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Data without Boundaries project A short overview of outputs & future perspectives Roxane Silberman DwB coordinato r ESS workshop, Luxembourg 25-26 September, 2014. Welcome!. 4th DwB Training Course on European Official Microdata

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Data without Boundaries projectA short overview of outputs & future perspectives RoxaneSilbermanDwB coordinatorESS workshop, Luxembourg 25-26 September, 2014


  • 4th DwB Training Course on European Official Microdata

  • Within the framework of the FP7 Data without Boundaries project

  • Prepared under coordination of GESIS with CNRS-RQ, INSEE, UKDA, SORS and ADP/University of Ljubljana

  • Hosted in Ljubljana by SORS and ADP/University of Ljubljana

  • Support from Eurostat

  • Campus file provided for the course with the support of Eurostat and 14 countries

4th DwB Training Course


  • Short introduction on DwB project and training courses

  • Part I Overview of European Data from Official Statisticsand regulationfor Data Access

  • Part II Introduction to EU-LFS

  • Part III Practicaltraning session

4th DwB Training Course

Data without boundaries dwb a short overview

Data withoutBoundaries – DwBA short overview

Dwb a european project fp7
DwB: A European project (FP7)

  • The overall objective is to increase the use of official microdata

  • Very rich resources within the European Research

  • Both national and European

  • However still underused due to a number of difficulties for accessing and using these data

  • Particularly for highly detailed microdata and transnational access

4th DwB Training Course

Raising a set of objectives for the project
Raising a set of objectives for the project

  • Ease access to the information

  • Prepare a single point of access in a current fragmented landscape

  • Language issues

  • Metadata issues

  • Access issues both with legal frameworks, interpretation of legal frameworks and accreditation procedures

  • Use of data (support use of data, train the researchers …)

4th DwB Training Course

This is achieved bringing together different communities
This is achieved bringing together different communities

  • 28 partners from 3 communities, National Statistical Institutes, Data Archives for Social Sciences, Universities involved in methodology for anonymisation

    • Also involving the researchers as final users (Users conference, training sessions, calls for projects)

  • The overall idea is to bring two communities together

    CESSDA: Council of Social Science Data Archives ESS: European Statistical System

    • ESS: the network of NSIs lead by Eurostat main objective: harmonize and enhance production of official statistics in Europe

    • CESSDA: umbrella organization for social science data archives across Europemain objective: improve access to data for researchers and students

4th DwB Training Course

Major characteristics of dwb
Major characteristics of DwB

  • Began May 2011, total duration 48 months

  • Project lead: Roxane Silberman, RQ/CNRS

  • 28 partners

  • 12 work packages

4th DwB Training Course

Structure of dwb
Structure of DwB

The work and work packages of DwB are organized into three blocks:

  • A: Front office: Building a single point of access and metadata issues

  • B: Access to OS microdata: accreditation, Eu-RAN feasibility, Secure Data Centre issues, calls for transnational access

  • C: Communication and training: promote discussions, increase knowledge and reach agreements

4th DwB Training Course

Some outputs from the project
Some outputs from the project

Front office

  • Development of technical solutions usable for different metatadata standards to harvest OS metadata from NSIs that will prepare single point of access aligned with the CESSDA catalogue

  • Metadata bases

  • CIMES for national official statistics also including information on accreditation procedures

  • MISSY for friendly metadata for Eurostat microdata

4th DwB Training Course

Some outputs from the project1
Some outputs from the project


  • Towards standards for accreditation procedures

    • Based on discussions with the different stakeholders

  • An architecture for a European Remote Access Network for access to highly detailed microdata within the current legal frameworks

  • Based on discussions with the RDCs and the researchers

  • A pilot and a prototype

  • Support for research projects with 7 RDCs from 4 countries

  • 4th DwB Training Course

    Some outputs from the project2
    Some outputs from the project

    Enlarging the discussions and involving the whole communities

    • DwB website

    • Training courses for the usage of specific data sources (e.g. SILC, LFS, AES, Censuses)

    • Users conferences

    • Conferences between data producers and archives as well as with data users

      • European Data Access Forum

      • Regional workshops on access and cooperation

    • Staff visits in RDCs

    4th DwB Training Course

    Vision for the future services for os microdata in cooperation

    Vision for the Future: Services for OS Microdata in Cooperation


    To provide a comprehensive overview of available official data in Europe

    To provide structured metadata and user friendly routines for Eurostat data and census data

    4th DwB Training Course


    • Comprehensive web service

    • Promote use of OS-microdata

    • Continuously improve data access

    4th DwB Training Course

    Mission 1 web service
    Mission 1 – Web Service

    • Web service will function as a one-stop-shop for researcher needs regarding European OS-microdata

    • This web service will be comprised of:

      a) extensive metadata for European OS-microdata

      b) An online library hosting technical reports, survey instruments and scientific papers on OS-microdata

      c) Routines for data preparation and analysis

      d) An interactive platform where users can seek advice from experts, discuss with other users and provide input

    4th DwB Training Course

    Mission 1 web service1
    Mission 1 – Web Service

    4th DwB Training Course

    Mission 2 promote use of os data
    Mission 2 – Promote useof OS-data

    • Organize introductory and advanced training courses on methodological and substantive research questions based on these data

    • Host user conferences where researchers can present their findings, connect with other researchers and discuss data needs with producers

    • Incentivize research by implementing a research award, subsidizing data use for young researchers, etc.

    4th DwB Training Course

    Mission 3 improve data access
    Mission 3 – Improve Data Access

    • Broadening access to integrated European official microdata, e.g. Time Budget Survey, Census Microdata

    • Lobby for expansion of transnational access networks and harmonization of conditions of use throughout Europe

    • Assist researchers seeking transnational access by informing them on access conditions, access sites and application procedures

    4th DwB Training Course

    Current opportunities for researchers
    Current opportunities for researchers

    • On site access to official microdata across EuropeTransnational remote access to Secure Data Centres

    • European Users Conference

    • Training Courses

    4th DwB Training Course

    On site access to official microdata across europe transnational remote access to safe data centres
    On site access to official microdata across EuropeTransnational remote access to Safe Data Centres

    • Continuing call for research proposals

    • Grant transnational access to confidential data;either on site (WP 9) or via remote access (WP 10)

    • Application is reviewed by a selection panel

    • If successful, travel costs and accomodation are covered by DwB

      Call closes October 15, 2014

    4th DwB Training Course

    European users conference
    European Users Conference

    DwB helpsfinancethe European Users Conference for EU-LFS and EU-SILC; a biennialmeetingorganizedby GESIS in cooperationwithEurostat

    Offer a platform to discuss research findings and research needs

    EUC brings together researchers and data producers from all over Europe

    Next: Spring, 2015 in Mannheim, Germany

    4th DwB Training Course

    Training courses
    Training Courses

    Objective: Foster use of OS microdata by

    • Improving knowledge about microdata from official statistics in Europe and their potential for social research

    • Practicing data analysis using a major data source from European official statistics

      Training courses are conceptualized and conducted jointly by CESSDA members and NSIs or Eurostat

    4th DwB Training Course

    Training courses1
    Training Courses

    Next courses

    • European censusdata, January 2015, Barcelona

    • Adult Education Survey, February 2015, Athens

    4th DwB Training Course

    Thank you for listening!

    More information at:

    4th DwB Training Course