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Why Ireland ?

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Why Ireland ?. Geoffrey Lewis Declan O’Luanaigh Niall O’Connor 22 October 2013. What Ireland offers today?. Major European/EMEA/Global business hub Low tax rate that is here to stay Highly skilled and educated workforce Globally experienced senior management

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why ireland

Why Ireland?

Geoffrey Lewis

Declan O’Luanaigh

Niall O’Connor

22 October 2013

what ireland offers today

What Ireland offers today?

Major European/EMEA/Global business hub

Low tax rate that is here to stay

Highly skilled and educated workforce

Globally experienced senior management

Only English speaking country in the Euro zone!

what ireland offers today1

What Ireland offers today?

Ranked number 1 as place to do business in Eurozone (Forbes 2012)

2nd globally (1st Europe) for business sophistication (Global Innovation Index 2012)

1st in Europe for ease of paying taxes (PwC 2012)

1st Europe for ease of starting business (Global Innovation Index 2012)

what ireland offers today2

What Ireland offers today?

Ranked 1st globally for education (Global Innovation Index 2012)

1st globally for availability of skilled labour(IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2012)

48% 25-34 year olds third level qualified (CSO 2012)

54% workforce under 35 (IDA Ireland 2012)

proven track record of fdi

Proven track record of FDI

9 of the top 10 global Pharma companies

15 of the top 20 Medical Technology companies

8 of the top 10 Technology companies

Top 10 “born on the internet” companies all here

proven track record of fdi1

Proven track record of FDI

3 of worlds top 5 gaming companies

Top 5 exporter of software in the world

Highest concentration of ICT activity in OECD

1st for hedge fund administration and listed investment funds

proven track record of fdi2

Proven track record of FDI

50%+ of the world’s banks

9 out of 10 global aircraft leasing companies

41% worlds alternative investment funds administered from Ireland

U.S. investment in Ireland is greater than combined US investments in BRIC countries!

ireland s changed landscape

Ireland’s Changed Landscape

Historically, manufacturing operations and used as a European gateway location

Although manufacturing moves east, Ireland’s relevance to global tax strategies continues

Smart Economy Strategy has successfully moved Ireland’s tax offering up the value chain

irish tax policy development
Irish Tax Policy Development

Regional HQ

Head Office /Management

Export Sales Relief

10% Tax Rate

12.5% Tax Rate for all active business


Abolition of capital duty

Holding Co. CGT exemption

Stamp Duty exemption for IP

R&D Tax Credits / IP

12.5% Dividends

Exports of Raw Material

Rewards / Profits & Time

Risk/ Functions & Tax Policy

what ireland offers today3

What Ireland offers today?

Focus is on portable profit drivers: IP & risk

Headquarters & Holding Companies

IP ownership & exploitation

Supply Chain Management / Shared Services

Finance & Treasury

key tax advantages
Key tax advantages
  • Funds Flowing In
  • Extensive DTA Network / EU Directives
  • Policy of 0% WHT in DTAs
  • 12.5% CT - qualifying dividend income
  • Credit for foreign tax
  • Funds Flowing Out
  • No WHT on interest, dividends, royalties to EU / DTA typically
  • Tax in Ireland
  • Low tax policy – 12.5%
  • No Thin Capitalisation, No CFC
  • No Capital Duty
  • IP and R&D Tax Incentives

Slide 11

irish business taxes

Irish Business Taxes

Trading income 12.5%

Qualifying dividends 12.5% (0% with FTC)

Passive income 25%

R&D incentive 25% (37.5% relief)

CGT participation 0% (other 33%)

business modeling 12 5 rate

Business Modeling & 12.5% rate

Need to be “trading” to avail of 12.5%

Attractive location for valuable supply chain elements

Greater risks, assets and functions located in Ireland, the greater the profits which could be reported

