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National knowledge and advisory center on health care issues concerning migrants, refugees and people with limited health literacyreducing social economic health differences and increasing the quality and effectiveness of health care

What is a best practice
What is a best practice?

  • It’s a subjective term; who determines what a best practice is?

  • “The political, social and economic landscapes in each respective country create a myriad of difference which can pose dilemmas and tensions regarding how approaches or elements of best practice can be adopted”.

  • Is it a best practise in the eyes of Roma youth and parents?

Dutch policy and practice
Dutch policy and practice

  • No national policy program for the development or the integration of Roma.

  • There is no national organization that focusses at Roma. In the past FORUM, Institute for Multicultural Affairs since 1998 until 2009?

  • However, there are national networks on education and municipal Roma policy.

Partnership and networking are necessary
Partnership and networking are necessary

  • The TrimbosInstitute

  • (Research Roma and school absenteeism)

  • The municipalities of Enschede

  • and Utrecht

  • Institute for

  • Roma integration i.f.

Opinions about roma and education
Opinions about Roma and education

  • Very different opinions and supposed solutions

  • Agreement about the marginal position of the Roma in the Netherlands,

  • Cooperation at different levels improving Roma Youth attendance at school and educational performance.

What is a good practice improving roma youth education trimbos research 2011
What is a good practice improving Roma youth education?(Trimbos research, 2011)

  • Directed at the period between pre-school age and the first job after secondary education

  • A good practice intervenes on several levels: child, family, social environment / peers, school

  • Integrated approach. Municipality, school attendance officers, school, welfare organisations, families work together

  • This network should not only pay attention to education, but also to other life circumstances(housing, financial, unemployment, legal status)

Integrated approach
Integrated approach

  • Veldhoven, Enschede, Utrecht and some other municipalities integrated approach. (Community approach?)

  • Homework assistance - access to ICT and other education materials.

  • Weekly home visits to parents providing educational updates on progress and offering the opportunity to answer questions relating to education.

  • Identify and solve problems relating to the educational achievement of individual children.

  • Offer information and advice to parents at the moment they transfer from primary to secondary education

An intensive and prolonged community approach is what we need

Impressed by these examples of community approach
Impressed by these examples of community approach

When I grow up I want to be

  • Roma mentor system

Inspiring best practices from spain and manchester at our conference
Inspiring best practices from Spain and Manchester at our conference

“Thanks for the invitation for the conference. It was useful and pleasant to have been there. Good to have seen some examples from different countries that may have importance for the Dutch situation. The good news is that I have sent a notice direct to the Minister and that it had been published in our digital news brief “Weekly Messages”.

Attendee, Utrecht

What’s Working project ambitions Pharos from the beginning modest and aimed at exchange and finding practically usable information

Optimistic because cooperation in the Welcome to school project new arrivals 2004/2005 with the EMAS team of Manchester City council.

  • The Long Roadseducational

  • resource material

  • The subject areas

  • Cultural Traditions

  • Flag and Anthem

  • Origins

  • Slavery

  • The Holocaust

  • “Long Roads is an excellent tool to

  • help Roma pupils feel valued as well as

  • challenging the stereotypical Ideas that

  • other non-Roma pupils may hold.”

The Admissions and Induction

Protocol pack

A process-oriented way of

introducing Roma/new

arrival children carefully

in the school system

and follow them.

  • Pharos website:

  • “There is much knowledge and information available. We bring together what is out there, make a selection of what works and translate applicable knowledge into daily practice”

  • Results What’s working project:

  • Tools that are perfectly suitable for the Dutch classroom

  • Increasing the connection between children and the school.

  • Improving school attendance.