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Mariam Kuchukhidze School#8. Kutaisi. PowerPoint Presentation
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Mariam Kuchukhidze School#8. Kutaisi.

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Mariam Kuchukhidze School#8. Kutaisi. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mariam Kuchukhidze School#8. Kutaisi. Nino Chichagua School# 38. Kutaisi Jigsaw Reading and Dictation. What is Jigsaw and Why Use It.

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Mariam Kuchukhidze

School#8. Kutaisi.

Nino Chichagua

School# 38. Kutaisi

what is jigsaw and why use it
What is Jigsaw and Why Use It
  • A cooperative learning strategy, that enables each student (of a home group) to specialize in one aspect of topic.
  • It helps build comprehension.
  • It encourages cooperative learning among students.
  • It helps improve listening , communication and problem solving skills
how to use jigsaw
How to Use Jigsaw
  • Identify a range of materials related to significant topics addressed in the lesson.
  • Introduce the strategy and the topic to be studied to students
  • Determine a set of reading or writing selections and assign one selection to each student.
  • Create “expert groups”

Give all students a framework for managing their time on the various parts of the jigsaw task.

  • If necessary provide key questions to help the “expert group” gather information in their particular area.
  • Provide all necessary materials and recourses to help students become experts in their area.
what is the benefit of jigsaw activities
What is the benefit of Jigsaw Activities?
  • It’s a remarkably efficient way to learn the material.
  • Students may elect to learn from materials more appropriate to their abilities and specific interests.
  • It encourages listening, engagement and empathy by giving each member of the group to play important part for achieving activity goals.

All group members work together as a team to accomplish a common goal.

  • Cooperation and interaction among all students in the class, lead them to value each other as contributors to their common tasks.
  • It breaks up the amount of work you have to do so it doesn’t seem so hard.
  • Students gain practice in synthesizing what is important from what they read as they assume the role of “teacher” with their other group members.
jigsaw reading in practice lesson topic government system
Jigsaw Reading in Practice. Lesson Topic “Government System”
  • Separate students into groups of 3 “ home groups”.
  • Give each group member different part of the text to read ( 1. Monarchies 2. Democratic 3. Dictatorship Systems )
  • Every student who has the same text makes one expert-group and by asking questions and sharing information they gather information and fill in a Graphic organizer and become experts in their text area.

Expert students return to their “home groups” and teach their texts with the help of a Graphic Organizer to group members .

  • After every expert student finishes teaching their parts, students compare these 3 texts and Government Systems in a Venn Diagram with their similarities and differences.
jigsaw dictation
Jigsaw Dictation
  • It’s one of the efficient ways to give extra material.
  • Enables all students to be actively involved.
  • Practices reading, listening and dictating skills.
  • All pairs work together to accomplish a common goal and get a complete text.
  • Cooperation and interaction with each other , lead students to value each other as contributors to their common tasks.
how it works
How it works.
  • Arrange Students to sit back to back.
  • Give one student from each pair A Text, and B Text to the other.
  • Students read through the text together.
  • A dictates to B the missing texts and B does the same.
  • Each student writes down the missing text.
  • After finishing the dictation, students turn around and compare their answers.