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  1. GRAMMAR180

  2. The boy received a watch on the occasion of his gratuation from college.Which of the underlined words in the sentence above is misspelled?A. ReceivedB. OccasionC. GratuationD. College

  3. Which sentence contains a modifying phrase?A. Here sister was very grateful.B. A white fence circled her new home.C. My son’s favorite toys are noisy ones!D. His basement filled with water as the storm progressed.

  4. Which sentence contains a predicate adjective?A. What does the sign say?B. Mrs. Smith is my favorite teacher.C. Labrador retrievers love to swim.D. The jewelry was beautiful.

  5. Which sentence contains a predicate nominative?A. Mrs. Sanders is our principal, and she has worked here for 10 years.B. The students work well with her, and she likes getting to know them.C. Our school has many new teachers because there are more students this year.D. My teacher is creative and always gives us new and interesting projects to complete.

  6. Turn off the computer when you are finished.Which describes the sentence above?A. ImperativeB. DeclarativeC. ExclamatoryD. Interrogative

  7. Which transitional word would most likely be used to show time sequence between paragraphs?A. MoreoverB. MeanwhileC. NeverthelessD. Notwithstanding

  8. Which sentence has correct subject-verb agreement?A. They strip and varnish old furniture.B. They strips and varnish old furniture.C. They strips and varnishes old furniture.D. They strip and varnishes old furniture.

  9. The man wanted to know who’s skates these were in his driveway.Which underlined word is used incorrectly in the sentence above?A. WantedB. Who’sC. TheseD. Driveway

  10. Which sentence is a run-on sentence?A. Flossing is good for your teeth, everyone should do it.B. I try to floss my teeth every night, but sometimes I forget.C. Everyone should floss their teeth; flossing is good dental hygiene.D. I put the flossing tape between my teeth; meanwhile, the flossing tape broke.

  11. Do you know the name of the longest African river? This sentence isA. ImperativeB. DeclarativeC. ExclamatoryD. Interrogative

  12. Which word is the possessive form of “I”?A. MeB. MyC. I’sD. I’d

  13. The part of a book that contains references to other sources is called theA. AtlasB. IndexC. GlossaryD. Bibliography

  14. Last Saturday, Allison and Juanita were helping Sandra move a new bed into her bedroom when they realized it was too big to fit through the door. The door was too small for the bed to pass through it. After trying for an hour, they realized they would have to take the bed apart and then put it together inside the bedroom. When they finished they celebrated with tea and cookies. The paragraph above is a narrative describing a series of events. Therefore, it does not have to include:A. Any detailsB. A unifying ideaC. An organizationD. A topic sentence

  15. Which sentence contains a predicate nominative?A. She rarely tells the truth.B. Fall is my favorite season.C. That dog barks all the time.D. Grandpa likes to walk every morning.

  16. Which is an interrogative sentence?A. Do you like to go to the beach?B. Tell Marcie the chocolate chip cookies are done.C. My brother wants to go to college in Seattle, Washington.D. If I make straight A’

  17. Alexa’s job at the department store gave her the opportunity to advance her career.Which underlined word is used as an indirect object in the sentence above?A. DepartmentB. HerC. OpportunityD. Career

  18. On which Web site would you most likely find the latest presidential poll?A. www.cnn.comB. www.ushistory.comC. www.presidents.comD.

  19. Move out of the way before you get hurt.What type of sentence is shown above?A. ImperativeB. DeclarativeC. ExclamatoryD. Interrogative

  20. In which sentence is an apostrophe used incorrectly?A. The hiking club’s rules are for safety.B. The boy’s want to go for a long hike.C. One of the hiker’s backpacks held food.D. Jon needed the two hikers’ help on the trail.

  21. Which sentence contains a predicate adjective?A. Take a break from 10:00 to 10:15.B. Calvin likes to chew gum even though it is against the rules.C. Tea is my first choice, but I can drink coffee if there isn’t any tea.D. The lightning was dangerous, so the officials stopped the golf tournament.