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Web Basic

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Web Basic. Prepared by: G. M. Shaharia Azam shaharia.azam@gmail.com http://www.shahariaazam.com. Basically how a website work?. Step 01: Type a domain name in your browser Step 02: It will search it’s own name server / DNS (Domain name server) where your domain name is hosted Step 03:

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web basic

Web Basic

Prepared by:

G. M. Shaharia Azam



basically how a website work
Basically how a website work?

Step 01:

Type a domain name in your browser

Step 02:

It will search it’s own name server / DNS

(Domain name server) where your domain name

is hosted

Step 03:

Domain will request your targeted page / file

Or content from your hosting server directory

Step 04:

Hosting Server will examine your request &

Execute your request & will return your content

requirements for a website
Requirements for a website
  • Domain name registration
  • Website hosting
  • Website planning
  • Website Development
  • Content management remotely with FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Website monitoring
what is domain name
What is Domain Name?
  • Domain name is an online identity which deserves your uniqueness. Domain name is always unique. Every website has a domain name that address the website’s name & identity.


i.e: google.com

domain name registration
Domain name registration
  • To buy or register a domain name you have to go to any domain reseller or domain seller. i.e: hdwebprovider, previewict, namecheap, enom etc.
  • Your desired domain name must be unique name & it must be available for registration.
  • .com/.net/.org etc. is the domain name ext. You can also buy TLD (Top level domain / country domain) such as .bd/.in./.us/.mil etc…
  • Domain name price vary with various domain extension & domain seller. (i.e: 9.69 USD for .com domain)
website hosting
Website Hosting
  • To build a website you must buy a hosting space where all of your website content will be stored & accessible from anywhere anytime.
  • Hosting server are many types: major two types are ‘Linux Hosting’ & ‘Windows Hosting’. PHP is specialized for Linux hosting, ASP is for Windows hosting. Because it is too hard to host ASP & PHP in same server. PHP is more & more popular. So Linux Hosting may be your best choice. It is also better for greatest security.
interaction with hosting server
Interaction with Hosting Server
  • When you will buy a hosting server from any web hosting company, they will give a specific web space where you can store your file. Just as like as your HDD (Hard Disk Space) just this server PC is always available for everybody.
  • You will get access into your hosting server (your allocated hosting space) by the login credentials that is given by hosting company.
  • You can download & upload all of your website contents, scripts & files into your hosting directory by FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client. i.e: FileZilla, WS_FTP etc..
website development
Website Development
  • Think, your all technical issue is clear. Now time to develop your website with contents, pages, scripts etc…
  • To develop your web pages you should know the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). For dynamic content & application you should know the PHP

Web development skill cycle:

HTML -> CSS -> JavaScript -> AJAX -> PHP -> MySQL

website monitoring
Website Monitoring
  • To increase or development your most known security issue you can regularly monitor your website with various tools or application such as cPanel.
thank you very much

Thank you very much