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Compass and the Torch

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Compass and the Torch. By Abi, Abi, Sara and Tilly. Title. Torch is used as a conversation topic Going on a journey All the conversation between the boy and the father is about the compass and the torch. Compass and torch is their version of small talk. Single main character.

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Presentation Transcript
compass and the torch

Compass and the Torch

By Abi, Abi, Sara and Tilly

  • Torch is used as a conversation topic
  • Going on a journey
  • All the conversation between the boy and the father is about the compass and the torch.
  • Compass and torch is their version of small talk
single main character
Single main character
  • The boy is the main character however while the focus is on the boy, whenever it is, the father is always mentioned.
  • Only detailed description of character given is the dad from the boys point of view
  • Lets the reader imagine the boys appearance
  • Doesn’t give the boy and man names
  • ‘the man pushes the gate…’
  • Swift movements of the dad
  • Boy is really excited
who tells the story
Who tells the story
  • Third person – focalises on the boy – this restricts the reader to ones person’s viewpoint.
  • Don’t give much away on the dad, gives a sense of mystery.
  • We don’t know the dad very much and neither does the dad.
  • Omniscient narrator gives the story an epic sense or lets the reader feel that they are up above the story looking down.
primary action location
Primary action location
  • Boys homes
  • Under the highest peak on the far side of the plain.
t imescale
  • One day, symbolises the one year since the separation how little he knows his own son.
initial incident
Initial incident
  • Dad arriving, very descriptive of dad – doesn’t know him anymore – appearance and personality
  • Soaks up every detail – if he stops looking he will disappear.
rising action climax d nouement
Rising action/ climax/ Dénouement
  • There is very little time between these event signifying the short and abruptness of their ending relationship.
  • Rising action – dad coming after a year – line 129
  • Climax – line 166
  • Dénouement - comes suddenly after climax – realises he has lost contact with his son.
inciting incident
Inciting incident
  • When the dad arrives in the house line 19-28
  • When we realise that it wasn’t a happy separation – reason for awkwardness
mood created
Mood created
  • Awkwardness – general conversation and topic separation
  • Loss – relationship loss
  • Longing – boy wants his dad
  • Excitement – common interests
  • Relief – boy sleeps, not awkward anymore
is the story realistic
Is the story realistic?
  • Realistic – divorce is an everyday happening
  • The way it is interpreted is slightly unbelievable as the story is not properly finished
  • Loss
  • Separation
  • awkwarness
did we identify with any character
Did we identify with any character?
  • No but we can empathise with how the boy feels and the situation of the dad.
was there a villan hero
Was there a villan/hero?
  • Villan –
  • in the boys eyes – Jim
  • The horse
  • In the mum’s point of view – dad
  • Hero –
  • in the boys eyes – dad
  • in the mum’s point of view - Jim
figurative language
Figurative language
  • Opening into their relationship – ‘clouds sweep like opening curtains’ - positive
key personality traits
Key personality traits
  • Boy – longing ( ‘the boy is intent, watching dad’) desperate (line 71 +72), aspiring to dad (‘ the boy chattering’)
  • Dad – held back, secretive, defensive (‘the man says with robust authorities’) feels like he is being judged, distracted
overall opinion
Overall opinion
  • Sad situation
  • Don’t know whether it has a sad ending because the ending is unclear
  • Frustration
  • Awkward
e nding
  • The ending of the story is not really very clear as to what actually happens. It’s more of a metaphor than an actual end. The ending of the story could symbolise the pain of the broken down relationship between Boy and Man or the actual physical pain of being trampled by horses. The reader may assume either as it is not specified.