Introduction to evaluating and measuring impact in career development
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Introduction to evaluating and measuring impact in career development Presented by – Date – The power to question is the basis of all human progress. Indira Gandhi Questioning is the door of knowledge Irish saying. Aim and objectives. Aim:

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Introduction to evaluating and measuring impact in career developmentPresented by –Date – The power to question is the basis of all human progress.Indira GandhiQuestioning is the door of knowledgeIrish saying

Aim and objectives development

  • Aim:

  • To explore continuous quality improvement and why evaluation and measuring impact are key to the effective delivery of career development activity within CLC schemes

  • Objectives

  • By the end of the session learners will be able to:

  • Describe the outcomes of effective career development within your CLC scheme

  • Understand what effective evaluation of career development includes

  • Identify areas of strength and weakness in your scheme’s/organisation’s review, monitoring, evaluation and recording systems

Introductions development

Work in pairs, preferably with someone you do not know well.Introduce yourselves: name, job role, experience in evaluating and measuring impact of the work you do as a Community Learning Champion.

Be prepared to introduce your partner to the group.

You have 5 minutes for this activity

Impact of career development
Impact of career development development

Work in pairs.

Agree between you the outcomes and impact that should result from delivering a consistent and high quality service to the people and communities you work with and support

You have 5 minutes for this activity

Reality? development

As CLCs we may often be working with people who may be facing a variety of barriers/challenges such as:

Limited or no advice or support throughout their life

No or few qualifications

Low self esteem

A lack of confidence

Long term unemployment

Social isolation

Health problems

In pairs discuss:

How do we know we are not giving them bad information

and/or advice?

Definition monitoring
Definition - monitoring development

Monitoring: is the regular observation and recording of activities taking place in a programme. It is a process of routinely gathering information on all aspects of the activity.

It is like watching where you are going while riding a bicycle; you can adjust as you go along and ensure that you are on the right track

Definition review
Definition - review development

Review: to lookback upon; view retrospectively

Definition evaluation
Definition - evaluation development

Evaluation: is the assessing and judging the value of a piece of work, an organisation or a service. Its main purpose is to help an organisation reflect on what it is trying to achieve, assessing how far it is succeeding, and identify required changes.

Drawing this together
Drawing this together development

Monitoring and review activities -

Draw attention to successes

Highlight areas that need changing

Identify opportunities for development

Evaluation activities –

Generate information on impact and value

Provide evidence against which you can make judgments relating to the quality of provision and practice

Inform the continuous improvement plan and the scheme’s/organisation’s capacity to improve

Evaluation framework
Evaluation framework development

Identifies the qualitative and quantitative data that is going to be gathered

Outlines how the data is going to be used

Reach – numbers and types of individuals affected by, or in contact with, the career development intervention

Reaction – Initial feedback from the learners

Learning – What has been learnt as a result of the activity or information and can this be evidenced

Impact – What does the individual do differently and how does this feed into the organisation’s effectiveness

Based on Donald Kirkpatrick’s Learning Evaluation Model 1959

Completing the career development audit
Completing the career development audit development


Individually go through the audit tool and decide what score you would allocate to your scheme in relation to each of these statements.

In fours, compare your assessments, noting similarities and differences .

Summary development

What does monitor mean?

Give some examples of reviewing

What does evaluation mean in terms of your scheme’s career development?

What impact could effective career development activity have on clients?

What aspects of the career development audit to you recall?

Thank you for attending, please complete an evaluation form

References development