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Please pass this email information on to the other attendees or the rest of your sponsor table as we may not have their email addresses. .

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Presentation Transcript

Please pass this email information on to the other attendees or the rest of your sponsor table as we may not have their email addresses.

We would like to extend our deepest thanks for being a part of the East West Players 47th Anniversary Visionary Awards Dinner and Silent Auction. Your generosity helps us raise the visibility of Asian Pacific Americans through artistic works and arts education programs.

We are oh-so-close to our goal for the Gala! It’s not too late to join those who have already given.

Your support made the evening a smashing success!

We invite you to fill out a brief Guest Survey:

Here are some highlights. Enjoy!


VIP Reception

East West Players Board of Directors (L-R): Board President Hon. Robert Kawahara, Laura Takaragawa, Lynn Waggoner, Producing Artistic Director Tim Dang, Sarah Ford, Board Chair Lynn Arthurs, Jacqueline Chiu

East West Players Board of Directors (L-R): Board President Hon. Robert Kawahara, John Louie, Gala Chair Dan Mayeda, Jocelyn “Joz” Wang, Council of Governor Erwin Furukawa, Southern California Edison’s Lucy Kishiue, Producing Artistic Director Tim Dang (BOD in attendance, not pictured above: Sam Bersola and John Gong)

All photos by Andrew Ito, Keri Kaba-Dienand Michael Palma


Silent Auction

Silent Auction items ranged from travel, apparel, theater, sports, spirits and collectors items.

Silent Auction services were provided by Knock Out Productions


The Entertainment!

Clockwise from top left: Keri K. Carnahan opens the show with the 007-esque “Goldfingers” ; The Sweet Dreams perform an electrifying medley (L-R) Stephanie Mieko Cohen, Shay Louise, Nicole Santiago-Barredo; Victor E. Chan brings down the house with a rousing rendition of “We Are the Champions”; Carey Brown and Joan Almedilla enchant the audience with “I Know Him So Well” from the upcoming EWP production of CHESS.


We are oh-so-close to our goal for the Gala! Join those who have already given. You can still send your envelope or call us to make a donation to help us achieve our goal!

Thank you to the following individuals who made a donation in lieu of attending, contributed during the fundraising moment, and purchased silent auction items & centerpieces. We appreciate your support!

Judy Agay

Doug Aihara

Rachel Alor

Noel Alumit

Michele An

Eric Anderson

Wendy Arima

Brian Arthurs

Lynn Arthurs

Megan Arthurs

David Au

Al Aubin

T.Rodd Bancroft

Michelle Baron

Nicholas Barone

Kim Bergman

Allison Binder

Scott Boatman

Steve Brady

Diane Brodeur

Christine Cadena

Kerry Carnahan

Kat Carrido

Denise & David Carswell

Michael Chan

Cyndie Chang

Karen Chang


Ellen Chen

Kin Cheng

John Chiang

Joyce Chinn

Helen Chong

Marcia Choo

Susan Choo

Jon M. Chu

Antonia Chung

Jeffrey Chung

Cesar Cipriano

Carrie Clark

Lisa Clements

Lori Coble

Alyson Coburn

Janet Cohen


Kevin Cordova

Rudy Cosio

Anita Cotter

Tom Crosby

Darrel Cummings

Shirley Curfman

Katherine Current

Primo Custodio


Jean Dasalla

Nellie De La Cruz

Andrew De Niese

Ruth Devereaux

Tuan Do

Lisa Donahey

Lenore Dowling

Alfie Ebojo

Janet Edmunds

Bradley Ellis

Maria Escorsia

Dr. Fresh LLC

Takayo Fischer

Jason Fong

Sarah Ford

Fritz Friedman

Mimi Fu

Edward Fujimoto

Erwin Furukawa

Stephen Gale

Sushi Gen

Alison Giordano

John Gong

Michelle Goto


Michael Hagiwara

Jeff Hamamoto

Renee Hammer

Ren Hanami

Harumi Hata

Kim Hatamiya

Ernest Hiroshige

Danny Ho

Howard Ho

Diane Hoang

Barry Hofstetter


Jalin Hsu

Karen Huie

Denise Iketani


Bill Imada

Jon Imparato

Mitchell Ing

Dee Dee Irwin

Alberto Isaac

Frances Ito

Courtney Jones

Jen Ju


Glenn Kawahara

Harry Kawahara

Jane Kawahara

Amy Kay

Kathy Ketchum

Juhee Kim

Sang Kyu Kim


Lucy Kishiue

John Kobara

Jennifer Kobashi

David Kono

Kurt Kuniyoshi




Floyd Lai

Kathy Lai

Johnny Lam

Ed Lee

Kenzo Lee

Carrie Lew

Barbara Lin

James Louie

John Louie

Maribel Louie

Tim Lounibos

Sabrina Lu

Tony Lucente

Amelia Lukiman


Tim Manaka

Edward Marcus

Shirley Markonich

Sameer Marwa

Morgan Matayoshi

Sherie Mateo

Kent Matsuoka

Patsy Matsushita

David Scott Mathews

Riku Matsuda

David Mauss

Suzanne Mayberry

Daniel Mayeda

Tim McNeal

Andrew Meyer


Staci Momii

Shyamala Moorty

Jeannie Mosure

Galen Murakawa

Jason Murai

Lori Nakama

Fredric Narumi

Navarasa Dance Theater


Tracy Nguyen

Linda Noel

Terri O'Lear

Mei Ong

Ana Ortiz

Helen Ota

Edward Pai

Gregory Pacificar

Harrison Pak

Aaron Paley

Pia Palomo

Dominic Parero

Sejal Patel

Jeanne Patterson

Andrew Payton

Jill Pearson

Thomas Phelps IV

Tom Plate

Dora Quach

Jennie Quan

Jennifer Ren

Geoffrey Rivas

Gene Rodrigues

Larissa Roman

Becky Rosales

Ed Ruttenberg

Joan Ruttenberg

Nancy Ryu


Raymond Sakai

Yasuko Sakamoto

Ed Salsbury

Frank Sata

Marian Sata

Warren Sata

Zan Schneider

Doug Schultz

Ross Shideler

Laura Shigemitsu

Ann Shima

Michael Shima

Barbara Shirota

Jon Shirota

Jack Shu

Jeanette Shue

Tiffany Smith

Sidney Sohn

Jim Song

Evan Spencer

Ryan Suda

Andrew Sugerman

Elizabeth Sung


Edwin Takahashi

Laura Takaragawa

Stephanie Takaragawa

Cindy Tanaka

George Tanaka

Margaret Tanaka

Yuiko Tanaka

Kathleen Tanji

Lynne Thompson

Melinda Thompson

Kathy Tokudani

Michelle Tolvo-Chan


Susan Toy Stern

Stacy Toyota


Margaret Uemura

Margery Vander Lugt

Lynn Waggoner

Linda Wah

Kumi Wakabayashi

Ruth Walker

Linda Wang

Sean Wang

Gary & Marsha Watanabe

Greg Watanabe

Hiro Watanabe

Marco Williams

David Wood


Alvin Yam

Francis Yamazaki

Akemi Yano


Antonia Yeung

Sky Yim

Cheri Yoder

Evelyn Yoshimura

Erica Yu

Justin Yu

Gay Yuen

Jessica Yuhara

Sisi Zhang

Jamie Zinberg

Judd Zinberg