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DAN VOICULESCU. Quick Factfile. Romanian politician and business man He is the Vicepresident of the Romanian Senate. 4 stages of work, each of them of approximately 10 years. In the first decade, in the 70’s, he worked for the state.

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quick factfile
Quick Factfile
  • Romanian politician and business man
  • He is the Vicepresident of the Romanian Senate.
  • 4 stages of work, each of them of approximately 10 years.
  • In the first decade, in the 70’s, he worked for the state.
  • Then, a same period of time, through the 80's , he worked for a boss
  • In the third decade, the 90's, he built his own business and became his own master.
  • In the fourth stage, after the 2000's, he gave up managing his business and entered in the service of the people, through politics.”


  • 1996-2004, 2007-2008:

Professor at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Faculty of International Relations, “Competition and Competitiveness” course.

  • 1992-2001:

Founder and shareholder of GRIVCO Group. The parent company is Grivco S.A. and its main activities include foreign trade with industrial materials, energy trade and agriculture. Around Grivco S.A. has formed over time the Grivco holding, structured into 3 divisions: trade, media, industry&services.

  • 1982-1992:

Manager of the Bucharest headquarters and coordinator of the international projects at Crescent Commercial& Maritime Ltd. Cyprus



  • Dan Voiculescu was born in a modest family, his father being a plumber and his mother a housewife. He grew up in the Bucharest .
  • His wife was Zsófia Égető.
  • In the early 2000s, after 30 years of matrimony, Dan Voiculescu became a widower. He has 2 daughters, -Camelia


  • At present, he is engaged in a stable relationship with Liana Voiculescu.


  • 1969–1974: Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Foreign Trade Faculty
  • 1977: Ph.D. in Economics, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest
  • 2006: Political Communication Masters Degree, Kingston University, London


  • “Working in foreign trade, from my 7 dolars/day subsistence, I managed along 21 years to save approximately 30.000 dolars. With this money I founded the GRIVCO group."
  • Registered in 1991 as a private limited company,
  • The group had at start as main activity foreign trade.

Grivco building



  • Very rapidly, Dan Voiculescu engages into media and launches a newspaper and the first commercial TV station Romania, Antena 1.

“People are always interested when someone succeeds in life how that certain somebody made the first million. As for me, the first million was reached in 1996, from approximately 400.000 dividends at Grivco and about 600.000 dividends from Antenna 1”



  • . “I am not making a secret out of the fact that the equipments were second-hand, the first typography as well, so I hadn’t started in a classical manner: a business-plan, a financing, the silly things spoken by some, tens of millions….” Over time, the profits were reinvested and this was the base for the most powerful media trust with Romanian capital - Intact, part of the Grivco holding.
did you know that dan voiculescu played hockey dan voiculescu was a big fan of the beatles phoenix


Did You Know That ?Dan Voiculescu played hockey?Dan Voiculescu was a big fan of The Beatles, Phoenix ?



GRIVCO is a company registered under the Romanian law, with headquarters located in Bucharest. However, Grivco’s trade operations cover almost all European countries.

  • As a result, after 19 years of activity, GRIVCO S.A. has now a well-established position in all its areas of business: international commodities trade, energy trade and agriculture.


  • “If I were to take it from the beginning I would choose the same way, my way”
  • “I do not divide people in friends and enemies ,but I divide it in people who know me and people who don’t know me”
maria s opinion
Maria’s opinion
  • From my point of view Dan Voiculescu is a person very ambitious who worked hard for his achievements;
  • Although he was born into a poor family, with much effort, he managed to reach the man who is today.
angela s opinoin
  • I think that Dan Voiculescu would be a good candidate for any position.
  • He is communicative person and works hard to carry out his dreams.
ioana s opinion
Ioana’s opinion
  • I think that Dan Voiculescu is a sociable person, motivated and he has initiative.
  • When he really want something, he work hard to succeed.