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Robertsport. Community Sciences Since January 2010. Presented by: Charles Simson Robertsport Community Sciences Volunteer. Community Volunteers. GROUP PHOTO. Community Sciences Leadership. Procedures undertaken. Findings from the Data Over Time. Fish monitoring

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Community Sciences

Since January 2010

Presented by:

Charles Simson

Robertsport Community Sciences Volunteer

Findings from the data over time
Findings from the Data Over Time

  • Fish monitoring

    From the monitoring of fish, the data collected over the time show that the growth of fish is not going on. Because there are a lot of smaller fish been caught over the time. This is due to the type of nets being used by both the industrial and artisanal fishermen.

Findings from the data over time1
Findings from the Data Over Time

  • Air Temperature

    The air temperature from January 4,2010 to November 4, 2010, has been as follow; 31, 33, 32, 37, 31, 31, 30, 28, 28, 32 and 32 degrees Celsius. The average Air Temperature from the time over view is 28 degree Celsius

Findings from the data over time2
Findings from the Data Over Time

  • Wind and Rain

  • From our findings, the wind has been moving southward and it has been mostly weak. As for the rain, we had heavy rains, storm, in March, July, August, September and October.

  • Water Surface

  • For January, February, March, April, June, July and August the water surface was choppy; from September to October, there were small waves. In November the water surface is flat.

Findings from the data over time3
Findings from the Data Over Time

  • Trawling

    From January to November, there were lots of trawlers seen very close to the coastal lines of Grand Cape Mount Count. In the beginning there no equipment to identify these trawlers numbers but, thanks to the team leader of the community sciences initiatives for providing us with the proper monitoring equipment to track these trawlers.

Findings from the data over time4
Findings from the Data Over Time

  • Shoreline Survey

    When we started in January 4, 2010, the beach was clean up to March, but when the sea got rough it brought in a lot of dirt on the shores. There was also a problem of chemical being used by the Fanti fishermen in April causing lots of dead fish lying along the beaches.

  • Tide level

    In January, when we started the survey, the tide level was at 28.2 meters. It started increasing in February to July. In August, it decreases by 5 meters, and in September, it continues to decrease. It increases in October and our last monitoring shows decrease. This simply means that the shape of the land is changing and there is rising tide.

How the coordinator can help you to
How the Coordinator can help you to: at large

  • Increase the number of volunteers

    • By empowering the volunteers to train others

    • The volunteers through the coordinator can conduct house to house awareness.

    • The coordinator should always seek the well being of those working with him.

  • Improve the communication on findings of Community Sciences to community members

    • By sponsoring a talk show on a local radio station

    • By informing the community about the monitoring immediately after the monitoring

    • Visual aids for unlettered community members.