state of pennsiconsin department of health services imaging project n.
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State of Pennsiconsin Department of Health Services Imaging Project PowerPoint Presentation
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State of Pennsiconsin Department of Health Services Imaging Project

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State of Pennsiconsin Department of Health Services Imaging Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State of Pennsiconsin Department of Health Services Imaging Project
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  1. State of PennsiconsinDepartment of Health ServicesImaging Project Team 19 Consulting Albert Chen, John Fedoronko, Kevin Lake, Bill Marting, Jamie Zackavitch

  2. Project Overview The State of Pennsiconsin submitted a Request for Proposal to Team 19’s Consultants regarding their Division of Health Services Pennsiconsin’s DHS was looking for a way to improve their customer service, current workflow was bulky and complicated DHS’s document imaging workflow was very succeptable to mistakes and slowed the verification process of health service applicants, with a haphazard way of transferring information from paper to a scanned document.

  3. Team Objectives Assess the situation Design a cost-effective and time-effective solution Assess project needs and stakeholders Implement project and Solution that fits DHS’s budget and requirements

  4. Business Case Purpose: To administer Medical Assistance programs and Food Stamps • Our Objective • Improve customer service • Create a streamlined workflow of a forward verifications system • Assumptions/Constraints • Support of current employees • Integrate • Options • Develop an entirely new process for verification of documents • Modify the current process to integrate an automated system • Remain the same • Reasons

  5. Phase 1 - Description • Background • Food Stamps and Medical Assistance • Verification • Permanent • Transitional • Objectives • Find new ways of verifying clients • Design a new workflow • Improve customer service • Challenges • Integrating new system into Fax server, customer portal, EMS and ECF • Updating county agencies without disrupting operational activities

  6. Phase 1 - Solution • Self-scan & Fax • Automation • Capture • Indexing • Storage • Update Customer Portal • Self-scanning capabilities • Online submission • Develop imaging workflow

  7. Phases 2 & 3 - Description • Physical constraints of moving a scanner to the front lobby • Concerns of customers standing in line to get their documents scanned. • Lack of monitoring and reporting if moving to an electronic work model. • Not enough scanners each office; costs of buying additional scanners.

  8. Phases 2 & 3 - Solution This was not a big issue because the scanners were easily moved with the right equipment. Offer the option for customer to scan their documents at home or at a local scanner. With the new electronic work model caseworkers will be able to log-in and change documents as needed making it easier to monitor and report changes. Was not needed with clients being able to scan in their documents from home or locally.

  9. Prototype Demonstration

  10. DHS Worker Document Scanning Portal Make sure to have all documents in hand, and scan them in the correct order and only one at a time. Place the desired information facing the bed of the scanner, aligned in the top left-hand corner of the scanner as shown below. Proof of Identity Birth Certificate Social Security Card Proof of Income Recent Pay Stub Bank Statement

  11. Welcome to the DHS Online application for aid. You will be asked to fill in all of the fields, all are required. After that you will have the option to scan any verification documents you may have, or alternatively, you can mail them to your local DHS county office. First Name: Noah Address: 1805 Cliffe Hill Way Potomac, MD 20854 State of Pennsiconsin DHS Online Aid Application Form Last Name: Halpert Middle Initial: A Age: 21 SSN: *** ** ****

  12. Welcome to the online document upload site. Here you can use your home scanner to scan and upload your documents to us for quick and easy verification, or you may choose to skip and mail your documents instead. Instructions: Upload only 1 scan per category (Proof of Identity/Proof of Income) Upload your scanned application: Proof of Identity Birth Certificate Social Security Card Proof of Income Recent Pay Stub Bank Statement

  13. DHS Worker Case Lookup In order to ease the current workload on employees, you can simply enter the case number of a current case to view all files, scans and documents regarding a particular case, instead of going through paper files. Enter Case #: 213255 Information retrieved: Birth Certificate Scan DHS Aid Application Customer upload of Social Security Card

  14. Phases 4 & 5 - Description Expansion of Medical Assistance Programs Governor requesting expanded programs and condensed schedule • Reasons • H1N1 Influenza cases increasing • Improve coverage for those receiving and those eligible for benefits from the DHS • Allow for faster system updating • Revisions to Scope • July 2010 • June 25, 2010 – Employee training • $100,000

  15. Phases 4 & 5 - Solution Expansion of Medical Assistance Programs Integrating new request into current project progression • RFC - Scope • Project timeline • Budget • Increased hours • Automated system • Risk register • Close-Out • Met time and budget constraints • Met goals • Improved customer service • Efficiency

  16. Risks • Risks: • Security of Electronic Case File and customer documents • Software compatibility with current hardware • Employees unable to adapt to new workflow • New system not profitable • Permanent loss of documents due to system failures • Problems Encountered: • Employee training cut short • Project deadline pushed up three months • Customers adapting to new online portal • System testing was cut short • False documents submitted online

  17. Lessons Learned • Communication was essential • Teamwork was crucial to project success • Budget plays a big role in completing project on time • Using Microsoft Project throughout was very helpful