Recruiting from a recruiter s point of view
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Recruiting from a Recruiter’s Point of View. February 13, 2008. The Recruiter’s Role. The Recruiter’s role is not to QUALIFY candidates; rather, it is to DISQUALIFY candidates. In other words… Recruiters are not looking for what is RIGHT with your resume. They are looking for what’s WRONG.

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The recruiter s role
The Recruiter’s Role

The Recruiter’s role is not to QUALIFY candidates; rather, it is to DISQUALIFY candidates.

In other words…

Recruiters are not looking for what is RIGHT with your resume. They are looking for what’s WRONG.

What s right
What’s “Right”?

  • Accomplishments, not Job Duties

  • Clear progression, advancement, promotion in work experience

  • Brand Recognition – Employers, schools, associations, clubs, organizations, etc.

  • “Buzz words” from Job Description

  • Direct Industry and/or Position experience

  • Minimum 3-5 year tenure at each employer

What s wrong
What’s “Wrong”?

  • Files OTHER than Word format, i.e. PDF

  • Colors, funny fonts, GiMmiCks, or Tricks!!

  • “To Whom It May Concern”

  • Typos and Spelling Errors

  • Gaps in Career

  • Long resumes, especially from junior candidates

  • Phone Call Follow Ups – Use Email instead

  • Applying to a too senior or too junior position – Unrealistic Expectations

Setting realistic expectations common jobs for mba grads
Setting Realistic ExpectationsCommon Jobs for MBA Grads

  • Finance – Sr. Financial Analyst

  • IT – Business Analyst, Project Manager

  • Marketing – Sr. Marketing Analyst, Associate Marketing Manager

  • Sales – Sales Rep, Sr. Sales Analyst

  • Manufacturing – Project Manager

  • HR – Sr. Compensation Analyst

The backdoor method
The “Backdoor” Method

  • A way of getting your resume in via the “back door” of a company

  • Useful when you don’t have a pre-established relationship with an employer

  • More Time Consuming

  • If done right, will increase your chance of getting your resume reviewed by the right hiring authority

The backdoor method1
The “Backdoor” Method

  • Step 1: Using technology and your network, find the NAME of the Hiring Manager, Recruiter, or someone from the Hiring Dept.

  • Step 2: Generate an email formula.

  • Step 3: Email your resume w/short intro

  • Step 4: Call to follow up.

  • Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4 until you receive a response

The backdoor method2
The “Backdoor” Method

  • Hiring Manager is Nicholas Schroeder, Director Portfolio Management at Allergan

  • Email formula is


  • Use the Allergan switchboard (714-246-4500) to reach Hiring Manager directly via phone

The backdoor method do s and don ts


Use a catchy SUBJECT line

Keep your email short!

Attach Cover/Resume

Name drop, if possible

Follow up weekly via both email and phone

Use it as a Networking opportunity. Ask for help.

Practice leaving v-mails


Cut/Paste Cover Letter into the email

Harass the contact

Expect immediate replies

Reply immediately

Depend on email

Say where you got their contact info, unless it is from a mutual colleague

The “Backdoor” Method Do’s and Don’ts

What to expect how to respond
What To Expect/How to Respond

  • Delivery Status Notification : Failure– Try again

  • No Response from Contact– Try again

  • Instruction to apply via website – Do it

  • Forwarding of your email to the correct individual– Get the name and follow up

  • Reached the wrong person – Ask for info/help

  • “How did you get my name?” – Do not specify

Don t harass the contact the triangle theory
Don’t Harass the Contact! The Triangle Theory







  • Beware: Nicknames, Maiden Names, Spelling, Middle initials!

    • Robert Smith could be

    • Mary Smith could be her maiden name

    • You heard the HM is “JOHN WILSON”. Could his email contain “Jon” or “Jonathan” instead of “John”?

    • Middle Initials: Do more research. Use switchboard to ask

  • Ideally, contact the Hiring Manager. If unable, contact Recruiter or someone in Hiring Department

  • There are always “irregular” email addresses. Try different formulas or search strings.

  • Use Linkedin, Google, Hoovers, Associations, USC network etc. to find names.

Final thoughts
Final Thoughts

  • It’s all in the details!

  • Expand your network now.

  • Be creative and use different search strings

  • Be assertive, but not aggressive

  • Never give up.