And then there were none literacy concepts
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And then there were none literacy concepts. YongIk. Central Image.

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Central image
Central Image

I chose these 10 soldier boys as my central picture, because the ten people die according to a poem that is about ten soldier boys traveling. Also, the ten soldiers boys were on the dinner table, and when one person died one soldier boy disappeared.

Setting and characters
Setting and Characters

This book is set in around 1930-1940

  • There were not much technology developed, no modern vehicles, still using letters instead of emails.

  • The place was in Soldier Island, a island where billionaires used to live in.

  • The place they were in did not have anyone else, but them, so they were not impacted that much by the public. However, the whole situation they were trapped in made the characters more scared and nervous, because they never knew when they would be killed.


    Justice Wargrave, Vera Claythorne, Philip Lombard, Emily Brent, General MacArthur, Dr. Armstrong, Anthony Marston, Mr. Blore, Mrs. Rogers, Mr. Rogers, and U.N. Owen

Introduction and rising action
Introduction and Rising Action

All the characters I previously mentioned are invited by a man named U.N. Owen to a place called Soldier Island.

During dinner time a gramophone is played, and they accuse them for an accidental murder they did in the past.

That night Anthony Marston is dead, and U.N. Owen never appears

Climax and falling action
Climax and Falling Action

  • One by one, they are killed and they must figure out who among them is the killer, and why the killer started such a massacre.

  • As Mr. Blore does not return from the house, Vera Claythorne and Philip Lombard decide to leave Dr. Armstrong’s in the shore and goes to find him, dead.

  • Vera Claythorne and Lombard suspect each other as the killer, and so Vera shoots Lombard.

  • The killer was Justice Wargrave.

Main conflict
Main Conflict

  • Person vs. Person

  • In this book, it is mainly about the characters trying to figure out the killer who is among them, so they could prevent getting themselves killed. This is a conflict against everyone in the story, because they can only trust themselves.

  • Person vs. Destiny

  • Every characters tried to change what was coming upon them which was getting killed. This is a destiny everyone was going to face unless they were going to do something about it.


  • Physical:

  • At the end of the book they were all killed even the murderer himself, so this leaves to everyone becoming corpses in the Island.

  • Emotional:

  • The people became more emotionally challenged as more and more began to die. This makes them scared that they would die anytime soon, and makes them to begin missing their families and friends that they left in their country.

  • Relationship:

  • At, first everyone trusted each other, and though it was just a mere accident or U.N. Owen was hiding. Later, as more people died it got weaker. The trust with the alliance they tried to hold was becoming weaker, because as more began to die, they began to suspect the people in the alliance too much. And that soon, made everyone to just trust themselves.