Also, limiting the risks assumed by foreign subsidiaries will reduce the amount of profits accruing to them

irish group entrepreneur principal

IP management


Shared servicecentre





raw materials



Call centre

Sales force

finished goods


Material flows

finished goods

Information flows


Legal title flows

Irish Group Entrepreneur (Principal)
irish principal
Irish Principal

Centralised supply chain and strategic activities

Either owns IP or has licensed in IP

Purchases from suppliers & consigns to local toll manufacturer for routine processing

Local commissionaires responsible for routine sales activities, remunerated with routine commission

Residual profit attributed to the IRIR

transfer pricing

Transfer Pricing

Limited Transfer Pricing (TP) rules introduced 2011

Apply to “trading” transactions only not passive activities (royalty & interest free structures possible)

Exemption for SMEs

< 250 employees and

either Turnover < €50m or Assets < €43m

rulings ease of start up

Rulings / Ease of start up

No requirement to obtain a ruling

Revenue can give confirmation of tax treatment

Such rulings are effective unless the underlying facts change or a change in Irish tax law – no time limit

holding company benefits

Holding Company Benefits

Tax exemption for domestic & foreign gains (EU & DTA) on sales of trading subsidiaries

Tax exemption for Irish dividends with effective tax exemption for foreign dividends (FTCs)

Extensive domestic withholding tax exemptions

No thin capitalisation or CFC rules

ip exploitation benefits

IP Exploitation Benefits

Amortisation for IP acquired for trade purposes (80% limit)

No clawback on IP sale after 10 years

Deduction for licensed-in IP rights

Tax efficient IP structuring opportunities

r d benefits

R&D Benefits

Refundable 25% tax credit (effective benefit 37.5%).

Cash refunds possible – repaid over 3 years

Credit converted to tax efficient bonuses R&D team

Possible R&D grant aid also

corporates tax residency

Corporates - Tax Residency

Irish registered (IR) companies automatically deemed to be Irish tax resident but can have IRNRs

Irish DTAs - “effective management and control” tie breaker rule for dual resident companies

Non Irish registered companies need to be managed and controlled here to be tax resident

double irish

Double Irish

IRNR initially Irish tax resident and buys in group IP

IRNR owns an Irish tax resident trading subsidiary (IRIR) to which it licences the IP (tax deduction)

IRNR migrates its residence to haven after time

No tax in IRNR on royalty income once migrated

Typically can structure royalties so that no Irish WHT applies or route through the Netherlands to avoid

irnr irir double irish
IRNR-IRIR (“Double Irish”)



Buy-in license / cost sharing



Contracts with customers









Sales & Mkt


Sales & Mkt


Sales & Mkt


Sales & Mkt


Sales & Mkt


Ireland IRNR will typically buy the economic right to exploit the IP outside of the US

Slide 23

shelbourne systems inc

Shelbourne Systems Inc.

US based Technology Company

Traditionally US based sales but now rapid growth expected in non-US sales – focus on EMEA & Asian markets

Senior personnel employed by sales subs in UK, France & Germany already

shelbourne systems inc1

Shelbourne Systems Inc.

Phase 1 - 2014

SS Inc. sets up 2 Irish subs IRNR (IP licensing co) and IRIR (operating co)

IRNR enters into a cost sharing agreement with SS Inc. for non-US IP

UK, French & Germany execs transfer to IRIR

shelbourne systems inc2

Shelbourne Systems Inc.

IRNR will license IP to IRIR who will sell / license to non-US customers.

IRIR commences to trade, leases office space etc.

After a period of time, IRNR’s tax residency is migrated to haven location.

shelbourne systems inc3

Shelbourne Systems Inc.

IRIRs financials (€’000) – 2014

Sales – non US 3,000

Costs (300)

Royalty – IRNR (1,500)

Taxable profits 1,200

Irish Corporation Tax 150

Effective tax rate 5.6%

shelbourne systems inc4

Shelbourne Systems Inc.

Phase 2 - 2015

Non-US sales / operations grow

Given the success of the Irish operations, decision made to relocate an element of group R&D function from US to IRIR

New R&D & sales hires also made in Ireland

shelbourne systems inc5

Shelbourne Systems Inc.

