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Street Signage Supplier in Dubai - Galaxy Metal Industries PowerPoint Presentation
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Street Signage Supplier in Dubai - Galaxy Metal Industries

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Street Signage Supplier in Dubai - Galaxy Metal Industries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Galaxy Metal Industries is the leading sign maker who make your advertising attractive and effective.They provide wide range of signage and banners at reasonable rate. Visit:

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Street Signage Supplier in Dubai - Galaxy Metal Industries

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    2. Have you been looking for a reliable sign maker and material supplier to make your advertising attractive, effective and reliable? A lot of options are available to help you spread the word about your business and one of the best is banner and signs. Signage is the best option to get noticed by the people and make a place in their mind with mind-­‐blowing ideas, unique designing and perfect positioning of signs where people get used to looking on your sign/board or the banner. If you are looking for this facility you can choose Galaxy Metal because we understand need and quality prospects at the sametime. • We provide a range of categories of signage and banners as mentionedbelow; • Indoorsignage: • Streetsignage • Parkingsignage Signs can be an essential component of a business's overall marketing strategy. A sign that contains the company’s logo can help reinforce its brand. Signs are also used to draw attention to promotions and to convey information about the business. Because an exterior sign is visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, its exposure is prominent andcontinuous.

    3. INDOORSIGNAGE • TherearemanystrategicadvantagesfortheuseofIndoorsignagetoincreasesales andboostrevenue. • Deliverahighlytargetedmarketingcampaigntoaudiences withinyourpremises • Engagewithpeoplealreadyinstore • Increase impulsebuying • Generate calls toaction • Weprovidearangeofsignageinthatarein-­‐housefacilitiesforhigh-­‐resolutionlargeformat printingwithsuperiorqualityformakingyourofficeshopandthecompany’senvironment. Galaxytendstomaintainattractiveandpeacefulenvironmentthatwillhelpyouremployees inbeingfocusedandincreasingconcentrationtogiveyouextraordinaryresultsandalsoin thebrandingofyourproductorservice.

    4. STREETSIGNAGE • Vehicles go around all day. While waiting at traffic lights, commuting across cities people look around and having magnetic signs on the car can provide for free advertising on a long-­‐term basis. Not that you'll start getting calls as soon as your vehicle moves but over time, people do start to identify your business name over time and that will make your business more popular than yourcompetitor. • Here we are the most advanced streetsignage supplier in Dubai provides a lot of creative and powerful advertising options to that will help you in sending a concise message to your potentialcustomer.

    5. PARKINGSIGNAGE • We also provide a lot of attractive and attractive parking signage that will help you in making your parking palace secure and helpful to the people in reducing the time consumption for searching the palace to park their vehicle. Road signs toparking distractions everything can be managed by our experienced and well trainedteam. • WhyyouchooseGalaxyMetalIndustriesforthe mentionedkindofsignage? • Weprovideunparalleledqualitymaterialwhichdurableforalongtimeandreduceyourcost. • Expertiseintheindustrywillhelpyoutocreateauniquepresence. • Ourfuturistictechnologywillhelpyoubeingextraordinaryinthemarket.

    6. Contact Us Galaxy Metal Industries LLC Dubai Industrial City 2 ( DIC 2), Near Al Habtoor Motors Service Centre, Dubai – UAE P.O.Box: 114640 PH: +971 4 560 9200 Visit: