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OPSB July 24 2006 PowerPoint Presentation
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OPSB July 24 2006

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OPSB July 24 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Partners for a Safer Community. OPSB July 24 2006. Why create Crime Prevention Ottawa? Vision, Goals, Board of Directors Planning for a Safer Ottawa Working Together. Agenda. Why create Crime Prevention Ottawa?.

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for a Safer Community

OPSB July 24 2006

Why create Crime Prevention Ottawa?

Vision, Goals, Board of Directors

Planning for a Safer Ottawa

Working Together



Why create Crime Prevention Ottawa?

  • “Municipalities play a key role in crime prevention. As the order of government closest to citizens – responsible for policing, housing, social services, recreation and public works – municipalities are well positioned to work with local groups to establish effective community-based programs.”
  • (“From the Ground Up,” Caledon Institute)


“To reduce crime and enhance community safety in Ottawa through evidence-based crime prevention.”


Interim Goals

  • To develop a community-wide strategic plan to reduce crime and enhance community safety in Ottawa.
  • To implement specific targeted crime prevention programs and to support programs through appropriate community agencies and associations.
  • To assist and support community groups and the City in acquiring, developing or enhancing the tools needed to operate programs to increase safety.

Goals, con’t

  • To seek the funds and create partnerships essential for sustaining long-term crime prevention programs.
  • To promote policy solutions to issues of crime and disorder.
  • To monitor and evaluate on an ongoing basis the progress and impacts of plans and implementation

Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors includes: the Mayor, a Councillor, the Chief of Police, Deputy City Manager, President of United Way, Director of Education of OCDSB, university professors, business and community representatives

Planning for a Safer Ottawa

Four point strategy:

  • Engagement and Consulting
  • Data Mapping
  • Inventory of Assets
  • Identifying risk factors

Community Engagement

  • Community Forum, April 7, 170 people attended
  • All 15 City Advisory committees were contacted, 5 presentations made
  • Community committees, such as Multicultural health, Ottawa Youth Justice
  • Met with 19 of 21Councillors
  • Plan for 6 community meetings in the autumn to validate the plan

Engagement of key institutions

  • Presentation to Senior Management Team of Community and Protective Services and to individual branch management teams
  • Meetings with staff: OPS, OCDSB, OCHC etc.
  • Participation in the Integrated Drug and Addictions Strategy, Neighbourhood Planning and the Task Force on Somali Youth
  • Starting to engage leadership of key stakeholders
  • Presentation to Ottawa Police Services Board!

Data Mapping

  • Data Committee made up of representatives from of OPS, City, OCDSB and U.of O.
  • Mapping crime data
  • Looking at co-relates with socio-economic data from the census
  • Adding in school data and service data

Inventory of Assets

  • Attempting to list any initiative or policy which reduces or eliminates victimization by crime, violence and the fear of crime or violence in the community!
  • Inventory of school-based services
  • Engaging in discussions with key funders
  • Examining other inventories

Identifying risk factors

  • Looking at the research
  • National, provincial and some local research on risk factors
  • Examining successful programs and projects such as Michelle Heights or Hintonburg Safety Partnership locally and other programming nationally and internationally

How can we work together?

  • The Ottawa Police Service is a key partner in the success of Crime Prevention Ottawa
  • We hope to ensure that priorities and plans align with each other in our planning process and in the OPS business planning process

How can we work together?

  • What do you think should the priorities for Crime Prevention Ottawa?
  • How can we help?
  • How can you help?

Thank you

  • Questions?