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Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church and School. Communications Audit. Survey Response. 100% of respondents want to continue to receive weekly email 99% consider Mt. Calvary a friendly church 49% belong to Mt. Calvary Facebook Page

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Survey response
Survey Response

  • 100% of respondents want to continue to receive weekly email

  • 99% consider Mt. Calvary a friendly church

  • 49% belong to Mt. Calvary Facebook Page

  • 73% feel either very informed or extremely informed about what’s going on a Mt. Calvary

  • 63% feel either very engaged or extremely engaged to the mission at Mt. Calvary

  • 66% feel that The Messenger is less than effective in sharing news needed to participate in the mission at Mt. Calvary

Survey response1
Survey Response

  • 93% feel the weekly bulletin is at least generally effective in providing needed information

  • 97% feel the weekly email news is at least generally effective in connecting to the mission at Mt. Calvary

  • 60% sometimes or never read The Messenger

  • 71% believe our screen should be used for pre-service announcements

  • 42% receive most of their information about Mt. Calvary from the weekly email; 27% from the Sunday bulletin


  • Mt. Calvary is in a period of change

  • More than ever: consistent, effective, 2-way channels of dialogue are needed

  • Messages need to be frequent, on-point, and focused on articulating mission/vision

  • Mt. Calvary is distinctive: talent, determination, passion, facilities, most of all “hearts that are truly on fire for mission”


  • Assess/realign communications activities to increase current member engagement and to multiply mission to community

  • Coached in the development and implementation of sustainable, substantial social media plan that complements its larger strategic goals for mission/ministry

  • Inspired to launch social media communication that ties together passions, energies, interests of member/staff with needs in congregation/community to build stronger, more diverse, and more active membership


  • Heart of messaging is in place

  • Consistency in articulating Mt. Calvary’s core distinctive

  • Leaders firmly focused on mission/ministry

  • Significant openness to strategic development

  • Pastor E. as consistent champion for mission (relational/leadership skills)

  • Positive and welcoming spirit

  • Diverse membership

Implementation support integration of strengths
Implementation/Support/Integration of Strengths

  • General familiarity with digital channels

  • Weekly email consistently mentioned as a key source of info

  • Creativity and passionate expression of weekly worship (central “communication” activity of any congregation)

  • Pastor’s capacity for vision/dreaming

  • Senior leaders recognize more resources needed to improve communications

  • General responsiveness to change over a period of time

  • Digital “savvy” exists across membership


  • “Destination” urban church

  • Membership divided about Mt. Calvary’s future as urban mission vs. church in urban setting; must be resolved

Implementation support integration of weaknesses
Implementation/Support/Integration of Weaknesses

  • Resistance by older/engaged members to changing vision

  • Website lacks effectiveness in sharing Mt. Calvary story

  • Messenger not as effective as it could be

  • Perception of some “engaged members” that it is “all up to them”; newer members use “they” language when referencing church activity/programming

  • Potentially not enough “person power”

  • Budget limitations

  • Some missional discord between church and school

  • Value for high quality materials

  • Leadership has clear “head” knowledge of the importance of core values and of the need for better communications


  • Lack of cohesion around mission (are we an urban mission or a congregation in an urban setting; are we focused first internally or externally) must be a prime focus for communications and coalition building

Implementation support integration of threats
Implementation/Support/Integration of Threats

  • “Worn out” core has strong martyr complex that stands to impact the success of new tactics

  • General lack of awareness in immediate neighborhood

  • Too frequent use of “they” language by members reinforces leadership’s concern that not great enough percentage of the congregation is actively engaged in the mission

  • Fragmented cohesion between congregation/school mission will hurt complete success of the church’s total message focus


  • Never miss an opportunity to tell the Mt. Calvary story

  • Clarify SHARED vision of CHURCH and organizational structure

  • Write/implement communications strategy

  • Reignite passion/turn attention toward the urban vision of Mt. Calvary

  • Identify credible messengers

  • Tell individual stories of Mt. Calvary members (not just school children); people over programs (website!)


  • Tighten channels for message delivery; combine messages more intentionally and for greater impact

  • Deepen weekly email; redevelop The Messenger (recommend abandoning it); use screens to share pre-service announcements; deepen “About Us” section of web site

  • Match ministries and messages to needs (inbound and outbound)


  • Develop effective materials

  • Build valuable partnerships

  • Train messengers

  • Conduct steady message outreach

  • Monitor and Evaluate

Support and integration
Support and Integration

  • Integrate communications throughout the organization: plan, train, teach how to use social media channels

  • Involve staff at all levels: Training of church AND school staff in strategic development and communications strategy/practice that help provide a context for why we message the way we do and practical instruction about how to do this