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EOG REVIEW. A comprehensive overview of EOG expectations. Question 1. An ecologist is hired to assist farmers in reducing their impact on the local environment. Which recommendation would protect the environment the best? A) plowing fields in a manner to increase run-off in lakes and streams

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Eog review


A comprehensive overview of EOG expectations

Question 1
Question 1

An ecologist is hired to assist farmers in reducing their impact on the local environment. Which recommendation would protect the environment the best?

A) plowing fields in a manner to increase run-off in lakes and streams

B) planting trees on edges of field to impede run off

C) increasing the amount of fertilizer to encourage more plant growth

D) watering fields more often to reduce chemical concentrations

Question 2
Question 2

An engineer needs a material that is very durable but can be rolled into sheets. Which type of material would best suit his needs?

A) Silicon

B) Aluminum

C) Carbon

D) Selenium

Question 3
Question 3

A cook is designing new cookware that will be able to heat food very quickly but be very fast to cool down as well. Which material should he choose?

A) Hg

B) Fe

C) Si

D) Br

Question 4
Question 4

A volcanologist notices the following data about a volcano

12/2/2010 magma temp 567 C

2/2/2011 magma temp 678 C

4/2/ 2011 magma temp 708 C

2/2/2012 magma temp 780 C

What can he best conclude regarding this information?

A) The convection currents have gotten stronger making an eruption less likely

B) The convection currents have gotten weaker making an eruption more likely

C) The Conduction currents have gotten stronger making an eruption more likely

D) The convection Currents have gotten stronger making an eruption more likely

Question 5
Question 5

A pharmacist is working on a medicine that will increase the amount of energy produced by a cell. What organelle is most likely affected?

A) Golgi body

B) mitochondria

C) ribosome

D) vacuole

Question 6
Question 6

An archaeologist is looking for an old ship wreck that might of contained millions of dollars in Spanish gold. What technology would most likely help him find the actual wreckage?

A) R.O.V.

B) Spectral analysis

C) Radar

D) Sonar

Question 7
Question 7

A disease expert is called in to identify a new pathogen affecting the town of Garwoodville. What best describes the outbreak?

A) it’s an epidemic

B) it’s a pandemic

C) it’s contagious

D) it’s a mutagen

Question 8
Question 8

The disease affecting Garwoodville looks like this under a microscope. What type of pathogen is it?

A) virus

B) amoeba

C) bacteria

D) fungus

Question 9
Question 9

Malaria is a disease spread by mosquitoes. How does the mosquito spread the disease?

A) The mosquito touches another organism and spreads this contagious disease

B) The mosquito gets malaria and becomes a carrier of the disease

C) The mosquito gets infected by bad water and transmits the disease

The mosquito bites an infected person and becomes a vector of the disease

Question 10
Question 10

The largest usable water source for humankind drinking water.

A) Polar Ice Caps

B) Rivers and Lakes

C) Groundwater

D) Oceans

Question 11
Question 11

This Biome is unique because it lacks trees and it has a layer of permafrost all year round

A) The Savannah

  • The Tundra

  • The Desert

  • The Plateau

Question 12
Question 12

The tsetse Fly carries a pathogen that carries African Sleeping sickness to the humans the fly bites. What term BEST describes the fly’s relationship with the pathogen?

  • It’s Parasitism

  • Its Commensalism

  • Its Mutualism

  • Its Co-Evolutionism

Question 13
Question 13

Which of the following energy production methods would not cause a rise in Global Warming gases being produced?

  • Hydroelectric

  • Natural Gas

  • Nuclear Energy

  • Coal

Question 14
Question 14

  • An element is found to have a mass of 78 AMU. If it has 43 protons in its nucleus how many neutrons are found as well?

  • 43 Neutrons

  • 121 Neutrons

  • 53 Neutrons

  • 35 Neutrons

Question 15
Question 15

A flask contains 100ml of water and it boils at 100 Celsius. If the flask is filled to 90 ml at what temperature does the water boil?

  • 90 Celsius

  • 110 Celsius

  • 45 Celsius

  • 100 Celsius

Question 16
Question 16

A Pathogen is looked at under a microscope and is found to have no nucleus and covered by a capsule. What best describes this type of pathogen?

A) It’s a Prokaryote Virus

B) It’s a Prokaryote Bacteria

C) It’s a Eukaryote Virus

D) It’s a Eukaryote Bacteria

Question 17
Question 17

For a Successful Biome all of the following cycles are necessary EXCEPT for

  • The Oxygen Cycle

  • The Carbon cycle

  • The Nitrogen Cycle

  • The Hydrological Cycle

Question 18
Question 18

The idea of using heat to kill microbes came from the work of this medical Pioneer.

  • Darwin

  • Koch

  • Hooke

  • Pasteur

Question 19
Question 19

The pouring of salt upon a slug causes the slug’s death because….

  • Diffusion adds extra water into the slug’s cells

  • Diffusion removes water from the slug’s cells

  • Osmosis adds water to the slug’s cells

  • Osmosis removes water from the slug’s cells

Question 20
Question 20

  • An Epidemiologist notices a disease affecting several Nations within a few weeks. What term best describes this disease?

  • It’s a Contagious epidemic

  • It’s a Contagious pandemic

  • It’s a Contagious mutagen

  • It’s a Contagious tolerestic

Question 21
Question 21

This form of energy is the only form of energy that is RENEWABLE and comes from once-living organisms.

  • Oil

  • Natural Gas

  • Biomass

  • Coal

Question 22
Question 22

This is the first Era that contains all of the vertebrate organisms (amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish and mammals) that ever existed on the Earth

  • The Paleozoic Era

  • The Mesozoic Era

  • The Cenozoic Era

  • The Precambrian Era

Question 23
Question 23

Which of the following is the only synthetic chemical listed?

  • Caffeine

  • Glucose

  • Aspirin

  • Salt

Question 24
Question 24.

Which of the following is not a mixture?

  • Milk

  • Water

  • Air

  • Garlic Salt

Question 25
Question 25

Which of the following organelles is most responsible for allowing a virus to make its capsid when it enters your cells?

  • Nucleus

  • Mitochondria

  • Ribosome

  • Chloroplasts