Herakles architecture
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Herakles Architecture.

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Herakles architecture
Herakles Architecture

Kinetic Energy is viewed as an in-situ resource. An Impulse Engine (formerly named a Recycler, or a CataMitt Recycler) is a large device that extracts kinetic energy from an arriving spacecraft, converts it into electricity via regenerative braking, and immediately applies that electricity to launch a partner spacecraft. This enables space hardware to shift from being primarily expendable to being primarily reusable in nature. While it has constraints, it also has a significant potential to reduce the cost of round trip space travel between select destinations, such as a Molniya orbit, geosynchronous orbit, and the Moon.

Impulse engine
Impulse Engine

By Philip A. Turek

Science Department, Cerritos High School Cerritos, CA 90703

[email protected]

Extending impulse engines to mars
Extending Impulse Engines to Mars

Deimos Impulse Engine: Access 297 km low Mars orbit inclined 80 deg. DV 3.7 km/s from LEO to LMO

Phobos Impulse Engine: Access 323 km low Mars orbit inclined 43 deg. DV 3.5 km/s from LEO to LMO.

Ie research community
IE Research Community

We’re Building Our Future in Space