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Hybrid / Federated

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Hybrid / Federated. Monday, February 13, 2012. Primary use cases. On boarding Migrate existing application/workloads to cloud Fastest, most cost effective, systematic way to get on a cloud Hybrid/Federated Continuous and incremental “On boarding ” Cloud busting No lock-in

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hybrid federated

Hybrid / Federated

Monday, February 13, 2012

primary use cases
Primary use cases

On boarding

Migrate existing application/workloads to cloud

Fastest, most cost effective, systematic way to get on a cloud


Continuous and incremental “On boarding”

Cloud busting

No lock-in

Cloud protection: instance, region, vendor

Enterprise App Store

Dynamic catalog image assembly

Linear vs. exponential image management

ISV distribution

Pre-installed, pre-configured software distribution

Fastest time to deployment

Reusable demo/poc, pre-configured implementations

  • Hybrid will be the end state where the enterprise will have plain old data centers, private clouds, privately hosted clouds and public clouds
    • Security concerns will prohibit run your business application from migrating to Amazon like clouds
    • Migrating apps to clouds will slow transition from data center stacks to clouds
    • Hybrid/Federated will add complexity to app lifecycle
  • To realize the cost saving, elasticity and agility of cloud computing application lifecycle cost need to mitgated

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hybrid federated1
Hybrid / Federated
  • “The Cloud”, like “The Datacenter”, is a collective noun
  • Already multiple datacenters, will have even more “clouds”
    • Traditional drivers of DC fragmentation/location still apply
      • Regional LOB, Regulatory Compliance, M&A, Offshore & Outsource
    • Public and Private clouds accelerate fragmentation
      • Ease of sourcing, faster lifecycles, “seasonal” or yearly realignment
      • More opportunity, and pressure, to switch based on pricing or cost
    • Competing “cloud products”, and platform-attached “clouds”
      • Single-vendor sourcing, even for private clouds, is not realistic

…Oh, and IT app-release teams were already struggling to meet release SLAs and budgets, deploying to a few, wholly owned, largely homogeneous datacenters…

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key issues
Key Issues
  • Analogous issues to migration, only continuous
    • Ongoing cycle of release, upgrade, trouble ticket, hotfix
  • Higher deployment volumes, stricter SLAs
    • Over 1000 deployments/month for a large enterprise
    • SLAs often 4-6 hours from dev to package, distribute, and deploy
  • VM image packaging even less practical
    • Application dev/release/support staff need to be self-sufficient
    • Can’t transfer 1000 VMs/mo from London to Singapore over WAN
    • Can’t create separate images for every locale, compliance, etc.
    • Application teams wouldn’t know how anyway…

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app lifecycle scripting vs as an image
App lifecycle scripting vs. as an image


As a VAA

Captures changes on production machine

State is moveable

No programming required

Reuse via layering

Isolated from cloud operational stacks

Image size is small

  • No round-trip with production machine
  • Programming and content development is costly and time consuming
  • Content locked-in to automation platform
  • Reuse is low
  • Federated targets need to be designed in

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demo what you will see
Demo: What you will see...

Windows Server

Windows Server

Windows Server

Amazon East

My Company


IBM Germany

Migrate Windows Application

from My Company Site

to Amazon East.

demo what does this mean
Demo - What does this mean?

WAMP.VAA 50MB (pre-provisioned)

Wordpress.VAA 10MB

Move time

  • Chicago to Virginia 7 minutes
  • Virginia to German 9 minutes

Seamless integrated secure network

Alternative approaches:

  • VM image 50GB
  • Move time
    • Chicago to Virginia 5 days
    • Virginia to German 6 days
  • VM 5000 times slower then provisioning VAA
  • Reinstall, migrate application data
    • Move time manual scripting per application
    • Labor intensive, error prone