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Socket styles for electric lamps PowerPoint Presentation
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Socket styles for electric lamps

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Socket styles for electric lamps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Socket styles for electric lamps. Other fittings - mostly for low voltage halogen lamps. Bayonet cap – mostly used in UK. Edison Screw – widely used. Antique (c. 1900) ceramic & brass bayonet lampholder. E27 ceramic lamp holder. B22D holder with switch. GU 5.3 max 50V. Switches.

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Presentation Transcript

Socket styles for electric lamps

Other fittings - mostly for low voltage halogen lamps

Bayonet cap – mostly used in UK

Edison Screw – widely used


E27 ceramic lamp holder

B22D holder with switch

GU 5.3 max 50V


White in-line cord switch units with rocker actuators. 2A rating.

PL00550: Clip-on. Double pole, complies with NF C 61-120.

PL00551: Neutral terminal and capacity for through conductor. Single pole. Complies with CEE24.

Press switch push for on push for off

Often used in lamp bases

Single pole so only switches the live side

Normally suitable for operation up to 2A = 500W

cable strain relief components
Strain relief collet locks cable in place where it enters the appliance – prevents cable being pulled out

Nylon cable support prevents cable kinking at entry to appliance – often seen on electric irons.

Cable strain relief components