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  • Uploaded on Cameroon. By: Teresa L. Clip art. Location. You can find Cameroon on the west coast of Central Africa. The Capital of Cameroon is Yaoundé. Yaoundé is located at 3°50'N latitude and 11°35'E longitude.

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By: Teresa L.


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  • You can find Cameroon on the west coast of Central Africa.

  • The Capital of Cameroon is Yaoundé.

  • Yaoundé is located at 3°50'N

    latitude and 11°35'E longitude.



In Cameroon you can find Lake Chad.

There are some volcanoes in Cameroon that are active and some that aren’t active.

One of the active volcanoes is Mt. Cameroon. Sometimes Mt. Cameroon releases poisonous gases

Most people who live in Cameroon live in the capital which is Yaoundé.

The natural resources of Cameroon are

petroleum, bauxite, iron ore, hydropower

Oil, timber, cobalt, and nickel.


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  • The major export items for Cameroon are lumber, cocoa, aluminum, coffee and cotton.

  • Cameroon imports include machinery, transport equipment, fuel, food and electrical equipment.

  • France is the largest import partner of Cameroon.

  • Cameroon was a German colony during1884 – 1914.

  • Some popular travel destinations are The Benedictine Museum, Waza National Park, Cameroon Art Museum, and La Pagode.

  • Some popular cities in Cameroon are Bali, Douala,

    Yaoundé, and Foumban

Human environment interaction

Human Environment Interaction

The average temperature of the coastal plain ranges from 79 degrees F - 84 degrees F.

The coastal area receives about 250 to 400 cm rainfall each year while the inland area receives about 150 to 250.

In the south, rain falls between April and November and a during the rest of the year it is very rare for it to rain.

The central zone has two dry seasons and two wet seasons.

In the north, rain falls only between May and October.

Average annual rainfall goes from about 400 inches in the west to 15.2 inches in the north.



  • There are over 200 ethnic groups located in Cameroon

  • Some of the languages spoken there are English, French, and other African languages.

  • Countries around Cameroon are Nigeria, Chad, Central African Republic, Gabon, Republic of the Congo, and Equatorial Guinea.

  • Waters that border this country are Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean.

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