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Chicago Logic Inc.

Chicago Logic Inc.

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Chicago Logic Inc.

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  1. Chicago Logic Inc. TM Smartphone Keypad Technical Presentation Delta II

  2. Delta II TM • Affirmed by world renowned experts. • Over 200 users tested. • 4 out of 5 chose Delta II for their next phone.

  3. Products Covered in Presentation: • Delta II™keypad matrixHigh-performance keypad layout for single-hand operation smartphones. • Dusty Keys™smart keypad driverSpeeds typing by reducing keystrokes normally needed while typing.

  4. Benefits Delta II TM

  5. Benefits: Service Providers When customers type – you profit. However, most people refuse to type text on their mobile phone keypad (Roper 2005). The good news - people enjoy typing on Delta II keypads! Delta II means billions of dollars in additional revenue every year from increased use of SMS, wireless email and internet.

  6. Benefits: • Drastically improved typing speed, 5-minute learning curve, and uncompromised form-factors enable a new generation of desirable mobile phones. • Profitable - Delta II is simple and inexpensive to manufacture using well-known materials and manufacturing techniques. Mobile Phone Manufacturers

  7. Benefits: Application Developers Delta II eliminates typing bottleneck on mobile phones, allowing more users to take text-entry related applications seriously.

  8. Benefits: Users • New users type fast immediately due to their familiarity with a PC keyboard. No instructions needed. Easy to read buttons feel "right", even to users with larger hands and fingers. • Phones retain their popular small sizes and form factors - comfortable to hold and operate with one or both hands, fitting nicely into purses and pockets. • Reduces or eliminates the need for external keyboards. • Delta II and the ubiquitous PC keyboard are symbiotic - when you learn one, you have learned both. Ideal for both established and emerging markets. QWERTY for the desktop, Delta II for the pocket -- that's all we need.

  9. Product Description • Delta II™keypad matrix • No compromise.

  10. Product Description:Delta II Keypad • We need a better handset keypad.A keypad that offers an immediate and substantial typing speed improvement, withoutincreasing the size or complexity of our mobile phones.

  11. Product Description:Delta II Keypad

  12. Product Description:Delta II Keypad • An improved phone keypad has been a goal for years. • Nothing has replaced the 50-year old, number-centric, 12-button telephone keypad.  No design has rivaled the speed of the PC keyboard.No design has felt "right". • Until now.

  13. Product Description:Delta II Keypad Look different? You bet it is. You are looking at the smallest, fastest, quickest to learn and easiest to use single-hand operation keypad in the world.

  14. Product Description:Delta II Keypad FastImmediate typing speeds of 20 to 30+ words per minute by average users.That’s 3 to 4 times faster than current cell phone keypads. SmallSmaller than a business card. Fits perfectly into tiny smartphones. EasyNo instructions needed. Buttons are easy to read, locate, and press.Accurate Does not guess at words. EfficientNo extra keystrokes needed. RobustPC keyboard-like entry and editing of text, numbers and punctuation. Likable Over 200 users tested. 80% choose Delta II for their next phone. Simple Inexpensive to manufacture using well known materials andtechniques.

  15. Product Description:Delta II Keypad • The elegant Delta II™ keypad system is designed and user tested from its inception as a super-fast alternative to 12-button cell phone keypads. • Users immediately go from typing a grueling 6 to 12+ words per minute to typing 20 to 30+ words per minute on the same tiny phones. • How? An ingenious new keypad matrix that reads your mind.

  16. Product Description:Delta II Keypad Which keypad matrix do you think most people type fastest on? Patented Alphabetically Ordered Delta II™ The answer might surprise you.

  17. Product Description:Delta II Keypad • The Delta II keypad layout on the right is twice as fast as the alphabetic layout and is the key to high-speed typing on 21st century smartphones. • Keeps phones small - the way people like them. • Groundbreaking keypad layout lets users locate letters quickly. • Buttons are large enough to read, and far enough apart to easily press. • Can be operated with one or both hands. • Quick to master – takes less than 5 minutes. • Delta II keypads eliminate the need to learn a totally different keypad layout by utilizing a reflex known as motor memory.

  18. Product Description:Delta II Keypad Try writing your name upside down. It’s nearly impossible. Why is that? A reflex called motor memoryhelps us learn repeated physical actions such as throwing a ball, writing, typing, and tying our shoes. Motor Memory

  19. Product Description:Delta II Keypad Motor Memory When we perform these learned physical motions, our instincts and reflexes favor our initial training and experiences.

  20. Product Description:Delta II Keypad Motor Memory Difficulties in retraining our reflexes have been observed in disciplines such as skydiving and military training, where performing the appropriate action quickly, the first time and every time, is important.

  21. Product Description:Delta II Keypad For example: PC keyboard users who type on an alphabetically ordered keypad instinctively look and reach for the upper-left corner of the keypad to type the letter “Q”, even though on alphabetically ordered keypads, the letter “Q” is somewhere near the bottom. Motor memory induced “stalling” degrades typing speeds on alphabetically ordered keypads to about 50% of a PC keyboard.

  22. Product Description:Delta II Keypad Delta II™ What a difference the right layout makes. The Delta II matrix uses motor memory to your advantage, resulting in typing speeds TWICE as fast as alphabetic keypads. How? Letters on the Delta II keypad are located close to where you expect to see them on your PC keyboard. Patented

  23. Product Description:Delta II Keypad Using a clever arrangement of buttons, Delta II affords QWERTY speed and simplicity on svelte, single-hand operation mobile phones.

