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Overview of the Canada Border Services Agency. XVII Regional Conference on Migration Panama City, Panama June 19-22, 2012. Outline. Who We Are What We Do Canada’s Public Safety Portfolio CBSA’s organisational structure CBSA Partnership with the United States

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Overview of the canada border services agency

Overview of the Canada Border Services Agency

XVII Regional Conference on Migration

Panama City, Panama

June 19-22, 2012


  • Who We Are

  • What We Do

  • Canada’s Public Safety Portfolio

  • CBSA’s organisational structure

  • CBSA Partnership with the United States

  • CBSA and Pre-approved Programs

  • CBSA Border Management Best Practices

  • CBSA Statistics

  • Contacts

Cbsa who we are
CBSA Who We Are

  • CBSA was established in December 2003 and is an integral part of the Public Safety Portfolio which was created to protect Canadians and maintain a peaceful and safe society.

  • CBSA is responsible for providing integrated border services that support national security and public safety.

  • CBSA amalgamates functions from three organizations:

    • Canada Customs and Revenue Agency

    • Citizenship and Immigration Canada

    • Canadian Food Inspection Agency

  • CBSA performs border operations related to customs and immigration, and to food, plant and animal programs.

    • CBSA is responsible for the intelligence, interdiction and enforcement functions related to these programs.

Cbsa what we do
CBSAWhat We Do

CBSA administers more than 90 acts, regulations and international agreements, many on behalf of

other federal departments and agencies, the provinces and the territories.


  • Administers legislation (over 90 acts) that governs the admissibility of people, goods and plants and animals into and out of Canada;

  • Detains those people who may pose a threat to Canada;

  • Identifies and removes people who are inadmissible to Canada, including those involved in terrorism, organized crime, war crimes or crimes against humanity;

  • Interdicts illegal goods entering or leaving the country;

  • Protects food safety, plant and animal health, and Canada's resource base;

  • Promotes Canadian business and economic benefits by administering trade legislation and trade agreements to meet Canada's international obligations, including the enforcement of trade remedies that help protect Canadian industry from the injurious effects of dumped and subsidized imported goods;

  • Administers a fair and impartial redress mechanism; and

  • Collects applicable duties and taxes on imported goods.

Where we are in the government apparatus canada s public safety portfolio
Where we are in the Government ApparatusCanada’s Public Safety Portfolio



Parliamentary Secretary

Canada Border Services Agency

Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP

Deputy Minister

Associate Deputy Minister

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Office of the Correctional Investigator

Office of the Inspector General of CSIS

Canadian Security Intelligence Service

RCMP External Review Committee


Correctional Service Canada

Other government departments:Citizenship and Immigration, Justice, Agriculture, Transport, CATSA, Environment, Health, Finance, Foreign Affairs and International Trade

National Parole Board

How we are organized
How we are organized


Chief of Staff

Executive Vice-President

Legal Services

Information, Science and

Technology Branch

Comptrollership Branch

Programs Branch

Operations Branch

Human Resources Branch

Corporate Affairs Branch

Cbsa s partnership with the united states
CBSA’s partnership with the United States

  • Due to our shared border, the United States is Canada’s most important strategic partner.

  • Since the wake of U.S. terrorist attacks in September 2001, Canadian and U.S. government departments and agencies have worked in partnership to improve security and services on the shared border.

  • We share the same objectives of keeping our borders closed to security, health and safety threats and open to lawful travel and trade. We also share the same goals in ensuring the integrity of our immigration and border programs.

  • CBSA maintains close ties with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Department of State, and its agencies (i.e. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. This relationship extends from the day to day operational relationships on the ground to the high level strategic engagement of senior officials.

Perimeter vision
Perimeter Vision

The “Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness” Declaration was announced by Prime Minister Harper and President Obama in February 2011.

Four key principles underpinning the Declaration;

Addressing threats early;

Trade facilitation, economic growth and jobs;

Integrated cross-border law enforcement; and

Critical infrastructure and cyber security.

The Border Action Plan follows the Declaration and establishes 32 initiatives that will be implemented over the next few years.

Initiatives will see both Canada and the United States working together within, at, and away from our border to address threats as early as possible, and in a way that supports economic competitiveness, job creation and prosperity.

The CBSA has an interest in 28 different Action Plan initiatives and sub-initiatives.


Cbsa border management best practices
CBSA Border Management Best Practices

  • Coordinated Border Management (CBM) involves better coordination, communication and cooperation between various border agencies and regulatory authorities.

  • Different models and approaches have been adopted by border management agencies.

  • The Canadian model is based on a single agency responsible for customs, immigration, intelligence and enforcement, as well as food, animal and plant inspection, with sole authority at the ports of entry.

  • The border protection function between ports of entry is carried out by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the federal police authority in Canada.

  • This inter-governmental partnership approach is referred to in Canada as “Integrated Border Management.”

  • Key elements of the Canadian Integrated Border Management model include:

    • Pushing the borders out

    • Enhancing risk assessment

    • Enhancing border processing

Cbsa border management best practices1
CBSA Border Management Best Practices

Border Risk Management and Intelligence Risk Assessments

  • The CBSA is an intelligence-driven and risk-based organization.

  • The CBSA relies on intelligence-based decision making to identify high-risk travellers and contraband goods bound for Canada.

  • Good intelligence is built on modern tools, skilled professionals, and good relationships with partners such as law enforcement agencies.

  • Intelligence Risk Assessments confirm CBSA’s key border security threats and risks by region and by mode.

  • Intelligence Risk Management enables CBSA to effectively ‘push the borders out.’

Cbsa border management best practices2
CBSA Border Management Best Practices

  • Integrated Border Enforcement Teams (IBETs) are a critical component of maintaining the integrity and security of our borders.

  • IBETs enhance border integrity and security along the shared Canada/U.S. border and between designated ports of entry.

  • The Integrated Border Enforcement Team Program is comprised of both Canadian and American law enforcement agencies (RCMP, CBSA, US-CBP, US-ICE and US Coast Guard). 

Statistics 2010 2011
Statistics (2010-2011)

Cbsa contacts
CBSA Contacts

Chris Henderson

Director General, International and Partnerships

Programs Branch

Canada Border Services Agency

17th Floor, 191 Laurier Ave. West

Ottawa, ON K1A 0L8


(613) 957-6623