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It Happened One Night

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It Happened One Night. Studying the effects of the Hays Code and the Studio System on Hollywood. It Happened One Night . Starring : Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert Directed by: Frank Capra Studio : Columbia. Studio System Influence.

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it happened one night

It Happened One Night

Studying the effects of the Hays Code and the Studio System on Hollywood

it happened one night1
It Happened One Night
  • Starring: Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert
  • Directed by: Frank Capra
  • Studio: Columbia
studio system influence
Studio System Influence
  • According to legend, Clark Gable was loaned to Columbia Pictures, then considered a minor studio, as punishment for refusing a role at his own studio;
    • However, this has been refuted by more recent biographies. MGM did not have a project ready for Gable and was paying him $2,000 per week, under his contract, to do nothing. Louis B. Mayer loaned him to Columbia for $2500 per week, making a $500 per week profit.
  • Frank Capra became a director for Columbia in 1924 and continued as one of their major directors through the 40s
  • Colbert signed a contract with Paramount in 1928,
    • She was VERY successful, so 1933, Colbert renegotiated her contract with Paramount to allow her to appear in films for other studios, thus allowing her to appear in IHON.
    • Due to her success in IHON, she was able to renegotiate her contract, raising her salary.
ihon influence the screwball comedy
IHON Influence: The Screwball Comedy
  • The “Screwball Comedy”
    • New American Genre
    • Heyday 1934-1945
    • Essentially a love story
    • Main characters:
      • Comedic, romantic couple
      • Glamorous but wacky
      • Often initially hostile towards each other—trying to outwit one another
      • Much of the comedy comes from the fact that the characters think they are serious-they don’t realize that they are funny
      • Seemingly opposites but obviously “made for eachother”
      • Sometimes one is married/engaged to someone who is no good for them
    • More realistic and collaborative than slapstick
    • Snappy dialogue-wit and speed
    • Sentimental, sappy speeches meant to deceive
    • Story premise often absurd with many plot twists and turns that snowball out of control
while we watch observe and record
While We Watch…observe and record
  • 1. The film’s persistent sexuality and its creativity in adhering to the Hays Code including “Walls of Jericho” in symbol and practice
  • 2. Consideration of the film’s role in establishing the genre of the romantic comedy film (what conventions do you notice that are still in romantic comedies today?)
  • 3. Establishment of the cultural, economic, and political context of IHON, including the Depression and class issues
  • 4. How the film develops ideas around gender, genre, sexuality, and class.
  • 5. The use of studio sets and how the film highlights and develops the stardom of Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert