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Kodak Capture Pro software Differences with Capture Software PowerPoint Presentation
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Kodak Capture Pro software Differences with Capture Software

Kodak Capture Pro software Differences with Capture Software

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Kodak Capture Pro software Differences with Capture Software

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  1. Kodak Capture Pro softwareDifferences with Capture Software February 15, 2008

  2. What’s New? Capture Software vs. Capture Pro • High Level Summary of What’s New in Capture Pro • (details included in included presentation) • New GUI • New features - Thumbnail Viewer, Batch Explorer, Information View, Automatic Batch output • Enhanced features - Image Viewer, Indexing, Post-Scan Editing, Batch Manager, Page Setup • “Applications” become “Jobs” in Capture Pro • New “Indexing Only” Product with its own hardware key and license

  3. Main Screen GUI (1)

  4. Main Screen GUI (1)

  5. Main Screen GUI (2) • New look and feel • Menu names have changed to be more meaningful as well as consistent with Windows conventions • All new icons/buttons and many more of them to accommodate: • New features (i.e., Save as PDF and Flag tools) • Shortcuts for frequently used functions • New Batch and Open Batch • Zoom In/Out • Edit Index data • Page Setup • Undo • More toolbars and better tool/icon/button organization • Ability to customize the main screen by moving windows and toolbars around

  6. Main Screen GUI (3) • Batch Explorer and Thumbnail Viewer are now available in addition to the Image Viewer • Batch Explorer shows document breaks and provides for performing post-scanning functions at the document level (e.g., Split, Merge, Move) • Thumbnail Viewer provides an ability to “see” more of the current document and batch and allows quick navigation to other images/documents in the batch

  7. Main Screen GUI (4) • Batch Explorer • Shows Windows Explorer-type view for the current batch only. • Right-click menu provides access to document-level functions • Menu options change depending on what is selected/highlighted

  8. Main Screen GUI (5) • Thumbnail Viewer • Shows all images in the batch. • Title Bar of each image shows Document and Image Sequence Number • Clicking on image will automatically navigate the Image Viewer and Batch Explorer to that image/document • Click and hold the image for magnifying glass

  9. Main Screen GUI (6) • Image Viewer • Like Capture Software, it shows all images in the current document • <Page Down> and <Page Up> keys as well as a new scroll bar will navigate the document • Buttons for navigating within a document no longer exist • Title Bar of each image shows Image and Page Sequence Number • Status Bar now shows totals for the entire Batch Capture Software Capture Pro

  10. Main Screen GUI (7) • Image Viewer (continued) • 1-Up, 2-Up, 4-Up, 8-Up continue to be supported • New Customize option allows up to 36-up image display

  11. Main Screen GUI (8) • Index View • Index information can be now be displayed on-the-fly during scanning • Index data can be Pinned or Auto-Hidden (move cursor, you don’t have to click, over Index Tab to display the index data)

  12. Main Screen GUI (9) • Information View • Batch Status and Image Properties dialogs in Capture Software has been replaced by Information View

  13. Main Screen GUI (9) • Information View • Batch Status and Image Properties dialogs in Capture Software has been replaced by Information View • Batch, Document, Page, and Image properties are displayed • Like Index View, Information View can be pinned or auto-hidden

  14. Main Screen GUI (10) • Classic and Enhanced Layouts • Two default Main Screen layouts are always available for user selection, Enhanced and Classic • Like Capture Software, any main screen layout changes are saved at the User and Job/Application level

  15. Main Screen GUI (10) • Classic and Enhanced Layouts • Two default Main Screen layouts are always available for user selection, Enhanced and Classic • Like Capture Software, any main screen layout changes are saved at the User and Job/Application level

  16. Post-Scan Editing (1) • Capture Software • Post-scan editing is done by clicking on the tool and then the images on which to perform the function • The cursor changes to the tool selected • Editing is limited to one image at a time or “Apply to Screen” (up to 8 images)

  17. Post-Scan Editing (2) • Image Selection in Capture Pro • In Capture Pro, images must first be selected using the Selector tool • Just like Windows Explorer, CTRL and SHIFT keys can be used to select multiple images • Selected images are surrounded by red border and have title bar darkened • Image Viewer and Batch Explorer will show selected images • Change the Selection Mode to automatically select all images for a page

  18. Post-Scan Editing (3) • Image Selection in Capture Pro (continued…) • You cannot selectindividual images in different documents using the Batch Explorer • Tip: First use the Flag tool and then choose “Select Flagged” from the Edit Menu • However, you can select entire documents and even the entire batch on which to perform a function!! • The Batch Explorer tree view must be collapsed in order to select multiple documents Right-click anywhere on the Tree to access the context-sensitive menu

  19. Post-Scan Editing (4) • Post-Scan Editing in Capture Pro • You then click on the icon/tool to perform the function on the selected images • Note: If you have lots of images selected (e.g., the entire batch), the function could take some time! • Save as PDF is a new post-scan function • Pressing the Rescan and Insert buttons will actually start the scanner Notes: • In Capture Software, the green Start button was used • Insert will only become active when the first image of a page is selected

  20. Post-Scan Editing (5) • Moving Images and Pages • Can be done in either the Image Viewer or Batch Explorer • Only one image or one complete page, can be moved at a time • Just click and hold on an Image/Page and drag it to its new position. • The icon on the toolbar is now the Pan/Scroll (within an image) tool and will perform the same function as the Capture Software icon Note: The cursor changes indicating that a Move is taking place

  21. Post-Scan Editing (6) • Moving Images and Pages (continued) • In the Image Viewer, images/pages can only be moved within the current screen. Note: This is different from Capture Software • Use Batch Explorer to move pages to a different area of the current document or even to a different document! • An entire Document can even be moved using the Batch Explorer • Images can only be moved within the same Page (i.e., swap Front and Rear). Note: In Capture Software, in Move Image mode, individual images could be moved anywhere in the current document

  22. Post-Scan Editing (7) • Splitting Documents • Split Document tool in Capture Pro is the same as the Saw tool in Capture Software • Select the tool and then click on the image/page that will begin a new document. • Image must be the first in a page. • The new Document is inserted immediately after the current document. Note: In Capture Software, the new Document is always appended to the end of the Batch • Splitting can also be done by right-clicking on a Page in the Batch Explorer

  23. Post-Scan Editing (8) • Splitting Documents (continued) • New Split Document will not inherit index data from its Parent Document • Except when Default Value is <LAST VALUE> • System Default Values (e.g., Date/Time, Document ID) will get recalculated • Image Address and Print String default values will get recalculated based on first image of new document • Bar Code and OCR default values will not be recalculated.

  24. Post-Scan Editing (9) • New Functions • Import Images • One or more images can be inserted into or appended to the current document • Image(s) will be inserted before selected page; if nothing is selected image(s) will be appended to end of document • Each image is considered its own Page • On-the-Fly indexing and separation is not performed on imported images • TIFF, JPEG, and BMP are supported (each image in Multi-Page TIFF will be imported as a separate Page) Note:Import images…will not be availableif the batch is empty

  25. Post-Scan Editing (10) • New Functions (continued) • Display Filters • Image viewing can be configured to not display or “filter” specific images (during scanning or post-scanning) • Separate settings available for Image Viewer and Thumbnail Viewer • Accessible via the Main or Right-Click menus • Status Bar will indicate if Filters are turned ON or OFF

  26. Post-Scan Editing (11) • New Functions (continued) • Flag Tool • Images can now be “Flagged” for later handling and consideration • Unlike Image Selection, the Flag is persistent and stays with the image even after batch processing • The Flag is contained in the TIFF tags of the image for interrogation by a downstream application

  27. Post-Scan Editing (12) • New Functions (continued) • Merge Documents • Through the Batch Explorer, documents that were falsely separated during scanning can now be merged together • Selected Document will always get merged “up” with Previous Document • To merge “down” you must first move the document and then perform the merge • Index data from Selected Document is cleared; the Previous Document’s (i.e., the combined document) index data is left unchanged

  28. Post-Scan Editing (13) • Cropping and Blanking • New Draw Region tool provides much more flexibility and functionality compared with Capture Software • Each image can have its own region of different size and location • Region can be applied to selected images or all images in the current document • Once a region is drawn it can be moved or changed in size (“rubber-banded”) • With Capture Software, you must re-draw the entire region !!

  29. Post-Scan Editing (14) • Cropping and Blanking (continued) • Once the region(s) have been drawn, you then invoke the Crop or Blank function from the Toolbar • Images with regions must be selected in order for cropping or blanking to take affect • Drawing regions and cropping/blanking can only be done one document at a time

  30. Post-Scan Editing (15) • Remove Blank Images • Very similar to Capture Software with a couple key improvements • Separate image size setting for Color images • Selected images are bordered in Red and not shaded in Red • Easier to inspect image content and easier on the eyes! Capture SoftwareCapture Pro software

  31. Jobs and the Batch Manager (1) • Jobs vs. Applications • The terminology of Application has changed to Job in Capture Pro software. • To configure a Job, you invoke/access Job Setup from the Main Screen. • In Capture Pro, you can get to the Main Screen, however, without opening up a batch… • In Capture Software you could also access Application Setup from the Open Application dialog

  32. Jobs and the Batch Manager (2) • Batch Manager • The Open Application dialog has been replaced by the Batch Manager

  33. Jobs and the Batch Manager (3) • Batch Manager (continued) • Improvements from Capture Software • Ability to select multiple batches and perform operations like Delete and Output • Each batch now has a Status • You can even know which batches are “In Use” in a Multi-User installation • Can sort the batch list based on any column in the display

  34. Jobs and the Batch Manager (4) • Batch Manager (continued) • More Improvements • Customizable on-line help can be readily displayed for each Job • You can also select for which Jobs to display batches. • Only those Jobs that a user has access to will be available for selection

  35. Page Setup • What’s Different • Every scanner is supported through TWAIN • All scanner settings are configured through the scanner’s TWAIN driver • All functions available for Color/Grayscale and Black & White • Calender mode • Merge • Split • NEW Auto-Delete Options • Delete both “streams” (i.e., color and black & white) when blank image is detected; current Capture Software requires separate detection for Color and Black & White • Delete Based on Content (in addition to Image Byte Size) • Enhanced Split functionality (on-the-fly during scanning) • Split from 2 to 6 images • Separate settings for Front and Back • Configurable Image Order

  36. Indexing and Index Setup (1) • Capture Pro Index • NEW Indexing-only product, Capture Pro Index • Requires its own hardware key and license • Note: Any Full license of Pro with an attached scanner can also do indexing in a Multi-User environment • Any existing Capture Software hardware key can be converted to an Indexing-only license • Main Screen GUI automatically changes to reflect no attached scanner

  37. Indexing and Index Setup (2) • Indexing Mode • Separate main screen layout when entering Indexing Mode • Completely customizable • Also saved at the Job and User level • NEW: Can navigate to other images in the document to perform indexing • Thumbnail Viewer can assist in navigating to the right image

  38. Indexing and Index Setup (3) • Indexing Mode (continued) • New Indexing Toolbar and Index Menu • Previous Document(NEW) • Save and Exit(NEW) • Cancel and Exit(NEW) • More than 100 languages available for Drag and Drop OCR!! • ENTER key can be defined to perform the most-used function; thereby increasing productivity by minimizing mouse-clicks • Single keystroke hot keys further increase productivity

  39. Indexing and Index Setup (4) • Indexing Mode (continued) • Customizable field descriptionscan assist in Key Data Entry • NEW: Drop-Down Lists are available for Table Look-Up and ease of data entry 1) Select the value from the list using the mouse or 2) Enter a starting character to automatically navigate to the right spot in the list

