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SlabTek Continues to

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  1. SlabTek Continues to Gain Popularity Created by Tony Childress

  2. Introduced to residential and light commercial markets in 2005. • Increasing popularity among light-commercial, production, custom home builders, and concrete contractors throughout Dallas/Fort Worth • Promoted as “a revolutionary change in foundation design” • Structurally engineered suspended slabs Overview Created by Tony Childress

  3. Developed in-house at Childress Engineering Services of Richardson, TX • Addresses the common problem of piers that account for settlement issues but not later soil upheavals that cause problems for homeowners • CES engineers struck brilliance by looking at a field repair design on a pier that could be adjusted over a short period of time to monitor soil movement. Solution? • Solution to foundation distress without adding tremendous cost is to reduce amount of concrete w/in the foundation & raise the foundation above the unstable soils. The Concept behind SlabTek Created by Tony Childress

  4. “The concept is pretty simple: If you have a lot that has issues with expansive or problematic soils, meaning that they have a high PVR or potential vertical rise, or the lot requires a vast amount of costly soil remediation, this would be the solution,” said Alex Childress, General Manager for SLABTEK. ” Advantages of SlabTek Created by Tony Childress

  5. SLABTEK systems start with the design of a two-way, monolithic structurally engineered suspended foundation plan. Once piers have been drilled and poured, the installation of a lifting mechanism is set on top of each pier. A 5-inch thick concrete slab is then poured on-grade, post-tension cables are stressed, and the slab is eventually lifted slowly and uniformly after curing to a minimum height of the stated PVR. A concrete perimeter or turn-down beam skirts the foundation for aesthetic appeal and to protect the void beneath the slab from animals, moisture, and debris. “ When it’s all said and done, the foundation is literally suspended from the soil below. ” How it Works Created by Tony Childress

  6. Designed for residential programs 1,600-14,000sq.ft. with a 2-3 foot drop in elevation. • 14,000sq.ft. light-commercial structures successfully constructed in DFW, Waco, and Austin. • Over 300 SlabTek projects created between 2005 and 2010, with more since then. Market Applications Created by Tony Childress

  7. Calvary Pentecostal Church in Richardson, TX • Masa Homes & Lionsgate Homes @ Villas of Andulas in Irving, TX • Mercedes Homes completed over 50 installs in Castle Hills, Lewisville, TX • One Specialty, Castle Hills, Lewisville, TX • Ryland Homes in Sunset Pointe, Little Elm, TX • Taylor Kaye Homes, Victor Meyers Custom Homes, Mesa Custom Homes, Custom Homes and Restoration, Flagstone Custom Homes, Ventura Custom Homes, Gray & Cramer Custom Homes SlabTek Home Projects Created by Tony Childress

  8. When you consider my savings in time and labor not having to install void boxes or dig interior beams, it’s the way of the future ” “ Jason Fraser, Founder of FraserCon Concrete Experts If you were willing to spend another $1.00 or $1.50 per square foot on a foundation system that guaranteed that you would not be seeing a foundation warranty call during the next 10 years, why wouldn’t you build a SLABTEK foundation? ” “ Bill Donald of SmartSlabs, LLC The patent approved SlabTek process provides builders with a cost efficient way to avoid common structural problems with new slabs that lead to the need for costly foundation repairs. Over time, I expect the SlabTek system to save home builders millions of dollars per year in foundation repair costs. Homeowners will also be spared the inconvenience and stresses associated with foundation repairs. We expect the use of the SlabTek system to expand rapidly over the next several years. What They’re Saying ” Fred Marshall, Owner, Advanced Foundation Repair Created by Tony Childress

  9. 1701 N. Collins Blvd, Suite 3000Richardson, TX 75080P 214-451-6630F 214-451-6631 Alex ChildressGeneral Manager Kris KirbyField Operations Leader Tony ChildressPresident and Founder How to Reach SlabTek Created by Tony Childress