IRIRs financials (€’000) – 2015

Sales – non US 5,000

Costs – incls R&D 300k (800)

Royalty – IRNR (2,500)

Taxable profits 1,700

Irish Corporation Tax 137.5

Effective tax rate 3.3%

shelbourne systems inc6

Shelbourne Systems Inc.

Phase 3 - 2016

Given expected tax changes, decision is made to transfer non-US IP from IRNR to IRIR

Value of IP is €40m – amortise over 10 years SL

No Irish Stamp Duty applies to this transfer

shelbourne systems inc7

Shelbourne Systems Inc.

IRIRs financials (€’000) – 2016

Sales – non US 8,000

Costs (1,000)

R&D costs ( 800)

Profits 6,200

Capital allowances – IP (4,000)

Taxable profits 2,200

shelbourne systems inc8

Shelbourne Systems Inc.

IRIRs financials (€’000) – 2016

Irish CT @ 12.5% 275

R&D Tax Credit (200)

CT payable 75

Accounting Profits – non US 6.2m

Effective Tax Rate 1.2%

employee taxation

Employee Taxation

Irish tax resident – either 183 days in the tax (calendar) year or 280 days in aggregate this year and prior year.

Ordinarily resident concept for 3 years

“Split” year rules - not be taxable on earnings arising before the date of your arrival or after the date of your departure

employer withholding

Employer Withholding

Payroll withholding tax - Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

Stock option gains - Irish income tax may be due on the exercise of share options granted while resident outside Ireland by reference to the amount of time spent working in Ireland over the vesting period

remittance basis

Remittance Basis

Foreign employment contract & non Irish duties

Irish employer not required to operate PAYE where

Employee DTA resident & not resident in Ireland

Employee not paid by Irish resident employer

Cost not borne by Irish PE foreign employer; and

Duties performed in Ireland < 60 days in tax year



Applies to qualifying individuals coming to Ireland to work for a period of at least one year

Irish tax will apply to the greater of:

Total employment earnings and benefits received in or remitted to Ireland; and

The first €100,000 plus 50% of earnings and benefits in excess of €100,000.

relocation expenses

Relocation Expenses

Specific reimbursements of many expenses are generally exempt from tax

Expenses include travel, moving personal and household effects, and temporary living expenses for a limited period (3 months)

r d bonuses

R & D Bonuses

Key R&D team members

Spend 50% of their time on R&D activities

Tax free remuneration - transfer R&D Tax Credit

Cannot reduce effective tax rate below 25%

foreign earnings deduction fed

Foreign Earnings Deduction (FED)

Incentive support Irish companies’ efforts to expand overseas(BRICs and other locations)

Maximum deduction is €35,000 and maximum tax saving is €14,350.

FED cannot be claimed where SARP is claimed or the employee R&D tax credit relief applies

investor tax cgt

Investor Tax - CGT

Irish CGT charge applies to gains on disposals of Irish property irrespective of residence or domicile of investor – “specified asset”

Irish CGT “7 year holiday” for property purchased up to 31 Dec 2013 i.e. sell after 10 years, 70% gain exempt etc.

investor tax reits

Investor Tax - REITs

REIT not liable to Irish tax on income and capital gains arising from its property rental. Non resident investors not be liable to Irish CGT

Irish DWT at the rate of 20% on distributions to non residents - recover either as a credit against tax in home country and / or directly from Irish Revenue

Transfer of shares in the REIT - 1% stamp duty

investor tax section 110s

Investor Tax – Section 110s

Securitisation vehicle - subject to Irish tax at 25% however structured so profits negligible

Resident in Ireland, carry on a business of managing qualifying assets and the market value > €10m

Eligible to take advantage of Irish treaty network which should eliminate or reduce WHT on cross border income flows into and from Ireland

investor tax cat exposure

Investor Tax – CAT exposure

Gifts and Inheritances within charge to CAT (current rate 33%) if any of the following met:

Disponer resident or ordinarily resident in Ireland at the date of the benefit

Donee/successor is resident or ordinarily resident in Ireland at the date of the benefit; or

Assets being gifted/inherited are situate in Ireland at the date of the benefit