Iku roundtable meeting final declaration may 28 2011
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IKU ROUNDTABLE MEETING FINAL DECLARATION May 28, 2011. CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT. There is a need for needs analysis in faculties and in prep school before designing a curriculum.

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Iku roundtable meeting final declaration may 28 2011


Curriculum development

  • There is a need for needs analysis in faculties and in prep school before designing a curriculum.

  • Institutional objectives should be written according to the findings of this needs analysis

Curriculum development

Efficiency in teaching
EFFICIENCY IN TEACHING curriculum based on:

  • Better teaching practices require effective team work.

  • Instructors should be consistent on school policies and missions.

Curriculum development

ASSESSMENT by all of them.

  • Institution needs to prioritize objectives in terms of their teaching practices.

  • Feedback from faculties should be taken regularly.

  • The program of the department needs to be Faculty-based program.

Curriculum development

Curriculum development

  • In order to provide tests’ quality, reliability, validity and objectivity, regular feedback from instructors, from faculty courses and tests needs to be taken.

  • For an efficient EAP-oriented system, corpus driven research should be carried out to find out mostly used words and structures in faculties ‘ materials.

Curriculum development

Personal and professional development
PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT courses and materials can be designed in preparatory school.

  • Instructors are the core for personal and professional development.

  • No matter what the system is, the most important element is the instructor.

  • For constant personal and professional development, the staff should be committed.

Curriculum development

Academic management and institutional development
ACADEMIC MANAGEMENT AND INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT professional development should be determined.

  • We should see the whole picture in school ethos: Thinking, learning and caring

  • We should redefine our terms:

    What is management?

  • We cannot manage people, we can provide an effective environment to work.

  • The idea of management is not for one person, but it is a teamwork.

Curriculum development

Curriculum development

  • We should have a healthy mindset. emphasis on work and project.

  • While defining or describing all teaching and learning situations, we need to use correct words and a sensitive language.

  • It is us who have to change since our students will not change.

Curriculum development