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developing library search technique

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developing library search technique - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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developing library search technique. Approved by : Sami Abu Yousef Mohammed Hammoda Supervisor : Eman Alajrami , Ahmed Abu Musameh University of Palestine. content. Overview Background Objectives

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developing library search technique

developing library search technique

Approved by : Sami Abu Yousef

Mohammed Hammoda

Supervisor : Eman Alajrami , Ahmed Abu Musameh

University of Palestine

  • Overview
  • Background
  • Objectives
  • The problem
  • Solutions and my solutions
  • Requirements
  • Diagrams
  • Result and conclusion
  • This project is for a software system to search the be certain and set order for Khaled Al_Hasan library
  • The project is being developed for the Khaled Al_Hasan library , Nusairat camp , Gaza strip.
  • non-profit library that provides participant and reader with its service.
  • based on the helping participant The main objective of the Khaled Al_Hasan library is to provide an
  • effective helping system .Its advantages are improved participant search and
  • a decreased time for search , since problems are wasting time in going to library and in final the book is borrow or not found .
  • and most useful advantage in search get the participant idea on the book and get him chance to send order to make the order borrowed .
  • The most urgent need is for helping participants and librarian . Because
  • The participants going to the library increase and they doesn’t found what they want , these problem will be difficult to derive using the
  • Present system - manual systems-. This project will be helper for all and more comfortable for both participant and user.
  • . Also, helping for get reports faster .
the problem
The problem
  • The problem is when the astronauts go to the library looking for book And when they surprised-that this book does not exist for either one of the following reasons that the book has been on loan to another customer or that the book does not exist
  • The solutions and my solution make telephone communication to know what the participant want make webpage that allow to the participant to know what he want .my solution is the second solution :because the first has more cost but the second cheaper and the get more information of the book and more helping and useful .
  • The project will leave current manual systems in Khaled Al_Hasan library for the searching for book in library.
  • information up to and including the conduct of a Khaled Al_Hasan library Gathering and the completion of
  • subsequent monitoring. Workflow after that point will be within the scope of the project,
  • that is, recording of case data, validation of book found, set order of borrow.
  • and the generation of reports.
  • The user of the project are: participants, librarian and manager.
  • The process of the project are : search , get information and set order .
  • The hardware requirements: pc .
  • The software requirements : rational rose, dream weaver and apache server .
results that have been reached and development
results that have been reached and development
  • The result that have been reached is :
  • The system is make its objectives .
  • In the future the project want a lot of configuration in design and interfaces .