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Geometry. Horace, Stephen, Jon. Grade. You are in high school anywhere from 9 th to 12 th grade depending on when you take geometry.

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Horace, Stephen, Jon

  • You are in high school anywhere from 9th to 12th grade depending on when you take geometry.
  • Net Standard: Make formal geometric constructions with a variety of tools and methods (compass and straightedge, string, reflective devices, paper folding, dynamic geometric software, etc.). Copying a segment; copying an angle; bisecting a segment; bisecting an angle; constructing perpendicular lines, including the perpendicular bisector of a line segment; and constructing a line parallel to a given line through a point not on the line.
class today
Class today
  • Introduction to Geometry
  • 4 stations
  • Jeopardy
  • Making formal geometric constructions using various tools
  • Copying Segments, bisecting segments
  • Copying Angles, bisecting angles
  • Perpendicular lines
  • Parallel lines
  • Reflections
  • Geometric Games/ Software
  • 2d nets of 3d shapes
  • Compass and Straightedge (Smartboard)
station 1
Station 1
  • Geometric Software/ Games

station 2
Station 2
  • Copy Segments
  • Bisecting Segments
station 3
Station 3
  • 2d nets to make 3d shapes

You will use 2d nets such as the one below to create 3d objects.

station 4
Station 4
  • Copying Angles
  • Bisecting Angles
  • Parallel- Being an equal distance apart everywhere. Never Intersect.
  • Perpendicular- At an angle of 90 degrees to a given line, plane or surface
  • Bisect- To divide into 2 equal parts
  • Reflection- A transformation in which the figure is a mirror image of its original form.
  • Vertex- The point at which two lines meet to create an angle
bisecting a segment
Bisecting a segment
  • Using a compass draw arch at approximately two thirds the lines length
  • Without changing the angle of the compass draw an arch on the other side of the line
  • Use a straightedge to connect the two intersections.
copying a segment
Copying a segment
  • Begin by drawing a line or ray that it larger then the segment you are trying to copy.
  • Using your compass measure the length of your segment.
  • Place your compass on the ray and draw an arch. This is now your copied version of your segment.
copying an angle
Copying an Angle
  • Begin by drawing a ray that is larger then the length of your original angle line.
  • Draw an arch between the angle you a trying to copy. (Length does not matter)
  • Copy that arch onto your ray using the same angle on your compass.
  • Measure the distance between the two intersections of the arch.
  • Copy this measurement onto the ray
  • Using a straightedge draw a line through the endpoint of the ray and the intersection of the two arches.
bisecting an angle
Bisecting an Angle
  • Place the compass point on the angles vertex
  • At any convenient length of the compass, draw a arch that crosses both lines
  • Using each of the archs intersection with the lines, draw two arches through the middle of the angle
  • Using a straightedge draw a line from the vertex to the intersection of the two arches In the middle of your angle.

  • We will now count of into groups of 4
  • Group 1 please go to the front left of the room
  • Group 2 please go to the back left of the room
  • Group 3 please go to the front right of the room
  • Group 4 please go to the back right of the room
  • When Stations are complete please stay where your at in order to play Jeopardy.