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ESPE Sales Class

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ESPE Sales Class. Carlton C. O’Neal Principal Aspiration Marketing. Section I. Overview of the Sales Function (6 0 Minutes; 1:00-2:00). What is Sales? vs Marketing vs Business Development What and to Whom are you Selling? Product/Service and Target Market(s) Sales Types

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ESPE Sales Class

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. ESPE Sales Class Carlton C. O’Neal Principal Aspiration Marketing

    2. Section I. Overview of the Sales Function (60 Minutes; 1:00-2:00) • What is Sales? • vs Marketing • vs Business Development • What and to Whom are you Selling? • Product/Service and Target Market(s) • Sales Types • B2B vs B2C Sales • Commercial vs Government vs Aerospace • International vs Domestic

    3. Section I. Overview of the Sales Function • Sales Operations Functions • Sales Training, Product Training • Lead Generation/Sales Funnel • Technical Support • Customer Service/Support • Customer Sales Processes • Sales Cycle and RFI, RFP, RFQ processes • Enablers vs Gatekeepers vs Decision Makers • “Sumo Wrestling”

    4. Section I. Overview of the Sales Function • Sales Management/Processes • Sales Plans and Forecasts • Staffing (Direct/Indirect; Inside vs Outside; Hunters vs Farmers) • Pre Sales vs Post Sales • Territories, Quotas, Pricing, Discounting • Compensation (structure, spiffs) and KPIs • Payment and Revenue Recognition • Payment/Delivery Terms, Vendor Financing • When to recognize revenue?

    5. Break 2:00-2:15

    6. Section II. Sales Process,Management(50 Minutes; 2:15-3:45) • Jive Software Analysis Questions • What core building blocks should Wilson have put in place when hired? • Is it better to use Team or Individual coverage/quota models? Alternatives? • What are the pros/cons of fixed territories with variable quotas and variable territores with fixed quotas? • Compare quarterly vs annual quota systems. What is the ideal length of a quota period in general and for Jive? What are the implications of picking one that is too long or too short? • How would you apply the Sales Learning Curve to this model? • If you were CEO David Hersh, how would you explain to investors what has happened with sales, and what would you do to fix things internally? • If you were John McCracken, what steps would you take upon joining?

    7. Break 3:45-4:00

    8. Section III. Interactive Sales Exercise(45 Mins; 4:00-5:00) Acme Inc. makes/sells 2 million Electronic Meter Readers annually for about $250 each. Within each meter there is a wireless PCB that Acme currently buys from Basic Wireless Inc. Chip Supply, a billion dollar company, would like to begin selling to Acme immediately. Each of you is either the Purchasing Manager for Acme or the Sales Manager for Chip (based on your individual profile cards). You have 10 minutes to strike a deal! BE CREATIVE! USE GOOD BUS JUDGMENT!

    9. Dinner 5:00-5:30

    10. Section IV. Business Development, and International Selling(60 Mins; 5:30-6:15) • In your opinion, what is the biggest roadblock TI has to making a successful sale to CANTV? How do you mitigate the risks and overcome this hurdle? • Are there any technology hurdles still to be overcome? If so, what are their implications? • What are some of the risks in trying to close the CANTV deal?  Are there any particular financial risks? • What are the key economic issues? • How does TI make increasing revenues and profits on CANTV? • What needs to happen for TI to hit a billion dollars in revenues in this division in a few years? • Do you see any cultural issues that might be a problem? • Texas Instruments, SpectraPoint, and CANTV

    11. Section V. Review and Conclusions(15 Mins; 6:15-6:30) Summary and Conclusions Discussion