related issue 1 should our identity be based on our nation n.
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Related Issue #1 Should our identity be based on our nation?

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Related Issue #1 Should our identity be based on our nation? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Related Issue #1 Should our identity be based on our nation?. KEY ISSUE: To what extent should we embrace nationalism. What is a nation?. Elements of a nation. Ethnicity Shared characteristics (racial, culture, linguistic) because of shared ancestry Language

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related issue 1 should our identity be based on our nation

Related Issue #1 Should our identity be based on our nation?

KEY ISSUE: To what extent should we embrace nationalism

elements of a nation
Elements of a nation
  • Ethnicity
    • Shared characteristics (racial, culture, linguistic) because of shared ancestry
  • Language
    • Sharing language helps people see the world in similar ways
    • People who speak a language fluently can understand each other deeply
    • Collective language (us, our, we)


    • The way of life that people share bring them together
  • Religion
    • Priests, elders. Mullahs, imams, ministers and other religious leaders pass on traditions that help people share religious beliefs
  • Geography
    • Mountains, oceans and deserts are physical barriers that isolate people and they develop their own ways


    • Spiritual connections unite people
  • Politics
    • Any group of people who have sovereignty or even the desire for sovereignty have a sense of belonging
  • Relationship to land
    • Different land provides different resources and different resources influence the way people live
is canada a nation
Is Canada a “nation”?
  • Test Canada’s nation status against the criteria
canada as a civic nation
Canada as a civic nation?
  • Civic nation means that a nation exists, made up of people who share certain political beliefs but are different in ethnicity, language, culture, religion etc
aspects of a civic nation
Aspects of a Civic nation
  • Support for social programs
  • Freedom of Press
  • Equal opportunity for all
  • Freedom of peaceful assembly
  • Active citizenship
  • A government that reflects the will of the people
  • Free and Fair elections
  • Constitution
    • Outlines the basic rules that society is based on
    • Canada’s first 34 sections are Charter of Rights and Freedoms
identity and nation
Identity and Nation
  • Human desire to belong is strong
  • Idea of a nation sparks powerful feelings of belonging
  • People make conscious and unconscious decisions to include national symbols/identity as part of their individual identity
expressions of nationalism
Expressions of Nationalism
  • Currency
  • Borders
  • Official languages
  • Wars
  • Politics
  • Territory
  • Flag
  • Anthem
  • Propaganda
  • Religion
setting the stage for change factors that influence the development of nationalism
Setting the stage for Change:Factors that influence the Development of Nationalism
  • Historical Factors
    • Ancestry
    • Language
    • Common past experiences
  • Political Factors
    • Representative government vs dictatorship vs monarch
  • Geographic Factors
    • Large vs small territory
    • Island vs land locked

Economic Factors

    • Debt
    • Developing
    • Rich vs poor
  • Social Factors
    • Changes in thoughts and philosophies (shift in ideology)
    • Rights
    • Quality of life
    • Population
    • Religion
    • Structure
    • Language
results of nationalism
Results of Nationalism
  • War
  • Countries forming/splitting
  • Industrialization
  • Imperialism
  • firmly committed or faithful to someone or something
  • Syn. allegiance, devotion, attachment, patriotism
  • loyal to an idea, a value, a cause, or a nation or to other people no matter what it is very personal and significant in different situations
show your loyalty
Show your loyalty
  • show it publicly (at a protest or celebration) or privately (ceremony or an agreement)
    • RAMS t-shirt
    • Sing national anthem
    • Wave an oilers flag at a game
    • Maple leaf pin on your backpack
    • Reclaiming your heritage name (tribal, inuit etc)
nationalist loyalties
Nationalist Loyalties
  • when you are committed or faithful to a nation
  • patriotism=love for ones nation/country
  • many groups affirm their nationalist loyalties through a variety of ways (i.e. parades, celebrations, protests, reclaiming, place names)
  • can create conflict if you are loyal to more than one nation or if two groups loyal to different nations different things (conflicts over territory, language rights, human rights and natural resources)
canada and nationalist loyalties
Canada and Nationalist Loyalties
  • Canada is a pluralistic society which encourages and promotes people form various cultures to affirm and promote unique cultural identities (aka multiculturalism)
  • Reasonable accommodations are made in Canada to help people feel that they can express themselves.
reasonable accommodations
Reasonable Accommodations
  • Lots of NEW Canadians find comfort in the freedom to express non Canadian loyalties
  • 1990 Sikh RCMP allowed to wear turban instead of Stetson
  • 2007 Quebec had issues with allowing accommodations and refused to let an 11yr old girls play soccer in her hijab
non nationalist loyalties
Non Nationalist Loyalties

Loyalty that is not related to the idea of a nation

  • Religious
    • loyal to the beliefs and values of a religion and community that shares those beliefs
          • e.g. Irish Catholics vs Protestants
  • Regional
    • loyal to promoting economic, social and political interested of a specific region
        • e.g. Oil tax on Western Canada and none on Eastern (1980s)
  • Cultural
    • loyal to values and ways of life of a group
      • e.g. Oil Sands development and first nations
  • Class
    • loyal to your social status based on wealth, level of education, ancestry, heritage etc
      • e.g. Protesting and demonstrating for workers rights
  • Ethnic
    • Loyal to people that share same cultures and ethnic background
      • e.g.
contending loyalties
Contending Loyalties
  • when there is a struggle between two loyalties
  • can cause conflicts within a person or within a larger population
  • loyalties can change based on time, money, emotions, situations every day
examples of contending loyalties
Examples of Contending Loyalties
  • Canada Day celebrations and Day of mourning in NFLD
  • Israelis and Palestinians want to control say territory
  • Quebec sovereignty vote came down to 50.52% NO and 49.42% YES
  • Winnipeg General Strike in 1919
  • Ireland’s long history of conflict between Catholics and Protestants
  • Alberta oil and gas industry vs government (1970s, 80s)
  • Alberta development of oil sands
reconciling loyalties
Reconciling Loyalties
  • There are three options
  • Live with it!
  • Choose one loyalty over the other
  • Accommodate by bringing change to a nation
live with it
Live with it!
  • Reasons people might choose to live with their loyalties in conflict
    • Too hard to choose
    • Occupied by other issues
    • Easier than taking action
    • Believe they cannot make a difference
choose one over the other
Choose one over the other
  • When people are forced to choose one loyalty over the other they typically are forced to sacrifice an important part of their identity which leads to the feelings of alienation

e.g. Michaelle Jean (Gov Gen) gave up her French citizenship so Canadians knew she was truly Canadian

bring about change in society
Bring about change in society
  • 2003 Alberta
    • Hutterite colony
      • Fought to be exempt from putting their pictures on their license for religious reasons
  • 1957 American South
    • Little Rock Arkansas
      • Brown Trickey
should nation be the foundation for identity
Should nation be the foundation for identity
  • Are they related
  • How is nationalism shaped
  • Contending loyalties
  • Reconciling loyalties