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Welcome to HS 98/99 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to HS 98/99

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Welcome to HS 98/99 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HS 98/99 Skills Lab Orientation. Welcome to HS 98/99. We are very happy that you will be participating in Skills Lab this semester. Manuel Abroguena coordinates the Computer Lab. Linda Voth coordinates the Skills Lab.

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Welcome to HS 98/99

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welcome to hs 98 99
Welcome to HS 98/99
  • We are very happy that you will be participating in Skills Lab this semester.
  • Manuel Abroguena coordinates the Computer Lab.
  • Linda Voth coordinates the Skills Lab.
  • Ceceal Lymer coordinates the Simulation Lab
You can learn about skills by practicing them in the Skills Lab and participating in interactive computer programs in the Computer Lab.
computer lab schedule
Computer Lab Schedule

The computer lab is open 0800-1700

Monday through Friday.

purpose of skills lab
Purpose of Skills Lab
  • Learn and

practice skills

  • Validate competency performing skills
practicing skills
Practicing skills
  • Students are required to learn a specific group of skills each semester.
  • Students are required to have their competency performing these skills validated.
  • Students must practice these skills until they can perform them comfortably and correctly and efficiently.
practicing skills1
Practicing Skills

Students should make an appointment to practice skills with instructor assistance...

The appointment book is the green binder in the computer lab beside the sign-in computer.

Students will receive their own supply kits to use when practicing skills.
  • Students will clean up the lab when they are done. This includes putting linen in linen hampers, returning equipment to the correct cupboard, etc.
practicing skills2
Practicing Skills

There is a book of skills study sheets for 2nd and 3rd semester beside the appointment book.

Complete these when practicing skills.

validating skills
Validating Skills
  • Students who have practiced a skill until they are competent may make an appointment to be validated.
  • Appointments for validation are also made in the Appointment Book in the Computer Lab.
  • Appointments are 20 minutes in length.
  • All validations must be complete 2 weeks before finals.
skills lab hours of operation
Skills Lab Hours of Operation
  • The Skills Lab hours of operation are on the College Web site and are posted on the door of the lab.
  • The hours of operation are dependant upon availability of the Skills Lab.
skills lab folders
Skills Lab Folders
  • Each student has a folder in the skills lab.
  • The first day you are in the lab you must initiate your folder.
  • Please enter the date and your activity for the day in your lab folder every day that you attend Skills lab
  • Practice activity listed in your lab folder will help determine whether or not you are ready to validate a skill.
skills lab quiz
Skills Lab Quiz

Please complete the following quiz and bring your answers to the skills lab the first day you attend.

skills lab quiz1
Skills Lab Quiz
  • 1. Where do you find the hours that the skills lab is open?
  • 2. What is the purpose of the skills lab?
  • 3. How do you make an appointment to practice a skill?
skills lab quiz continued
Skills Lab Quiz continued…
  • 4. What must I document in the lab?
  • 5. How do I prepare for skills validation?
  • 6. When is the last day I can validate a skill with instructor assistance?
how did you do
How did you do?

The Nursing Faculty and Staff

wish you the best of luck in pursuing

your chosen career!