best seven tips to s afe and smart online shopping n.
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Best Seven Tips to Safe and Smart online Shopping PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Seven Tips to Safe and Smart online Shopping

Best Seven Tips to Safe and Smart online Shopping

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Best Seven Tips to Safe and Smart online Shopping

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  1. Best Seven Tips to Safe and Smart Online Shopping Presented by Gallant Exclusive

  2. Online shopping is the new trend setting in for not just the young geneshoppersration of the ITians, but all the age groups including the niche. Online shopping provides us with the luxury of browsing the products, compare the prices with other online website, read the reviews on products, and services, and get the best of shopping experience at your fingertips. When we are shopping on ebay, Mirraw, Amazon, Snapdeal, we do have the information to make the best out of our shopping experience because of the product/service reviews, comparison of products from various vendors in the same platform. Unfortunately, when we are shopping for clothing, jewelry and accessories in the niche markets likePatialasuits, Indian silk sarees, Yeola Paithani sarees,Indian Ethnic wear such as Indian sarees, designer Wedding sarees, Indian Wedding dresses, Salwar Kameez, Anarkali suit, and more, we need to follow some basic precautionary measures. This would not only help us with a better quality product, but also will help in saving the money lost in fraudulent sales, and on fraudulent sellers.

  3. 1.BE WISE! Do not use any method of payment which is direct such as bank account transfer, and non refundable by the institution. The best is to use PayPal, not as a friend though, because you don't get refund so easily.

  4. 2. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE Then believe that and stay away from such deals, examples are lowest prices compared to other people who posted the same item in different groups or providing a free HEFTY gift with the purchase!

  5. 3. BE WARE OF WHATSAPP AND FB GROUPS Planning to buy from the seller directly on WhatsApp, or FB, please check out their past credibility through posts and comments. Go check out if they have a valid profile on the social platform. Read the reviews from other people, inquire about their credibility from other buyers. It might seem a lot of work, but believe me it will save you all the hassle and the pain of begging for your own money for the items not delivered.

  6. 4.CHECK IF THE BUSINESS IS LEGIT! Always check out the name of the business validity, for example, in California you can search for the business registration on the government website before making any online purchase from the business. You can also check out for the complaints against the company or especially for wholesale dealers to check the credibility of the company. All legit businesses will provide the physical location and phone number upon the customer request, please don’t hesitate to ask for it.Goto and enter the website address, it will provide all the information about the site and the owner of the website.

  7. 5.FREE SHIPPING WITH LOWEST PRICES Believe me that shipping charges are minimum 4.00 USD at USPS in USA for local shipping of smallest parcel. The higher the weight and bulky the parcel, the more the cost of shipping. So please don't fall for ridiculously lowest prices and no shipping charges.

  8. TOO MUCH INFORMATION IS GREAT Is there too much information on the website or the group about the product? That is awesome, and shows that the seller is being honest and took the effort to provide the information up front on the product page. The information may include from the usage to the tiny details as product weight, size dimensions and materials made of. If you have to ASK for the information, then please stay away from it! Hope you find this blog useful and avoid fraudulent sales! Happy online shopping everyone!! Please feel free to add more tips in the comments below.

  9. BUY ALWAYS FROM LEGIT BIZ OWNERS Please make purchases from the legal businesses, because the sales tax you pay for the purchases, is collected by the local Government from the businesses and put back in the community that helps our local economy grown and strengthen. So GO LOCAL whenever possible.

  10. Contect US Phone :- +1 408-310-5814 Email :- Website :-

  11. Thank You