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Leading the Publication Pack

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Editor Leadership Training. Leading the Publication Pack. Finding the Strengths of Your Staff. Publications is a TEAM effort. Empower your staff to do what they love. How can we identify those strengths and weaknesses for the entire staff?

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finding the strengths of your staff
Finding the Strengths of Your Staff
  • Publications is a TEAM effort.
  • Empower your staff to do what they love.
  • How can we identify those strengths and weaknesses for the entire staff?
    • “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”—Confucius
include all the colors on your staff
Include All The Colors on Your Staff
  • True Colors Personality Testing
    • www.truecolorstest.com/True-Colors-Personality-Test.html
  • What colors are you?
  • How does this help organize your staff?
building your team from scratch
Building Your Team From Scratch
  • Make New Rules and Keep the Old
  • Begin at the Bell
  • Laughter is the Best Medicine
  • Get the Most From All of You
  • Make the Most of your Office and Deadlines
  • Pat Yourselves on the Back
  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Get to Know the People You Work With
  • Treat Your Rookies Well
  • Don’t Take It Personally
  • Enter The Classroom Smiling Each Day!
make new rules and keep the old
Make New Rules and Keep The Old
  • School Rules
    • Must be followed; if there is one preventing you from doing your job, work with the administration
    • Most of the time the administration understands the difference between the student population and the journalism students
  • Class Rules
    • Decide these as a staff, hold each other accountable
    • Rulesshould be in place to make the publication more efficient
begin at the bell
Begin At The Bell
  • Tardies
    • What does a tardy look like?
    • What happens when you get one? Make it physical labor for fun!!
  • Class Meeting
    • Start each class with a meeting led by editors. Adviser should sit back and oversee, not run the meeting.
    • Give the rundown for the day and upcoming deadlines.
  • Pre-Planning
    • Editors must be prepared before class to run meeting.
    • Editors should touch base with adviser before or after school.
laughter is the best medicine
Laughter Is the Best Medicine
  • Cutthroat Christmas Party
    • Bring out the white elephants and inside jokes.
    • Keep it fun but give gifts that bring up the funny memories of the year so far.
  • Work Parties
  • Make Friends with other schools
    • Travel to contest and conventions together.
  • Find humorous picsof staff members and have a caption contest.
  • Game Day
get the most from all of you
Get the Most From All of You
  • Raise Expectations
  • Recruit from the best
    • Talk to AP teachers
  • Find the Positives
    • Dwell on the good things
    • Too much time is spent harping on missed deadlines or poor copy
    • Go out of your way to point out the strong elements too
make the most of the office and deadlines
Make the Most of the Office and Deadlines
  • Office Clutter
  • Organize a place for food
  • Have a “To Do” list
  • Section Editor Check off Sheets
  • Post and Enforce Mini-Deadlines
  • Make a Huge Calendar
  • Find a “Chill Out” spot
pat yourselves on the back
Pat Yourselves on the Back
  • Praise!!!
  • Send Thank You notes
  • Staff T-Shirts
  • Staffer of the Week
take care of yourself
Take Care of Yourself
  • Publications is a Marathon---be ready for mile 25
  • Get Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Eat Healthy
  • Bond outside of the J-Lab
get to know the people you work with
Get to Know the People You Work With
  • Buy an opposite sex magazine
    • You can learn a lot from Glamour or Sports Illustrated.
  • Recruit from both sexes
    • Bring diversity to your staff.
treat your rookies well
Treat Your Rookies Well
  • Be honest with your staff
  • Ask questions
  • Post-It Ideas
don t take it personally
Don't Take It Personally
  • “Bad Day” Coupon
    • Everyone gets one a semester. There will be a day when everyone needs a “mental health day.”
  • Magic Wand
  • Criticism is Inevitable – do it right
enter the classroom smiling everyday
Enter the Classroom Smiling (everyday)
  • You set the tone, pace and attitude.
  • Be a role model always.
put it in action
Put It In Action
  • As a team, which of these ideas do you think should be implemented for sure?
  • What are some new ideas that weren’t on this list that you could use to build traditions and staff motivation?