traditional or modern tallit for men what n.
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Traditional or Modern tallit for Men? What Can You Choose? PowerPoint Presentation
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Traditional or Modern tallit for Men? What Can You Choose?

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Traditional or Modern tallit for Men? What Can You Choose? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The change in fashion taste has brought an array of Talliot for men and boys in vivid styled pattern to fit the Bar Mitzvah occasion. For more details, visit our website:

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significance of the tallit prayer shawl

Significance of the Tallit – Prayer Shawl

Tallit, the four-cornered prayer shawl is a white rectangular piece of fabric which when worn bestows a sense of personal space during prayer. The tallit for men is also worn as a reminder to live a mitzvah-centered life. The tzitzit, fringes on its four corners is what transforms this piece of cloth into a tallit.

color of the tallit

Color of the Tallit

When you’re searching for a tallit to buy, you can find incredible color choices in the market today, including hand-printed patterns. There are no specific rules about what color a tallit must be. It’s not the color that plays an intrinsic role, but, the measurement and the fringes that hang off the four corners of the tallit holds significant importance.

sizes of the tallit

Sizes of the Tallit

Sizes of the talliots vary. Many stores are there carrying standard size tallit. For women the standard size is 18*72 and the tallit for men comes with a standard size of 22*72 or 22*80. Even plus sized people can also order larger sized talliot.

styles available

Styles available

The style of the tallit ranges from historic to contemporary. The traditional styled talliot are generally white and navy in color. Modern style talliot include a splash of color. Navy color has always been a popular tallit for men. Read More:

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