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Welcome to the Science Symposium

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Welcome to the Science Symposium - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“ Tis the Season to be GREEN. Welcome to the Science Symposium. UNH Manchester Tuesday, December 15 th , 2009 3-5pm. Handouts. Printouts of all these text slides are available for those interested.

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welcome to the science symposium

“Tis the Season to be GREEN

Welcome to the Science Symposium

UNH Manchester

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009


  • Printouts of all these text slides are available for those interested.
  • Pictures in this presentation are from from parts of student projects – ask a student team to find out more!
project description
Project Description
  • Students in Dr. Sarah Prescott Kenick’s Organic Chemistry class used the principles and practice of Green Chemistry to attempt to “green” a high school or college chemistry laboratory activity.
  • Student results are displayed via the use of online wikis, a free, easy to use, dynamic online platform to create websites.
what is green chemistry
What is Green Chemistry?
  • Green chemistry is the utilization of a set of principles that reduces or eliminates the use or generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture and application of chemical products
    • The emphasis is on eliminating hazard rather than just preventing exposure
    • Hazard is acknowledged as another important property of matter
    • Green chemistry must be the best chemistry -practical and economically-driven
12 principles green chemistry theory and practice anastas and warner 1998
12 Principles(Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice, Anastas and Warner, 1998)
  • #1: Prevent, rather than treat, waste
  • #2: Maximize use of materials - atom economy
  • #3: Avoid hazardous materials (reagents, starting materials and solvents) and products or by-products
  • #4: Design safer products -design in efficacy, design out hazards
  • #5: Minimize the use of solvents and auxiliary substances
  • #6: Recognize energy costs and minimize them
12 principles cont
12 Principles, cont.
  • #7: Use renewable feedstocks
  • #8: Omit needless steps -protection/deprotection
  • #9: Use catalysis!
  • #10: Design products for end of life -products should not persist in the environment, should degrade into innocuous substances
  • #11: Employ in-line, real-time monitoring/control to avoid generation of hazardous substances in transformations
  • #12: Whenever possible choose substances that minimize physical danger (explosions, fires, etc.)
student projects
Student Projects
  • Tie Dyeing – An Trinh and Michael Cochran-Boucher
  • Greening the Synthesis and Analysis of Aspirin – Alicia DeLuca and Lisa Holt
  • Iodine Clock Reaction – Ryan Piotrowski and Robin Renzi
  • Vanillin Reduction: A Low Solvent Synthesis – Marcus Nappo and Kevin Heiser
  • Forensic Fingerprinting – Jane Russell and Stacy Tanguay
  • Blood Identification – Katherine Shaw and Duyen Ha
  • Natural versus Synthetic Dyes – Ben Jarmak and Jessie Wood
future green projects
Future Green Projects
  • Organic Chemistry students next fall will look into more videotaping of green experiments to post on a class wiki site for the benefit of the educational community and public at large
  • Green Chemistry Inquiry Course – under development – hope to offer Spring 2011
useful links resources
Useful Links/Resources
  • Doxsee and Hutchison -Green Organic Chemistry: Strategies, Tools and Laboratory Experiments, Brooks Cole, 2003. (lab manual used for some course materials - copy here)
  • GEMs database (Greener Educational Materials) for Chemists
    • http://greenchem.uoregon.edu/gems.html
  • EPA - Green Chemistry Presidential Awards
    • http://www.epa.gov/greenchemistry/index.html
  • Dr K’s wiki - http://sarahkenick.wikispaces.com/
    • Up to date information on ongoing projects, both here and collaborations with other institutions
    • Today’s projects
    • Links to other resources
    • All our project items (will link to the project wiki site)
questions later
Questions later?
  • Feel free to contact Dr. Kenick at sarah.kenick@unh.edu
  • Hope you got a little green!