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Switzerland. Erik Svensson. Brief History of Switzerland. Geographic location made Switzerland a prized possession during the mid 19 th century Became a centralized state (country) in 1848 following the Sonderbund War

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Erik Svensson


brief history of switzerland
Brief History of Switzerland
  • Geographic location made Switzerland a prized possession during the mid 19th century
  • Became a centralized state (country) in 1848 following the Sonderbund War
  • It’s recognition as a country allowed Switzerland to remain the territory it is today and not be broken up


swiss culture
Swiss Culture

Switzerland is famously known for its architecture. Their cities are some of the most artistically designed cities around the world. Switzerland similarly to America is a very diverse country. There are no formal customs, but rather vary among its citizens and the background



switzerland diversity
Switzerland Diversity

Switzerland’s diversity can be traced back form centuries ago. Due to its positioning in the Alps, Switzerland offers trails that can cross over these mountains and is a very popular spot for trading. Because of this Switzerland actually has 4 national languages: German (64%), French (20%0, Italian (7%), and Romansh (.5%). The other (8.5) represents numerous languages spoken by the citizens (Diversity 2012).


language breakdown
Language Breakdown


the alps
The Alps



importance of the alps
Importance of the Alps
  • The Alps have played an important part in the history of Switzerland. The Alps are one of the largest mountain ranges in the entire world. This can make travel across them difficult, especially in the older times when aviation travel wasn’t possible. Switzerland was a prized land possession due to its access to paths that allowed trade to safely cross the mountain range. Countries sought this land but the country was formally recognized in 1848.
  • Along with its beautiful cities, the Alps are a large attraction and bring in a large amount of tourism to Switzerland. Despite being covered in snow year round, the temperatures actually can be fairly warm. The view form the tops of the mountains provide a scenic picture of the landscape of Switzerland.


for more information on switzerland check out the following link
For more information on Switzerland, check out the following link!



new things learned
New things learned
  • This assignment was a good way to refresh and learn the skills needed to make a formal PowerPoint. Prior to this, I have never used a footer or table in my powerpoints. I also have rarely used sounds before in my powerpoints. This was a good way for me to learn how to properly cite information as well. I am use to mostly MLA formatting so it was new using APA.


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