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Ways To Leave Money on the Table

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Ways To Leave Money on the Table. Get Your Listings Right. The number of channels a home receives has doubled since 1990 there are now 130 channels and nearly 20 even for broadcast only The average home tunes in 18 stations per week People need help to find shows… enter the EPG and IPG.

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get your listings right
Get Your Listings Right

The number of channels a home receives has doubled since 1990 there are now 130 channels and nearly 20 even for broadcast only

The average home tunes in 18 stations per week

People need help to find shows… enter the EPG and IPG

epg ipg facts
EPG & IPG Facts
  • EPG/IPG penetration - 48% in 2006 to nearly 70% today
  • Converter box guides bring it to nearly 80%
  • Rovi (TV Guide) and Tribune do the data
    • Editors manually build database via e-mail/fax communications so mistakes happen
kuat s december 2009
KUAT’s December 2009
  • From 11/21 through 12/6 Listed as “Pledge Programming”
  • DPM was $40 as compared to $81 last year
ipg epg summary
IPG/EPG Summary

Cannot rely on past experience when dealing with IPGs and schedule changes

“Younger” programs impacted the most

When pulling a show that will not make the IPG, be sure the index on the replacement is at least 50 points better

Member Favorites should be scheduled with as much lead time as is possible.

mail examples
Mail Examples
  • Not including a stamped return envelope with your mail. You save on postage, but lose many donations.
  • Always have two sets of eyes look at lists (or criteria for lists) before you send them off to the mail house
    • (Avoid sending an Ad Gift request to a new donor that has not yet received a premium.)
event example
Event Example
  • Do not plan events or ethnically targeted pledge shows to occur on holiday dates!
    • Set your outlook calendar to show you various religious holidays
  • Holding a major station fundraiser on Yom Kippur can cost you donors… and have your local newspaper’s editorial page even call your station anti-semitic
best practices matter
Best Practices Matter
  • For the past few years, the system has been down in pledge dollars and number of pledges
  • Five stations that decided to change & focus on best practices saw an average increase from the previous year of 19%
  • How did they do that?
pledge scheduling mistakes
Pledge Scheduling Mistakes
  • Miss shows
  • Declare “IT” doesn’t work in this market
  • Put a show in the wrong timeslot (and it dies, never to see the light of day again)
  • Schedule by habit (often on weekends)
  • Schedule for convenience (60s and 30s)
  • Don’t Quantify Program Performance
  • Not maximizing daypart income
pitching language matters
Pitching Language Matters
  • Hello again, everyone. If you’re a member of Wisconsin Public Television, thank you. If not, what a great time to get on board…
  • For a pledge at the $120 level, you get this great DVD of the program we’ve been enjoying.
pitching language
Pitching Language
  • WPT brings you these great programs every day. A few times a year, we have to come to you like this to raise the dollars to pay for the programs.
  • Make that pledge right now to show you appreciate us bringing you this program.
pitching language1
Pitching Language
  • Your pledge will signify that you’re part of a large community of people here in Wisconsin who appreciate that WPT is raising the bar every day.
  • Now if the levels we’ve suggested don’t make sense to you, we can make it a less painful: the basic membership at WPT is literally pennies a day.

We’re very resourceful with your investment. In this past year, we’ve saved thousands of dollars by cutting back on all unnecessary travel.

  • As wonderful as the thank you gifts are, you know they’re not the main reason you’re making that pledge tonight.

The phones are awfully quiet here in the studio. We need you to get them busy right now! So please call and help us out.

  • You know how this works. We need you to call the number on the bottom of the screen with the most generous pledge that you can.