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Excel Skills. Presentation Focus:. Filtering Conditional Formatting Pivot tables Slicers (Excel 2010 only ) Sparkline (Excel 2010 only ) Other: Screen Prints Shortcuts (i.e. quick keys or buttons). Filtering (Data Tab).

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Presentation Transcript

Presentation focus
Presentation Focus:

  • Filtering

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Pivot tables

  • Slicers (Excel 2010 only)

  • Sparkline (Excel 2010 only)

  • Other:

    • Screen Prints

    • Shortcuts (i.e. quick keys or buttons)

Filtering data tab
Filtering (Data Tab)

Purpose: To organize data based on a specified criteria indicated with the filter

Key tips:

Filter must be the same cell size

Headers for the filter must be the top row

Filters can be customized based on specified criteria and multiple choices can be made

Can sort by color

Conditional formatting home tab
Conditional Formatting (Home Tab)

Purpose: To identify specified scenarios and allow them to be displayed visually when they occur

  • Key tips:

  • Multiple formulas and symbols can be used to display a spreadsheet activity

    • Types: data bars, color scale, icon scales, top ten

  • Multiple rules can be established per cell (but not the same type)

  • Formatting rules can be managed

Pivot tables insert tab
Pivot Tables (Insert Tab)

Purpose: To allow for a quick way to identify and analyze data

Key tips:

Each column must have a title to be in the field list

If change source data, must refresh data

If unable to find values, click field list

Drag from field list to axis

Values can be counted, summed, average

Formulas can be generated to perform calculations

Data can be sorted

Details of analysis can be identified with double click

Can develop charts with same functionality

Slicers insert tab
Slicers (Insert Tab)

Purpose: To allow for a quick way to show data for those who do not understand pivot tables

  • Key tips:

  • Must be in 2010 (i.e. .xlsx file)

  • Must have Pivot table created first (Refer to previous slide)

  • Multiple items can be selected on one slicer

  • Selections in slicers can affect additional linked data, such as charts

Sparkline insert tab
Sparkline (Insert Tab)

Purpose: To allow a visual depiction of data for quick trending analysis

  • Key tips:

  • Must be in 2010 (i.e. .xlsx file)

  • Small charts may need to expand cell

  • Data can still be written in the cell

  • Axis cannot be established

  • Cannot delete through “backspace” or “delete” button on keyboard, use “Clear button”


Purpose: Tips and tricks to make using excel easier

  • Screen printing:

  • Can print screen entire screen or portion of it

  • Must be on the prior screen first before you print screen

  • If use multiple monitors and due screen print, will take both monitors

  • Short cuts:

  • Copy: Ctrl + C

  • Paste: Ctrl + V

  • Cut: Ctrl + X

  • Select all: Ctrl + A

  • Scroll down with selection: Shift + Ctrl + down arrow

  • Jump down to next open cell: Shift + down arrow

  • Quick tool bar

    • - Can add frequently used activities

  • Format Painter

  • Alt tab (allows for quick keys)

Excel skills

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