  40. Indexing and Index Setup (5) • Index Setup • Completely re-designed to make it easier to edit and make changes to index fields • Many new features and improvements

  41. Indexing and Index Setup (6) • Index Setup – What’s New and Improved • “Unlimited” number of index fields for both Batch and Document (actual limit is 999) • “Unlimited” # of characters per index field • Ability to Add, Delete, Move (change order) index fields without having to wipe everything out and start over! • Read-only index fields (operator can see the data but cannot modify the data during indexing) • Hidden index fields (operator can not see the data during indexing, but data will be included in batch output) • Output Mask for all data types (not just Date/Time as in Capture Software) • Drop-down list index field type • Batch level bar codes can now be used as default values for Document level index fields • Bypass audit during navigation (Allow post-scanning Image QC without getting Index Error pop-up messages)

  42. Indexing and Index Setup (7) • Index Setup – What’s New and Improved (continued) • Ability to Convert Characters during the indexing of a document • Remove unwanted characters from zonal OCR (e.g., spaces, ^, MICR delimiters [> # ~]) • Fix zonal OCR errors (e.g., B to 8; O to 0 etc…) • Allow special characters to be generated from bar codes that do not support special characters (e.g., 3 toü) • In Capture Pro, conversion and display will take place immediately from key data entry or drag-and-drop OCR (this was not the case in Capture Software) • More flexible Input and Output Masks • Now called Input and Output Format in Capture Pro software • Range of values (e.g., enter a value between 100-299) • New syntax

  43. Output Processing (1) • Step 1: Initiating Batch Output • Batch Output can be initiated Manually or Automatically(NEW) • Manual • User presses the Output button (New icon) • Automatic • New option in Job Setup to automatically output a batch whenever a batch is closed Closing a Batch • Opening another batch • Manually creating a new batch • Automatic batch creation (e.g., patch/bar code) • Exiting Capture Pro software

  44. Output Processing (2) • Step 2: Validating Index Data • Before Output is done, all index data (batch and document) is validated against the Input Format (including Min and Max length) • No more forgetting to index and having to rescan and re-index a batch!! • If error is detected, message is displayed and user is automatically taken to the “guilty” index field • If Job is configured for Auto Batch Processing, then Batch is put into “Index Error” status

  45. Output Processing (3) • Step 3: Batch is Queued for Output • After index validation, the batch is queued for output by a separate process that runs in the background • If batch output was initiated by the user, they will immediately be prompted to create a new batch without having to wait for the current batch to be output • Scanning into the new batch can continue while batch output processing takes place in the background

  46. Output Processing (4) • Step 4: Batch Output Processing is Done in the Background • All batch output processing, regardless of whether it was initiated manually or automatically, is done in the background on the PC that initiated the output (NEW) • Automatic batch output should never be enabled in a multi-user environment; because… • It will never be able to be opened by the Indexing Workstation!! • When batch is closed on the scanning workstation, it will get immediately processed • After background batch output processing is successfully completed, batch will be deleted, by default. There is a NEW option, however, to keep the batch after processing • Allows batches with index data problems (e.g., typos, wrong data entered, missing fields) or missing images/pages to be corrected and re-Output • Allows System Admins to test and ensure their Jobs are configured properly before putting Jobs into production

  47. Output Processing (5) • Capture Pro Batch Status • When Capture Pro is launched, a second process Capture Pro Batch Status is automatically started and placed in the system tray. 2 ways to display the status of output batches • Click on the system tray icon • Access from Main Screen • Batches with the following status will be displayed • Queued • Processing • Processing Error • Index Error

  48. Output Processing (6) • Output Processing Errors • Because all processing takes place in the background, if Output errors occur, the user will be notified via a pop-up window just above the system tray • The Capture Pro Batch Status icon changes to • To display the status of all batches (not just the ones in error) or to display more details about a batch in error, click on Show Log from the Control menu • You can search for a specific batch in Notepad