  24. Product Description:Delta II Keypad

  25. Product Description:Delta II Keypad The speed advantage of the Delta II ™ keypad matrix is best demonstrated using an online interactive simulator found at:

  26. Product Description • Dusty Keys™smart keypad driver

  27. Product Description:Dusty Keys smart keypad driver Dusty Keys™ is an optional keypad driver that reduces the need to use the following five keys while typing: • Num key • Shift key • Period key • Question Mark key • Apostrophe key Dusty Keys™ also offers word completion and user-programmable aliases.

  28. Product Description:Dusty Keys smart keypad driver Dusty Keys™ knows numbers:

  29. Product Description:Dusty Keys smart keypad driver When buttons have both a letter and a number on them, a "Num" key is normally pressed to enter a number instead of text. Not any more. Dusty Keys™ reduces or eliminates the need to use the Num key. Note: The number5and the letter yshare the same key.So if you want to type:See you in 5 minutes. You would normally type:See you in (Num) y (Num) minutes.

  30. Product Description:Dusty Keys smart keypad driver Now there is no need to hit the Numkey. Dusty Keys™ knows when you're typing a number and converts to numeric mode on-the-fly. Remember: The yand the 5are on the same key. You type:See you in y minutes. You get:See you in 5 minutes. You just saved two keystrokes. It’s like magic.

  31. Product Description:Dusty Keys smart keypad driver Dusty Keys™takes care of the details.

  32. Product Description:Dusty Keys smart keypad driver For example: Lisa types: hi tom when do i leave for new york thanks - lp Lisa gets: Hi Tom. When do I leave for New York? Thanks – Lisa Powers Lisa didn’t have to use the shift key, period, or question mark keys. Also, Lisa uses lp as an alias for her full name, Lisa Powers.

  33. Product Description:Dusty Keys smart keypad driver Finally, if you type a mix of text, numbers and punctuation like below, standard phone keypads slow down even more, whereas Delta II doesn't miss a beat. We will be back by 4:30!! The Dusty Keys™ smart keypad driver is best demonstrated using an online interactive simulator found at:

  34. Performance Data: Delta II Keypad Performance Performance.

  35. Performance Data: Delta II Keypad Performance • The graphs on the next three pages illustrate typical new usertyping speeds and improvement rates on four keypad simulators: • Delta II keypad • Alphabetically ordered 26+ button keypad -e.g. Fastap • T9 enhanced cell phone keypad • 12-button cell phone keypad usingmulti-tap

  36. Performance Data: Delta II Keypad Performance Users were timed while they typed the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog six times into each of four keypad simulators. These times were converted to words per minute (WPM) and graphed by trials #1 - #6.

  37. Performance Data: Delta II Keypad Performance The test subjects were average typists with essentially no text-entry experience on any of the four keypad types except for S. Bogdan, who had previous experience with multi-tap. The results presented here are consistent with those of other users tested.

  38. Performance Data: Delta II Keypad Performance Delta II delivers a whopping 300% performance boostwhen even a 30% improvement would be appreciated.

  39. Delta II Superiorityequals Competitive Advantage.

  40. Delta II Superiority: • When designing keyboards and keypads, you choose betweentwo button layouts: • QWERTY or ABCDE (alphabetical) • QWERTY keypads have 10-buttons across making them too wide and forcing buttons that are too small. • Alphabetic keypads are slow to type on because they use a totally different layout than a PC keyboard.

  41. Delta II Superiority: QWERTY keypads:too wide • People do not like their handsetswider than 2 inches.

  42. Delta II Superiority: • Keypads wider than 2 inches become too wide for single-hand operation, and uncomfortable to hold up the ear. QWERTY keypads:too wide

  43. Delta II Superiority:

  44. Delta II Superiority:

  45. Delta II Superiority: Alphabetic keypads:too slow Most of us start out typing on PC (QWERTY) keyboards. This makes typing on ALPHABETIC keypads uncomfortable and slow, due to the fact that the letters are in totally different locations than they are on our PC keyboard.

  46. Delta II Superiority: Alphabetic keypads:too slow • In the book, The Design of Everyday Things, user interface expert, Dr. Donald A. Norman states: • "Even though several experiments show that these are of no use to novices and detrimental to experts, every year designers plunge ahead and foist another alphabetical keyboard on us.“

  47. Delta II Superiority: Alphabetic keypads:too slow • Dr. Norman concludes:"Moral: Don't bother with alphabetical keyboards.“ • Source: The Design of Everyday ThingsAuthor: Donald A. NormanPublisher: Doubleday

  48. Delta II Superiority: More than one letter button:unpredictable Ambiguous keypads try to guess what the user is typing and are unpredictable, forcing the user learn and switch to multi-tap mode upon failure.

  49. Delta II Superiority: Delta II Keypad just right. • Faster. Like a PC keyboard. 30+ words per minute typing speeds. • Smaller. Fits nicely into the tiniest smartphones. • Accurate. One letter per button. Does not guess at words. • Big enough buttons to be easily read, and spaced far enough apart for people with larger hands and fingers. • Easy for the average person to pick up and use for the first time - no instructions needed.