H

2 in center of store

one clothes rack to

store pending orders

3 mannequins to display

Red and khaki awning, doesn’t protrude too far

Product inventory http www storesupply com
Product Inventory

Public relations
Public Relations

Important Days for Sales and Promotions, as well as charity support:

November and December - Christmas - Toys for Tots

January - New Year

February- Valentine’s day - Wear Red Day

March - St PatricksDay

April- Easter

May and June - End of School promotions/ blowout sale

Grand Opening:

Who - 1 for kids and 1 for parents and community

What - Party for the kids and ribbon cutting opening

When - November

Where - Spring Hill, near the store

Sign-A-Rama for signs and posters

Raffles that students can enter in whenever they purchase

items. Students can enter in a contest during times when we

are giving to charity.

Teachers will get a certain teacher discount on select items

each month.

Grand Opening Guest List:

Chapin Mayor



Vice Principals

Teachers and other staff members

Social media
Social Media

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Instagram

- Tv's

- Banners/flyers

- Website

Sales human resources
Sales/Human Resources

Application Process

- Student Application

- Interview

- Training

1 hour worked =1 point

If student stays after school or for after

school event, double points.

Each month the students with the most points will:

1. Employee of the Month and receive reward

2. Receive reward

3. Receive reward

Possible rewards could be a free drink

from the coffee shop or free slushy

Sales human resources1
Sales/Human Resources

We are able to:

- Run Credit and Debit cards

- Use QR Codes

- Get a T-Shirt press

Any questions
Any questions?

Thank you for joining us!